The release of the NOSTALGIC'O DEMO

By ST SurvivOr

Remember, there are " some " months were born two projects of big span : first Leonard of oxygen announced his/her/its intention to launch the creation of a megademo " as in the time " and for this he asked for the support of an elder maximum. And then of a quoted other there was Jace of St Knights (income of the pc) and that wanted, him, to take out the demo the most impressive ST. He/it benefitted for it of the collaboration of one of the best present groups > tSCc !

Today a report imposes itself : one succeeded and the other failed. Until Jace comes out of his/her/its hibernation (but is not necessary too to count over) Leonard presents us the first version of his demo. First ? Yes because at the present time of the you can join it and can code a screen that will be added to the demo ! One hopes to see to decorate with flowers thus little from here several extensions to Nostalgic'o demo !

But let's go to the test himself at the present time : I hold when same to specify that me - aka St SurvivOr - was not then there " at the time of the 1st wave of ST demos he/it doesn't make any doubt that I miss the subtlety of certain screens of this megademo. I would have hoped to receive a little help in this stain, but visibly you prefer to read the mag that to help us to make live it...

T H E   I N T R O

When you let the program install the demo, you rebootez febrilely your ST and wait. The result doesn't linger and a big mat full screen composed of text that waves invades your screen whereas a chip emerges suddenly of your loudspeaker. As wants it the tradition the text - very colorful - is illegible and when in addition a bottom full screen comes to parade behind, it is not better, but remains that that moves well and that the zik is excellent. He/it decorated that it is a resumption of Union demo but there I realize my hiatuses, erm erm...

When you press the space bar, a sublime logo OXYGEN by the no less brilliant Niko/Diamond Design puts of it to you full the view !! Follows a melting 1 plan on bottom black (quick the tradition arf 8-( with the text saying that the so much waited demo is there, even if many doubted his/her/its exit. And there, PAF !! Leonard offers us a world in 3D that is not without recalling some demo of EKO on Falcon !! And do you follow there ?? One is always on a good old STf 1 MB ! It is beautiful and that moves well : a camera moves behind, from time to time one passes in fashion " wire " while some text is displayed and when that ends one nearly wants to reboot, that's so beautiful !!

T H E   L O A D E R

Is also very well made : it is composed of a species of grid on which have just crushed vectorballs that form letters announcing the title of the loaded screen. During this time, words appear in yellow using fading there to give us credits. Note the superb chip of Tao (one finds a lot of it in the demo and it is a delight !!). Finally, in bottom of the screen one sees the progression of two horizontal lines that represents the time of loading and the decompactage. These times of loading are in general very short !

T H E   M A I N - M E N U

There also a very good surprise since we find again in a mainmenu in full screen to the multidirectional scrolling as in the " Dark Side Of the Spoon " by ULM. On the other hand I am anxious to note Leonard's troublesome tendency to brag about the that possible : besides the fact that he/it protests that this demo is probably the best thing that arrived to the ST for years (hey my old one didn't wait for you to come out of things no more and it is not you all only that made survive the ST !), it declares that this menu is ever biggest makes on ST, well I am no specialist, but it seems to me that this menu is as big as the one of the ULM demo, but good...

In short : a gigantic hand-menu, it is on, drawn by My of Diamond Design. The all represents, ah tradition when you hold us, a decor in which one displaces a robot (called Charly) until doors that one must open to reach a screen. One will note the parallax with the bottom of the screen as well as the scrolltext all in bottom of the screen (to the Leo fact in the demo of ULM there is a sample even, not a chip as here ;-). The chip that comes with us is very pleasant and graphs are indeed superb ! One controls the robot with arrows of directions and that works respectable even if the robot sometimes takes off (that hovers for me oh oh oh oh !)

T H E   S C R E E N S

Does this first version already contain many screens, a small ten, and would it be me too long to retail them with thoroughness and do you need surprises then again no ?? I confess to ignore if there is a hidden screen...


