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What is a party?

Here is the list of parties I attended since 1995. I divided the parties into three kinds: demoparties, computer meetings and private parties.
In general, demoparties are big events organized by sceners for sceners, with some competitions. For more information, refer to these definitions in Wikipedia: demoparty and demoscene.
Computer meetings are gatherings of computer enthusiasts too, but they are not necessary related to the demoscene (e.g. Atari Connexion).
Private parties are smaller gatherings, e.g. those organized by people from my demo crew (MJJ Prod).

Parties I attended

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Amount of demoparties: 60
Total amount of parties: 78
Volcanic Party 1FebruaryClermont-FerrandFranceYesNoGalleryI have very pleasant memories of my very first party. It is also the first time I met Sector One members in person (Hello and ST Ghost). We were only 4 people with an Atari STe, the other ones had Falcons, Amigas and PCs.
I remember I came by train with my Atari 1040 STe in one bag and the RGB monitor in another bag. Crazy times!
High Density PartyAugustOrleansFranceNoNoA little private party organized by Senser/Typhoon^Supremacy in his parents' house. We had a lot of fun there, watching demos, playing video games. I met Rob/Vmax, a famous hacker during the golden years. He started to crack the Humeur Vitrée demo by Hemoroids for a demo compilation called ST Collection.
Volcanic Party 2FebruaryClermont-FerrandFranceYesNoGalleryA bigger room, more people, great ambiance, lots of productions. The opening video design by Mentasm was just amazing!
Sea, Soft and Sun 96AugustPerpignanFranceYesNoGalleryVery cool party where I met Supremacy guys for the first time, especially Razaac, Corpo and SNK. I came with my brand new Falcon and Corpo installed a 3"1/2 hard disk inside.
Volcanic Party 3FebruaryClermont-FerrandFranceYesNoGallery
Gigafun 97AugustStrasbourgFranceYesNoGallery
Volcanic Party 4FebruaryClermont-FerrandFranceYesNo
Keyboard PartyMayGapFranceYesNoGallery
Return to the SourceSeptemberGrenobleFranceYesNoGallery
Volcanic Party 5FebruaryClermont-FerrandFranceYesNoGallery
Very Important PartyJulyLyonsFranceYesNoGallery
Lucky and Tigrou Party 3Augustnear ParisFranceYesNoGallery
Return to the Source 2SeptemberGrenobleFranceYesNoGallery
Iradium PartyFebruaryGapFranceYesNo
Ukonx PartyAprilVesoulFranceYesNoGallery
Very Important Party 2JulyLyonsFranceYesNoGalleryDuring the party
The awards
aRTS Party Y2KSeptemberGrenobleFranceYesNoGalleryaRTS Y2K: the party
Feria 2000SeptemberValenceFranceNoYesGallery
Iradium Party 2FebruaryGapFranceYesNoGallery
Very Important Party 3JulyLyonsFranceYesNo
Alchimie 1SeptemberValenceFranceNoYes
Millenium Party Y2K+1NovemberVienneFranceYesNoGallery
Very Important Party 4JulyLyonsFranceYesNo
MJJ Party 2AugustGigeanFranceNoNo
Alchimie 2SeptemberTain L'HermitageFranceYesYes
Iradium Party 3FebruaryGapFranceYesNoGallery
Error in Line 3AprilDresdeGermanyYesNo
Huno PartyJuneDijonFranceYesYesGallery
MJJ Party 3AugustGigeanFranceNoNoGallery
Oktober Rust 2k3Octobernear ParisFranceYesNoGallery
Alchimie 3NovemberTain L'HermitageFranceYesYes
Synthesis Party 4Februarynear ParisFranceYesNoGallery
Huno Party 2JuneDijonFranceYesYesGallery
MJJ Party 4AugustGigeanFranceNoNoGallery
Alchimie 4SeptemberTain L'HermitageFranceYesYesGallery
Iradium Party 4FebruaryGapFranceYesNoGallery
Huno Party 3JuneDijonFranceYesYesGallery
MJJ Party 5AugustVendarguesFranceNoNoGallery
Alchimie 5OctoberTain L'HermitageFranceYesYesGallery
Atari ConnexionAprilCongisFranceNoYesGallery
MJJ Party 6AugustGigeanFranceNoNoGallery
Alchimie 6OctoberTain L'HermitageFranceYesYesGallery
Numerica ArtParty 1MarchMontbeliardFranceYesNoGallery
Breakpoint 2007AprilBingenGermanyYesNoGalleryThe opening ceremony and the party
Atari Connexion 2007AprilCongisFranceNoYesGallery
MJJ Party 7Augustnear MontpellierFranceNoNoGallery
Alchimie 7NovemberTain L'HermitageFranceYesYesGallery
Atari Connexion 2008AprilCongisFranceNoYesGallery
Outline 2008MayBraamtNetherlandsYesNoGalleryDuring the party
gwEm's live performance at Outline 2008
Chuck/Dune having some fun
Very Important Party 5JulyLyonsFranceYesNoGalleryThe VIP is back from hell after six years of absence.
During the party
The obscure mystery of the drinking straw
Numerica ArtParty 2MarchMontbeliardFranceYesNoGalleryLittle but great party, very good atmosphere.
Very Important Party 2009JulyLyonsFranceYesNoGalleryThe 10th anniversary of the VIP.
MAiN #4OctoberArlesFranceYesNoGalleryGreat demo place!
Alchimie 8NovemberTain L'HermitageFranceYesYesGallery
MJJ Party 8Junenear MontpellierFranceNoNo
Very Important Party 2010JulyLyonsFranceYesNoGallery
MAiN #5OctoberArlesFranceYesNo
µ-AlchimieOctoberTain L'HermitageFranceNoYes
Very Important Party 2011JulyLyonsFranceYesNoGallery
Alchimie 111111NovemberTain L'HermitageFranceYesYes
Very Important Party 2012JuneLyonsFranceYesNo
µ-Alchimie 2OctoberTain L'HermitageFranceNoYes
Very Important Party 2013JuneLyonsFranceYesNo
Alchimie XNovemberTain L'HermitageFranceYesYesGallery
Very Important Party 2014JuneLyonsFranceYesNoGallery
µ-Alchimie 3OctoberTain L'HermitageFranceNoYes
Very Important Party 2015JuneLyonsFranceYesNo
Alchimie 0xbNovemberTain L'HermitageFranceYesYesGallery
STNICCC 2015DecemberGoudaNetherlandsYesNoGallery
Very Important Party 2016JuneLyonsFranceYesNo
µ-Alchimie 4OctoberTain L'HermitageFranceNoYes
Very Important Party 2017JuneLyonsFranceYesNo
Alchimie 12NovemberTain L'HermitageFranceYesYesGallery
Very Important Party 2018JuneLyonsFranceYesNoGallery
ADN 2018JuneNancyFranceNoYesGallery
Silly Venture 10NovemberGdanskPolandYesNoGallery