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by St SurvivOr/LOud!

I have just finished my correction of the directory of the " actors " of the small world of ST and I thought that one were really more than one handle and yet... We must note that the scene ST is much more long-lived among that of Falcon ! With you to judge some by the tests which follow (to be compared with the tests Falcon 8-)

Small innovation, rather than expressed as a percentage to give a note which leaves the beautiful share to the subjectivity and which is a little too " surgical " with my taste, I decided to choose a scale made up of stars and which must be interpreted in the following way :

* > Waah it is really a demonstration that ?????
** > Not terrible and really not unforgettable
*** > Sympathetic without being exceptional...
**** > That there you risk to often watch it !!!
***** > the TOS : a small essential jewel !!!!!

Last minute ! The event of this February 1999 it is the exit of the so much awaited megademo : Nostalgic' O demo ! A " good old " demonstration as in time ! I thus decided to devote an article which you will find in the synopsis.

With the menu :

> Hunt4fuji/Checkpoint
> Staars/Checkpoint
> SLAPT/Checkpoint
> Art Tracks/Queen Meka
> Immortalize/Wildfire
> Xmass/Paranoia
> Do things/Cream
> Modulation 2/Checkpoint
> The Kineton/Typhoon
> Depression Mods 2/Depression

HUNT 4 FUJI by Checkpoint/all Atari (1 Mo ?)     *****

Incredible but true, ST is entitled to him also to the mode of the screens in 128 bytes ! Until now only Checkpoint dared to rub there and... successfully !!

In the file hunt4fuji one finds a programme of 1,4 KB with an explanatory English text. Good one clic on the prg, ah it seeks the address report of the Atari logo (also called " Fuji ") then asks us to choose our resolution : low, average or high (I did not test the high resolution considering whom I use tele). From there a miiiiinuscule prg of 160 bytes (for which it is necessary to withdraw 32 bytes for the header) east creates. Return to the gem, one clic on this ptit thing and ohhhh a jouuli rotozoom with - for those which followed - the Atari logo ! Ca moves well and in spite of a rather small window (approximately 50 X 50) the whole is definitively impressionant !! To see and re-examine without moderation the zamis ! It should be noted that the prg uses the colors of the gem then if - as me - you use an accessory to modify the colors of them, you will be able even you amuse to modify the pallet of the rotozoom !

Staaaars by Checkpoint/all Atari (1 Mo ?)     ****

Wait do not leave !! Checkpoint still came out us one 128 bytes !!! As previously, the program thus makes 160 bytes and a sympathetic nerve starfield proposes to us. There are two prg which offers two to us starfields (logical), the first of 256 stars and the second of 640. The first turns into 1 VBL, which is not the case of the second, this thus says this last fluid remainder once again a superb demonstration of what Defjam manages to code in 128 bytes !!

SLAPT by Checkpoint/all Atari (1 Mo ?)     ***

Behind this name rather strange, it is necessary to read " Something Like A Plasma Tunnel ", in other words this effect resembles more or less a tunnel in plasma. Good, this precision being ridge, one can add that it is * still * about a screen 128 bytes due to Defjam. This time the effect is successful a little less than the others initially because Defjam used the resolution of C64 (sisi) and then the colors are really too " flashy ". Then ok it is a tunnel and it is of the 128 bytes but good between us I would really prefer to see a true tunnel coded by Defjam, but which knows that can arrive more quickly than it is thought...

Art Tracks by Queen Meka/Ste and Falcon     **

Here the first compilation of soundtracks which Queen Meka brings us, Atariste association responsible for mag HTML Stimulus. The intro is very stripped since it is composed of a mauve line posted in top of the screen and on which a scroll is held of right-hand side on the left. It should be noted that the cast iron is copied of an unspecified text processing (it as in the intro the last toXic is the same one). Only originality : the letters are coloured in green or yellow, waouh ! Fortunately for us the soundtrack which accompanies this thin intro is rather pleasant.

And hop, bars space and lives the GEM ! There I have a doubt : I see a prg named ' player' but when I launch it, I find myself with the excellent OSZI Player of tSCc... However I sought well and I did not find any file indicating an unspecified reference to tSCc... Hum hum not very to fair play that !!!

