Kings Quest II


From the start, go two screens north and take the trident.  Go two more
screens north and take the clamshell to reveal the bracelet underneath.
Take the bracelet and go east one screen.  Take the stake that is by
the tree.  Go east once and south twice.  Look in the hollow log by the
lake and take the necklace you see there.  Go south twice and open the
mailbox by grannys house and take the basket of goodies.  Now wander
around and see if you can find Little Red Riding Hood and return the
basket of goodies.  She will be near the house.  When you find her, she
will give you some flowers to thank you for your help.  From the
mailbox, go one screen north and one screen east.  There is a door in
a big tree.  Open it, enter, and carefully climb down the ladder.  Go
east down the hall.  If the dwarf is home, quickly leave the room and
return.  Go to the fire and take the pot of soup, then open the chest
and take the earrings.  If the dwarf steals any of your treasures during
the course of the game, come here and retrieve them.  Now go one
screen east and one screen north.  Stand behind the rocks that are
against the tree in the middle of the screen.  Look in the hole, and take
the mallet.  Gou south twice to the monastary.  A fairy may appear and
cast a protective spell on you.  Go east once and enter the monastary.
Walk up to the altar, kneel, and pray.  Tell the monk your name,
Graham, and take and wear the silver cross he gives you.  Leave the
monastary and to south once.  Go over to the hole in the boulder and
look inside.  Take the brooch.  Now you are ready to start your
adventuring in earnest.
The first door:  Go north twice from the lake where you found the
brooch.  Cross the chasm using the rope bridge.  Go east once and
north once and read the inscription on the door: Whosoever chooses to
seek the key for this door will undoubtably make a splash.  Go
back across the chasm and walk west five times to the beach.  Go
south three times.  There should be a mermaid sitting on a rock here.
Offer her the flowers you got from Red Riding Hood and she will
summon a seahorse for you- ride him to Neptune and return
Neptunes trident.  He will give you a bottle and open the giant clam to
reveal a key.  Take the bottle and key and return to land.  Look in the
bottle and take the cloth.  Go north three times to some strange rocks,
then east once to skull cave.  Enter the cave- dont worry if Hagatha is
there, she wont notice you if you are quiet.  Put the cloth on the birdcage
you see to keep the bird quiet.  Take the bird and leave.  Return to the
door and unlock it using the key you got from Neptune.
The second door:  Read the inscription on the door: Whosoever
chooses to seek the key for this door should set their sites high.  Go
back acroos the bridge and go south three times to the Antique Shop,
which should be open now.  Enter the shop and give the birdcage (with
bird) to the old lady.  In gratitude for the return of her pet, she will
give you a magic lamp.  once outside the shop, rub the lamp three
times and you will recieve: A magic carpet, a magic bridle, and a sword.
Now get on the carpet, which will fly to the top of the cliffs.  There is a
poisonous snake here- but dont kill it, use the magic bridle on it to
return it to its original form- a winged horse.  Talk to the horse,
who will give you a magic sugar cube.  Now go east and enter the
cave and take the key you find there. Exit the cave and get on the carpet
to return to the ground.  Go to the door and unlock it with your key.
The third door:  Read the inscription: Whosoever chooses to seek the last
key must have a stout heart.  Go back across the bridge and go west
three times and south once.  Enter grannys house.  If the wolf is there,
quickly leave, then return.  Give the soup to granny and she will give you
a ring and cloak.  Leave the house and wear them.  Now go east once
and north three times to the poison lake.  There should be a boatman
here.  While wearing the ring and cloak, he will mistake you for his
master and give you a ride across the lake.  On the other side, eat ths
sugar cube to protect yourself from the poison brambles and follow the
path to the castle and enter it.  Go west and climb the stairs.  Look in
the dresser and take the candle stub.  Go back downstairs and go
east twice.  Take the ham from the table and go north.  Climb the stairs
to the torch and light the candle.  Go back down, south, then east
down the stairs to the dungeon.  Go through the door to the west and
open the coffin.  Quickly type kill Dracula- Graham will use the stake
and mallet to do so.  Take the golden key, and the silver key from
under the pillow.  Go back upstairs to the dining room, then north and
up the stairs to a room with a small chest.  Use the silver key to unlock
the chest and take the tiara.  Leave the castle and cross the chasm
bridge one last time.  Unlock the final door and go through.
The strange world: Go north once and take the fishnet.  Stand near the
edge of the cliff and fish until you catch a fish.  Take the fish and
throw him in the ocean.  Then ride him across the ocean to the strange
island.  Go east once and take the magic amulet and examine it.  Go
south once, walk around the big rock and enter the white tower.
Climb the stairs and feed the ham to the lion.  Open the door and talk to
the beautiful girl.  Tell her your name, give her a kiss, and type go
home.  Watch the wedding ceremony.