First screen of Leonard, it is more than 7 000 dots displayed in even time. Before seeing them, we even have the right to see a drawing by Mon, representing a superb damsel with shapes... generous 8-o. The screen is well on accompanied of a chip and in bottom of the screen a scrolltext takes place. While pressing on space, one reaches a second screen him as composed of a face in dowries and the same scroll but this time you can modify all parameters of the face and so to amuse you a tiny moments with keys F1 to F10 and 1 to 0. Is it pretty and is it classic, that to add ??


The second screen is due to BBC (don't ask me what that is worth to say, I don't have any idea of it !) and as his/her/its name indicates him it is archi, but then archi, classic : he/it is composed of a biiig BBC logo to the pyramidal shape that is not without recalling the logo of UNION and two parallaxes, hear by there of funds of screens moving " one of the other independently ". While the BBC logo goes for a walk in the screen, the 2 parallaxes (of a taste rather kitch I must say) cross themselves according to a scroll in diagonal. Certainly it proves that the ST can * at a time * to manage the complex scrollings and thick spriteses but honestly... I don't think that one needed a screen like that. Nothing to add that so is only it is probably about the screen least interesting of all... To the fact there is also a text in bottom of the screen but good.


This screen, him as enough classic, is all the same more enthralling. The code is due to Robert, hello Bob, and... well I ignore completely that is this boy of Atari Boys. Good if I tell you that it is about a " color-shock ", connoisseurs will understand what I mean to say. By there others must hear : a screen that is composed to the departure of a big scrolltext in overscan and hop one adds the zik, then of rasterses, a very colorful bottom etc. In summary how to fill to the maximum a screen with to the final, besides giant scroller ", a full horizontal cylinder of pretty colors, a big logo ATARI BOYS in to edge him low, a bottom that move with full of color... or of lemmings (that it is very fun I must admit him !). The gone second - when one presses space - is a screen of credit that includes a big scrolltext rightly full screen with a melting x32 (I think) in shape of cookies and a chip enough strange. A pleasant enough screen to watch what without being revolutionary. I will add rightly that I adore melting in shape of cookies 8-)) Miam !


Here is the contribution of TOYS in the person of their Peylow codeur (euh I am not sure of spelling 8-( The screen is bizarre enough I must say and on good of plans, even the zik of 505 sounds way little harmonious. The simultaneous effects are numerous enough since besides a bottom in mat that distorte without stop one can see 5 or 6 times (in mirror) a vertical scrolltext in overscan. But this is not finished since there is a strange window again to the bottom of the screen (and paf in to edge him 8-). It is a species of gnarl on the greenish eyes. If you exercise patience a little you will see that after having moved in all directions this gnarl is going to turn into a rotozoom, from where the name of the screen > rotozoom + bottom in " fullscreen " = > Rotofull (elementary my dear Watson). The rotozoom in question is nevertheless very coarse and that turns quickly to the mash of pixels, but was necessary to dare to mix all that !!! The design is a little vomitive but with a bag close to hand, you should be able to especially admire the screen a small moment if to try you to read the scrolltext ! One will note to the passage a TOYS logo that distorte and of spriteses that dance on the window of the rotozoom, brief ya of the world to the screen !!


Ah you were aware with the name of the demo to recover a little all effects that passed fashionable on ST... if the 1st screen gave back homage to the unavoidable " dowries ", this one is a generator of fractales. Yes I know that with the title of the screen one would have suspected a little. I am not sure that it was about of an unpublished screen - Leonard specifies it - in the measure where he seems to me to already have seen that in her * ST Collection 10 * but good this screen had a troublesome tendency to plant when one had " RAM too much " then...