Another weak point : the compil' contains * only * 5 pieces combining banal techno - heard thousand times - with mielleuses melodies with 10 balls. One finds there also a chiptrack, a ptite curiosity for Stistes but good here what... I acknowledge to have installed this compilation on my hard disk which it often does not see daylight... in short for the collectors of soundtracks, the others can forget this 1st volume.

Immortalize by Wildfire/Ste 1 Mo     **

Waited for some time already, this Swedish demonstration came out just after the last toXic ! Not very recent thus, but good as it was not tested until there we will do it. First surprised : this demonstration is really small, very small since it makes only 130 KB ! Other surprised, no boot right a collection of prg (of which one which is called DHS ! ?). Fortunately that there is of them one which is called ' start' if not our great adventure is stopped there ! Even the textual file is with illegible half !!! Go one goes there : ah the gfx of the intro are sympas with a Wildfire logo in raytracing and a superb logo IMMORTALIZE drawn by At -. the image solidifies then on this last logo and... We wait... ah finally a scroll with the Wars Star or precisely with " MAGIQUE " i.e. the last production of the group ! They even took again same the zik, pfouuu. The scroll stops, still a bad transition on a rotozoom not unpleasant but not contradicts either. The following effect is a figure in traditional telegraphic 3D, one would say that it is on average resolution but I am not sure. Last effect (Ben VI already) and can be the best : a big plasma very coloured and full screen. No the greetings, of scrolls or even of unspecified appropriations, the demonstration finishes like it started : without the least effort, obviously Wildfire bad realized its prod to get rid some...

Xmass by Paranoia/ST and Falcon     **

Here a small sympathetic demonstration without claim coded by the friend Paranoid and left at the time of Christmas. The first part is rather funny. It starts with us to show milk a brick with a time limitation date, some share after Christmas. A quill of Coke with another date follows then... one PC with for time limitation date... on January 1 of the year 2000 8-)

The second part is rather banal : one finds to it from now on traditional logo * PARANOIA * with the razor blade (surrounded by a ribbon for the occasion). While snow falls on the screen (without accumulating on the logo unfortunately !), a list of groups ravels as a greetings. And it is all. To see for the first part at least...

Doing Things by Cream/all Atari 1 Mo     *****

Here a demonstration that any Atarist worthy of this name MUST have in its possession !!! I acknowledge that since I had taken the practice of trainer on the site of * CREAM * and reading their newspaper, I had nothing any more but one idea at the head : to see this demonstration !!! Eh well, it should be believed that I had chance since the demonstration came out at the end of January !!

Upon the departure I knew that it would be about a demonstration close in the concept of new STGMM2 excellent a compil to ziks of TAO accompanied by gfx new them also of Agent - T the resemblance is found above all in the intro : after a suuuperbe image of loader, the " first intro " begins, us inevitably pointing out STGMM2 since it is about same the zik remixed by TAO, a sheer delight ! After a short text, a presentation of the members of Cream and a cool logo of At -, the second intro is launched...

Hop a new paragraph 8-) a white text is posted and says to us that while some take pleasure in nostalgia and that others passed on the obscure side (PC quoa !!) it still remains of the guy which is moved and... make thing (" C things "). And there it is the shock : Candyman offers a superb tunnel in plasma to us (include/understand a tunnel with wholesale texture) sublime !! The resolution used is certainly 160x100 and the fenčtre must make in the 320x100 but the result is exceptional and between us I was unaware of completely that Candyman was also gifted !! On the whole you will regale yourselves with good ten - at least ! - different tunnels, distortions of textures... in short a delight !!! Moreover the zik of TAO is it also superb with effects ever heard in a front chip !!!

Sometimes text for the greetings comes to be superimposed on the tunnels and it is very well done also. Finally when you are sour to have seen all the tunnels you finally decide to press on the bar of space to pass to the principal dish, but before that one second image makes you have patience. Here still At delivers a very beautiful drawing to us which will not be able to leave you cold !

