NEWS UPDATE 13/02/98

Rock’ N’ Goal New Maiden Album and Football Tour

Iron Maiden will be previewing their new studio album with a football tour of Europe in March.

The album, entitled VIRTUAL XI, will be released World-wide on March 23 and is produced and mixed by bassist and founder member Steve Harris and Nigel Green. The Epic album carries eight tracks:


As usual, Maiden have given a lot of thought to the packaging so the cover and booklet combine the three things the band are most into - Football, Computer Games...... and of course Eddie.

Artwork was by Melvin Grant ( Fear of The Dark) and the design is by Synthetic Dimensions, a company specialising in Computer Games who are making the forthcoming Iron Maiden Game, “ Ed Hunter “

The football element comes in with the (Virtual Photograph) of their Internationally flavored VIRTUAL XI team which comprises, along with the band, Paul Gascoigne (Glasow Rangers & England), Faustino Asprilla (Newcastle Utd & Columbia), Ian Wright (Arsenal & England), Stuart Pearce (Newcastle Utd & ex England Captain), Patrick Viera (Arsenal & France) and Marc Overmars (Arsenal & Holland).

Say's Harris "We're delighted with the album and feel the songs and the playing are as strong as we've ever done. And its great to do the promotion for the album as a football tour, especially in World Cup year!"

Maidens’ (especially Harris’) passion for football is well documented. From the very beginning a Maiden XI has played all over the World during tours. Crew were often hired for their footballing skills as opposed to the technical proficiency.

Now Maiden, rather than slogging round Europe for promotion prior to the album release, have convinced label EMI to underwrite a Football Tour of Europe. These will be serious games in proper football stadiums. Maiden have enlisted some serious help to ensure victory. The following ex-international footballers will play with the band at various times on the tour as part of a squad of 15 players. - Tony Woodcock, Terry Butcher, Frank Worthington, Archie Gemmill, Paul Mariner, Paul Walsh, Joe Jordan, and Neil Webb.

Maidens’ Virtual XI will play sides made up of bands and local ex-Internationals in the following cities: Paris (Mar 11th), Berlin (Mar 13th), Madrid (Mar 18th), Stockholm (Mar 22nd) and finally Milan (mar 25th). (Check local press for details)

Says vocalist Blaze Bayley “The football, and the guys we’ll be privileged to play with, is a fantastic start to what’s going to be a busy year for Maiden. We’re delighted with the album and look forward to starting a World Tour in Europe at the end of April. We’re going out with a mega production and a few mega tonnes of explosives!”

“There’s also the computer game - Ed Hunter - coming later. I was at Synthetic Dimensions yesterday and its looking amazing. But more on that later. See you all on the pitch!”

To our fans,

This site has recently been inundated with enquiries following recent press about the floatation of the Sanctuary Group of Companies. To clarify Iron Maiden are not floating or joining the London Stock Exchange but their management company, Sanctuary Management is, as part of the group.

This in no way affects the way that Sanctuary Management is run, and myself and Andy Taylor will remain as committed to Maiden as we have always been.

Sanctuary now has a wide range of businesses, not just band management. This includes record labels, recording studios, book publishing, TV production, travel and others.

If you are interested in buying shares in the Sanctuary Group plc, we have arranged for it's stockbrockers, Charles Stanley & Co. Ltd., to offer a postal dealing service. Although it is too late to participate in the placing , shares may be acquired in the market once dealing commences on the 23rd of January 1998. Charles Stanley & Co. Ltd, who are members of the London Stock Exchange and regulated by the Securities and Futures Authority, are offering to execute instructions for 1% commission subject to a £20.00 minimum reducing on larger deals.

For details either telephone (44)-171-739-5151 or e-mail remembering to quote Sanctuary Dealing Service and your full name and address.

Thanks for your interest - Up the Irons

Rod Smallwood

Beast Records

Some of you have heard that Steve has formed his own record label with Rod Smallwood and it will be run by Steve McTaggart, formerly of Castle Communications.

The first band signed is "Dirty Deeds". A lot of you probably saw them supporting Maiden in Europe and Scandanavia at the tail end of the "X Factor" tour.

They recorded their first album, entitled "Danger of Infection" at Steve's Studio and it is released in Japan.. They have also been penciled in to support Maiden on the next tour and the worldwide release of the album will coincide with that. I recommend it to everyone, you can contact them at:

Dirty Deeds, PO box 4016, Harlow, Essex CM17 2JL, UK

RUMOR CONTROL.There are still loads of rumors flying around that Blaze has Quit the bandor that the Maiden are splitting up. This completely UNTRUE. Iron Maiden areas strong and together as ever before. The whole band are really lookingforward to finishing the album and getting back out on the road.

There have been many reports of a Maiden reunion with Bruce Dickinson. Thisis also completely UNTRUE and is probably linked to Bruce's new album andtour with Adrian Smith.

So if you want to keep up with the 'rumor free' news on Maiden, keepchecking our site or maybe you might want to join the fan club.