Kings Quest I
Enhanced SCIV Version
(with notes for original version)

     From beginning go west of the castle and move the big rock.  Look in the hole and take the
dagger.  Go west to a lake and take some pebbles from the shore.  Go east once and  north
once and climb the big oak.  Walk out on the big branch to the nest and take the golden
egg.  Climb back down carefully and go north twice.  Take a walnut and open it.  If it is
golden, keep it.  If not, try again.  Go east once and take the small bowl in the charming
clearing.  Go south once.  If there is an elf wandering around here, talk to him.  If he's not
there, go south then come back.  After you talk to him, he will give you a magic ring.  From
there go south to the castle garden and take a carrot.  Then go east twice and north once.
This is the clover meadow- pick one.  Go east twice and south twice.  Wade into the pond
and look in the stump.  Take the pouch you find there, exit the lake and open the pouch to
discover some diamonds.

     Now, go back north once and open the gate to the goat pen.  Enter the pen and when the
goat is close enough, show the carrot to him.  Now carefully lead him south once, west
twice, and south once more to one of the troll bridges.  Try to cross the bridge.  When the
troll appears, the goat will run up and butt him off the bridge.  Cross the bridge and go
south to the little gnome's house.  The gnome will ask you a riddle- What is my name?
Answer "Rumplestiltskin", but spelled backwards : Nikstlitselpmur.  He will give you some
magic beans.  If you fail to get the right answer in three guesses, he will instead give you a
golden key.

     Now go south and cross another bridge.  Go south again to the clover meadow and plant the
beans.  Carefully climb up the magic beanstalk to Cloudland.  Go east twice, then south,
then east twice.  Look in the tree to the right of the screen to find a slingshot.  Go north
once and west once.  Hide behind a tree near the bottom right of the screen or rub the
magic ring and wait for the giant to fall asleep.  Or you can shoot him with the slingshot
(but get fewer points).  Then take the magic chest.  Climb back down the beanstalk.

     Go east three times and south once to the well.  Use the dagger to cut the rope and take
the bucket.  Stand near the handle and lower the rope, then climb down the rope into the
well.  Dive down and swin to the left and up again.  Get out of the water and fill the bucket
with water.  Go west and throw the water on the dragon, who will move a boulder and run
out of his lair. You can also kill the dragon with the dagger or approach him while under the
fairy godmother's protective spell (she appears to the east of the garden).  Take the magic
mirror and leave through the cave opened by the departing dragon.

     Go east once and north once.  Knock on the door of the gingerbread house.  If no one
answers, go in and hide in the bedroom to the right.  When the witch comes in and goes
over to her cauldron, walk up behind her and push her into the pot.  Go back to the
bedroom and take the note and read it (It's a clue to the gnome's riddle, which you've
already solved).  Go to the kitchen and open the cupboard to get the swiss cheese.  Leave
the house and eat some of the gingerbread.  Now go north twice to a beat-up old shack.
Enter and talk to the woodcutter.  Now look at your magic bowl to see the word fill
written on the bottom.  Fill the bowl and give it to the woodcutter for his wife.  In
gratitude, he will give you his fiddle.  Take it and leave.  Now go south three times and
west once to the cave that leads to the dragon's lair.  A condor will swoop down (if he
doesn't appear, leave and come back).  Jump up when he passes over you and grab his feet.
He will deposit you in a formerly inaccessible area just south of the castle and northeast
of the gnome's house.  Go west and take the mushroom growing there.  Go east and jump in
the hole.  Follow the tunnel to the rat.  Give him the cheese, but don't get too close.  Walk
up to the door and it will open for you.  As soon as you enter the room, play the fiddle for
the leprechauns, who will dance themselves out of existence (if you don't have the fiddle,
they will disappear if you have the four leaf clover).  Go into the throne room- the king and
his court will also disappear.  Take the shield, and if it's there, the sceptre.   Continue past
the throne room to the small hole.  Eat the mushroom and go through the hole.  Go north
twice and east three times to the castle gate.  Open the gate and enter the castle and
return the treasures to the dying King Edward and recieve the crown.

     The original version differs slightly with regard to points, but puzzle solutions are the
same, with three exceptions: The condor will appear anytime during the original version, but
only after you have the first two treasures in the enhanced version.  In the original
version, the answer to the gnome's riddle is the name Rumplestiltskin spelled using a
backwards alphabet where a=z, b=y, etc.  So the answer would be: IFNKOVHGROGHPRM Also, in the origional version to plant the magic beans you must go in front of the cave where the dragon lives and not where the clovers are (Thanx, Thumper). The points differences will be noted in the points list. The location of the pebbles in the original is one screen west of the fork in the river south of the castle.

     Some screens are inhabited by hostile creatures who randomly appear- stay near the
edges so that if they do, you can leave the screen quickly.