Finally the " mainpart " : ok, the screen is design, limps it of left contains the titles of the 12 soundchips dispo, below a equalizer is and on the right a second limps poster of the text but something bell... But well on ! TAO surprises us by offering soundchips not to us but SIDVOICES, include/understand ziks using the extraordinary sound capacities of C64. After having coded PlaySid, TAO decided to launch out and the result is on the level of the remainder of the demonstration : shining !! The chips (excuse term of beginner) are as varied as surprising by their sonorities : plays on stereophony, effects of echoes and sounds odd are as many ingredients which constitute the richness inestimable these musics. And when you manage to take again your breath you have curiosity to press " Space " to benefit from a sympathetic nerve history drawn by At -. But there, still a surprise : no traditional drawings but of the scans of At paintings ! The quality of the scans is perfect, in particular by what they use the STe pallet and the strange and magic history is very well made. Of what to nourish you eyes and ears during hours !!!!

And it is not finished, for as in the STGMM2, "... Do Things " offers a " reset-screen " ! Then hop reset, a zik envoutante made move our tympanums and oooooohh still of the tunnels !! Obviously they are still different from those of the intro and Candyman is allowed same to add drawings intended to it to give the function of each member, then they are their pseudos which is posted, intersected by other drawings (a teddy bear, eyes, a statuette, the sign ' coils and peace'...). Useless of repeat that all that is superb, the zik is very entrainante and you are likely to have the retinas stuck above during an end of time !!

Go, one finishes some with these last words : SUBLIMATE, PERFECT DESIGN, CODE WHICH KILLS, ESSENTIAL and HIGHLY THE NEXT 8-)

Modulation 2 by Checkpoint/all Atari 1mo     *****

And it is still a Checkpoint production which arrives to us at this beginning of year ! Until there us other humble STistes had been able to admire the " soundchipesques " compositions of 505 without same knowledge that the guy also prevailed in the field of the soundtracks. For Modulation 1 and 3 (do not seek) turn only on Falcon... Fortunately Defjam and 505 present Modulation 2 to us which, it, turns on ST and Falcon for our greater joy ! All starts with a " typical " intro with Checkpoint 8-) a letter ' Me zoome of the bottom of the screen and starts to turn on it even while being covered with a texture which must be gouraud. The window is not very large and the colors chosen a little strange since they go from blue to the pink, but good... Then two vertical bars come to be placed on the right and on the left of the screen > deZign in the house 8-) With the fact, since this small beginning, pleasant and a very rythmy soundchip accompanies this setting in mouth. Coming melt with the M is come one II red and to texture as vomitory as his/her buddy. It is then a " Modulation 2 " which comes to be plated with the bottom of the screen while zoomant and while being stretched. It disappears then it is with the turn from our buddies M and II to darken to disappear quietly. The screen is put at flasher while the two bars are unobtrusive block per block in rate/rhythm with the zik and... one reaches the second part of the intro !

At the beginning there is nothing if it is not a change of melody. Then species of cells (or amoebas if you prefer) come to dandle themselves on the screen before lighting and " to take " fire !! They mix, increasingly many and form ignited figures. Then it is a Checkpoint logo which, bottom of the screen joined the troop for y meler, before leaving in a movement rotozoom !! End of the end, the small cells on fire deform the logo in the illuminant on their passage. Gradually this ignited ballet slows down then disparait leaving the place to simple " a please wait ". A intro worthy of the genius of Defjam, particularly as regards the second part which is undoubtedly most beautiful (and rapid !) effect of fire ever seen on ST !

The screen is put at flasher and a sympathetic nerve logo CHECKPOINT drawn by Moondog/pOd posts in an original way. In bottom of the screen one finds, on the left, one limps of dialogue as well as icones (tracks, options...) on the right an animation representing the lettes MII of the intro which turn unceasingly on they-even and finally all in bottom a scrolltext. This compilation of ziks would not be complete without " spectrum lines " evolving/moving according to the music.

The music, let us speak (finally 8-) : not less * TWELVE * yes you read 12, soundtracks well are available, that is to say twice the number of ziks proposed by Art Tracks for example. First (and only 8 -) regret however : there is certainly a player STf and a player Falcon alas the owners of STe will have to be satisfied with the player STf to 14 Khz, damage...