The " new " generator of fractales of Leonard is, dixit the master, fastest makes ever and during the loader it affirms to even succeed in making 16 MHz turn the ST >> two times more quickly than the normal what !! For the remainder... it is fractales to the very chosen colors, with utilization of borderses loud AND low (either a screen of 320x256), ptite zik is quiet and friendly, ya a scrolltext all in top as well as a chrono (to swagger 8-). In short one has right to classics as Mandelbrot (it has been a long time) or Julia, the Scorpion and of another one of which I am unaware of the name. Nothing of sensational if this is not the lightning enough speed of calculation. Besides the very tidy design, makes of this screen a Zen enough pause that you won't be able to lack to make !!


Rolling of drums he-you-enjoys because has come the only screen (with the superb intro) that is going to put of it to you full eyes !!! I confess that I didn't expect anything of brilliant - especially after having read commentaries disappointed Evil/DHS on his/her/its site - and yet I was very surprised ! This screen is due to Ben of OVR and is ornamented of a zik of Jess (cool !!!).

One begins with a " limps " full screen that scrolle of right on the left and that stops in full middle of the screen separating it so in 3 parts : to edge him loud and the bottom in color and the remainder (the window of the ST what) in black : an original way to plant the decor. In top one notices a small text and one doesn't have to wait a very long time before the show begins : a small enough square on which is drawn a sign Chinese zoome since the bottom of the screen, he/it starts turning then on himself to the manner of the " Sometimes Bubble Bee Flies Higher Than Falcon " of Syntax (to see previous toXic) changes in cube mappe with like other motives, of character of outh Park. I will be tempted to say that the thimble proposes a motive * different * by face, but as it is about signs Chinese, all that is a little confused. In short our pretty cube mappe (high in color) comes closer while rotating. It is strong pretty !! There is too much objects mappes in this screen to name them then all know that you will see in a jumble : a space ship, a head (sisi !), of packets of cigarettes, a house, a cube of which faces zooments, a diamond... My favorite is frankly a star in phong : sublime !! To note that some objects immobilize themselves before disappearing with an effect of fire very well given back !!

Without doubt the screen the more * impressive * of the demo ! To not to miss under any pretext : it's technical, it is beautiful, it's smooth, there are tons of objects, the chip is cool, that to ask besides ??? A MUST !


A screen that has the misfortune to arrive after the superb mapping of BEN/OVR... Is he/it offered us yet by Griff of Circle Inner that had coded (under the stamp of Electronic Pictures ??) there is already well a long time already a screen ever containing the most beautiful objects in Gouraud seen on ST in 7Ko that more are ! Here one finds again before a rightly filled black screen by a limps blue of about 150 pixels on 150 (difficult to say precisemment) in which is a starfield. In bottom of the screen a horizontal scroll with a metallic " melting ". Limps " it change " of face and one sees a pyramid in 3D filaires that " rotate ". Then the square becomes a cube with a different motive on every face : the starfield, our pyramid in 3D filaires, a IC logo, a cube filaire and a number " 91 " that lets suppose that it is about an old screen come out again of a drawer. The cube goes for a walk then in the screen in zoomant of before behind. The all is certainly fast but level color one counts the black of the screen, the bruise of bones of the cube and the ICS logos and 91 and in short the white of objects in 3D brief it is not the feast.... Finally, I kept a small bitter taste in the mouth because the scrolltext announces other effects... who doesn't come ! There I have the impression not to have had right that announces instead of the movie 8 to the strip indeed - (A screen rather bof especially compared to the precedent. The chip is friendly but it is not that that saves it... a pity ! and thanks the recup !


Well yes the unavoidable screen of infos is he as present : not so of thick surprise this is the system used by Leonard who retakes the principle of the hyper own text otherwise from the HTML told some parts of the text (those in bruise) permit to reach other sections directly rightly while clicking over, convenient and intuitive. Let's not forget to say that this screen is pretty enough since it includes besides a temperate melting but pleasant, a spline in dowries colored in the bottom and a chip very pleasant of Tao. For the remainder you will have right to credits " (very incomplete I must say !), to various infos on Leonard (the it is more complete; -) and notably you will learn that the demo is " then postcardware " are going to look for a post card to send to Leo - mine left this morning.