It is " fortunately " well the only reproach which one can make in Checkpoint bus for the remainder it is good whole. With the program of the titles like : Blockade, Frozen Dreams, Jassi, We Are Here... finally good that is not used for nothing to give you the list. Just know that except for one or two titles used in the UCM all the remainder is new. The style goes from the soft melody until good the tekno which moves (without being too wild nevertheless !!) and after a good moment of listening you will be obliged to admit the immense talent of 505 ! For even in the pieces more or less tekno it avoids the monotonous passages learnedly, on the contrary you will be astonished by fredonner some of these pieces !!

Morality, this compil is excellent !! From the high technical level of the intro, its pleasant general design and the impressionant number of the pieces without forgetting an exceptional quality Checkpoint can make us forget the only small defect of the compil : the absence of a player specific to STe. Besides that, the amateurs of ziks owes ruer on Modulation 2 !!

The Kineton by Typhoon/all Atari 1 Mo 1 Mo     ***

Only demonstration ST, finally Atari even !!, come out with the lamentable CP, Volcanic 5, this small quite sympathetic production is the work of Ptif which had offered Mart'O demonstration to us the last year.

The first impression being the best demonstration starts with a homage to Mindbomb demo of * TLB * in the person of Bill Gates disguised in bisounours. At the end of a few seconds a rather consequent glove of bowe comes to be embedded in the head of this " poor " little guy 8-) After a ripped screen of Win98 an animation in dowries tries to post a " PC is shit ". Alas, the number of dowries too very few does not manage to make readable the message... A music soundchip due to Iso de Sentry is made hear then a pretty Typhoon logo appears, followed by a " presents " which does not cease moving as in Flip' O demo and of a logo " The Kineton " rather beautiful (although calculated on peusseu 8-). I like the following effect, it is about a Atari logo in which we can see " psyche circles mix ".

On the other hand sticker " A " in 1 color (you know for the young fellows who have the licence since less than 2 years 8-) which distorte a line on two is not convainquant whole... pass... A sea agitated by a sine wave fills up the screen and a duck with the resolutely trisomic air comes to float quietly until it runs up against the left edge of the screen and which its head... is detached to run with peak while some bubbles rise... Be delirious and straightforwardly twisting !! What remains ? One limps with meuh, you know these small boxes who return themselves and who make Meuuuh Ben you included/understood the principle. Last passage : the credit. They are composed of drawings representing of the persos of South Park accompanied by texts. You will be able finally to press " space " and to see a teddy bear wishing you good night or still waiting a few seconds to re-examine the box with meuh...

In short a sympathetic demonstration even if it does not have anything in particular. The effects all are known and realized more or less well (I think of the dowries and with " A " which distorte) but in the unit the design is pleasant, then get this demonstration to see it at least once.

Depression Mods 2 by Depression/Ste and Falcon 1 Mo     ***

Second production of the Finnish group Depression, it is a zikdisk (and yes already 3rd tested here !!) who is, except error of my share, the second production of this group after their small intro which you can find in ST Collection 12. The intro without being well exciting and at least more original than that of Art Tracks. It is composed of a rather average logo DEPRESSION, of a big scrolltext which rebounds on the bottom of the screen while ravelling, of a second text which zik and from top to bottom scrolle superb had in famous Scavenger/Synergy (not of panic it is an old chip not a new !).

Then, it is without much surprise that one finds oneself under this good old man GEM after having pressed the bar of space. It is once again without surprise which one discovers there the OSZI player tSCc. On the other hand one will note that * contrary to Art Tracks * the noun of the player was not modified... A common point with Art Tracks on the other hand is the low number of soundtracks present, in other words five. It is sure that compared with the 12 ziks of Modulation 2 that does not make much. The authors of the musics are varied enough since one finds there 505 / Checkpoint, Toodeloo/DHS, Ace / Palace, Perkele / Depression and Comp7 / Bassment. No the surprise all that sounds tekno very, but I must say that put aside the pieces of 505 and Toodeloo you are quickly likely to forget these melodies. In short one more zikdisk which has great difficulty to be dissociated...

Then how to conclude ? Better compil than Art Tracks but largely behind Modulation 2 I do not know if there is really place for Depression Mods 2... With you to see whether you are collector especially.

All these prods is dispos at home (inter alia) against the number of desired disc AND the stamps for the return ('coz I am not rich). Please do not send a HD please - even formatted in 720 KB !

Note my address e-mail (permanent I hope for it !) :

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