A screen makes well and convenient. One will regret the too big sensitivity of the mouse on screens that make several pages as well as the lack of infos on quite a lot of screens 8-((


Here comes the contribution of Cream - or rather of Tao. I remember that one had also announced the involvement of Agent t but this screen only containing a CREAM logo and three " sprites " of lizards recalling those of the STGM2 one can take the liberty to doubt. Whatever he/it is some, a screen that will delight elders " since he/it takes a screen of Union demo. Remember Mad Max had converted C64 sidvoices in soundchips... Hey well since Cream already possesses since some times the capacity to read these sids on ST(e) and Falcon with his/her/its superb Sidplayer Tao decided to offer us the original sidvoiceses !! To the whole a conversion that contains all crispses of UNION demo to the format C64, a small treat what. Note that I am indeed * not * specialist of this time doesn't hit me then if I plant myself in names or screens 8-)

10. COPY

Leonard likes the tradition as proved him to us his/her/its previous screens and the one won't reroute no more. It is simply a program of copy. The screen is divided in 3 parts : the one of the top is a equalizer for the friendly chip that one hears, the one of the middle indicates the progression of phases of lecture/ecriture of the disk and the bottom contains a scrolltext. To note that all the screen is displayed as using of balls " species you knows certain old wakenings how. It is not very pleasant to read and especially I don't see the interest of this copier too much - it says I have not again tried to recopy the demo, can be that it is the only means to make it). In short again a screen for them... big nostalgic 8-)


If I tell you that this screen has been coded by * The Carebears *, I already see some full that get on the knees to pray. Hey don't make anything of it well (in addition it is on the floor dirty ptet) because as the title indicates him that is a joke... that I don't find funny personally. One had heard spoken of the big return of Tanis for this demo, but visibly that didn't make himself. This screen takes one of specialties of TCB and more especially of year COOL, to know a megascroller full screen that rebounds with a bottom in blue mat that wiggles on bottom of sample to 15 KHz that himself repeat at the end of 10 seconds... I had fun to read loong scroll in the hope to read something of interesting there either to discover a possible second left in vain ! Besides the text seems to date of some years since it made references to the imminent exit of a demo (I didn't keep the name) exit there is pfouuuuuu... a long time. A pity therefore because this screen gives the impression to be ... that it is... a fake !


Again Leonard's screen. This time he/it displays a line of about twenty sprites (that one will recognize some Calimer'os and another one) that wiggles with in the bottom an enormous very colorful scrolltext, the all full screen - of course - and voiced by Mad Max (in short with an old digidrum of Mad sorry Max). A screen that moves quickly and well, that gives you pain to swaggers it even when one wants to try to read the text, brief again a beautiful example of the looooove that vows Leonard to traditions...


Well we made the tour then hop reset ! A white point starts blinking and the bottom becomes blue. A scrolltext in bottom of the screen begins to tell us his/her/its life while some bottom comes closer a difficult enough thing to distinguish. It is only while coming closer enough that the shape unveils to be himself a face in vector balls. While the scroll parades and will start moving and to morpher like a mad. Pretty, even though Leonard won't have made proof of a big imagination once again...


It is a demo for that one waited and one is well happy that this ambitious project became reality or rather half reality because if I am not mistaken Leonard wanted to unite elders so that they code us a ptit something of friendly, but at the end of the account I don't know too much what to think o all that... Let's see :

> Positive points :

> Negative points :

Last words : it is not a chief of work, this megademo, but you must to have would not be him that that for the intro, Ben's screen, the superb ziks of Tao or Leonard's friendly " screens ". Other screens are worthwhile really not and one has the impression to review oldies without interest indeed...

Finally, let's hope that other screens will come to complete and to reinforce points positive of Nostalgic'O demo. While waiting I counsel you to encourage Leo with a tite post card and don't hesitate to consult his/her/its page web (updated every 4 months 8-) to : www.multimania.com/leonard

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