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Ponderous Moonlighting
The Cainian Chronicle
Part I : the curse4:48
Part II : lillith's embrace6:15
Part III & IV : disciplines of caine / zillah and the crone5:53
At the infernal portal (canto III)7:06
Cry of mariamne3:03
Prophecy of sehenna4:04
Song of kaiaphas8:47
The pagan cycle7:30
Homage to pan13:25

Ponderous Moonlighting


'The Cainian Chronicle'
Part I : The Curse

Black clouds fill the day sky
In the primitive lands of Nod
As the two sons of Adam offer up
Their gifts (of pride) to the one reigning high
A dark fate born by sacrificial fire

Caine: 'Oh, great father of my father Whom thou banished from thy garden Look down upon thy faithful servant And accept my beloved brother.'

With tears of love the firstborn thrust His sharpest scythe deep into Abel's heart Rendering him lifeless but eternally Prized in the mind of god as his body withered In the scorching blaze

Caine: 'Oh, my dear brother Forgive me for what I have done But to the one almighty A greater prize I have none.'

Adam: 'Caine, thou has broken my seal of absolute love The crime thou'st committed meets not The approval of him above Forever shall you wonder in the lands beyond alone And from this day forth I cannot call thee my own.'

Caine: 'Oh, father my great father Why hast thou cursed me so? Have I not done what thou asked for? To the shadowed woods I cannot go.'

Adam: 'I can no longer endure thy sinful words This greatly unmerciful deed hast done his wrong I pray that thou find ways to repent And as I was cast out so you shall be gone!' Be gone!

Exiled, the firstborn rushes off to the obscure yet Welcoming arms of Cimmerian darkness For there he shall find great wisdom And awaiting beneath the crescent moon lurks The mother of magick...

Part II : Lilith's Embrace

Caine: 'Alone in the darkness I can hear
The sweetest voice
Whispering words of surcease
And I rejoiced!

Who would dare speak to one so Condemned as I? Do you know of my most wicked crime?'

Lilith: 'I'm known as Lilith, your father's first bride Like you I'm cursed to dwell in the shadows of night.'

Caine: 'How can one survive here in the dark groves forlorn? Without a sole compainion of a friend of some form?'

Lilith: 'But there are many compainions in my infinite kingdom. Through magick and sorcery I've found my freedom.'

Caine: 'I was cold and she clothed me, I starved And she fed me, I was mournful yet she loved me.

I shed bloody tears and she made them dissapear She kissed away my tears Her powers I could see would forever set me free

I begged her to awake me Her blood, sweet as wine, as I drank she would sigh Then I closed my eyes

Into the dark I fell and fell A deepest abyss Surrounded by obscurity A price for her gift

Out from the frigid blackness Came a radiant glimmering light Revealing the flaming archangel Known as Michael'

Michael: 'Cursed son of Adam Indeed his mercy is great Bow thy head and repent thine sins now Before it's too late.'

Caine: 'Not by his grace but my own, I choose to live with pride Your 'merciful' god disgusts me His kingdom infested with lies.'

Michael: 'You sad irrelevant fool Have thy no shame? You shall forever fear the light Of the living flame.'

Caine: 'On the mornign by silver wing Raphael came to me and said Abel did forgive me Not by his (forgiveness) but mine own For darkness is my home

I walk alone My skin would burn by the sun's rays I learned And the dawn had returned to earth below I did run seeking shelter from the sun The endless night of Caine had begun

When I awoke, Uriel appeared The reaper with black wings But thrice denied his grace Hence, my blood-curse begins...'

Part III : Disciplines of Caine

My wrathful cries of anguish
Filled that dismal night
I tore at my flesh and drank my crimson tears

When I glanced up Appearing in a myriad of stars The illustrious archangel Gabriel shimmered Like the moon in my eyes Bringing mercy even to the damned

But why? Why?

He spoke of a path The path of Golconda From which my children could once again Inhabit the light

Without another word, he disappeared And I conceived I had awakened at last

Then the bright-eyed demoness Taught me how to hide from the eyes Of those who dare to hunt us How to command obedience And demand respect

Soon I found myself attaining (yet) greater powers I could alter forms, control all beasts and perceive Beyond sight

Eventually I had to abandon Lilith And flee from the barren lands of Nod Set out to procreate my progeny Caine's children shall inherit the night

Part IV : zillah and the crone

Of all my children, none so beloved
My sweet Zillah, none so desired
Her tender skin, her blood so saccharine
I was mesmerized by her enchanting eyes

But she would turn from me, she had no love to me Nothing I'd provide could keep her satisfied So I took to roam the wilderness alone Amid the whispering trees, a wrinkled crone I did see

Crone: 'My spell can make thee win her heart Drink of my blood then we'll start'

Caine: 'Her (foul) blood I drank for many nights And Zillah indeed became my wife'

Crone: 'The elixir hast bound thee My serving thrall thou always be'

Caine: 'But after a year (and a day) her grasp (on me) had gone With a stake through the heart, I left her to the dawn'

At the Infernal Portal (Canto III)

Per me si va ne la citta dolente
Per me si va ne l'etterno dolore
Per me si va tra la perduta gente
Guistizia mosse il mio alto fattore
Fecemi la divina podestate
La somma sapienza e'l primo amore
Dinanzi a me non fuor cose create
Se non etterne, e io etterno duro
Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate

Through me you enter the woeful city Through me you enter eternal grief Through me you enter among the lost Justice moved my high maker The divine power made me The supreme wisdom, and the primal love Before me nothing was created If not eternal, and eternal I endure Abandon every hope, you who enter

Cry of Mariamne


Prophecy of Gehenna

On the first day of Gehenna
The shrieking winds shall be silent
And when a black sun hangs from a somber sky
Caine's sleeping children shall once again arise

When antediluvians awake from eons of slumber The strongest of us shall fall prey to their hunger Countless storms shall quake the earth As the world turns icy cold

On the second day of Gehenna Our father shall return And unite his wretched kindred To the ebon throne of city Enoch

The vile culprits of diablerie Shall meet their deserved fate To drink the scarlet tainted from the first-born Eating away their breathless bodies

And there shall be battle The next millennium antediluvians rule But shall be borne a woman bearing lunar mark The only key to our salvattion...

Song of Kaiaphas

I slept in the fires of Hades
But did not burn
I breathed in sulphorous vapors
To reach the astral plane

I tamed the three-headed Cerberus Then devoured his flesh I stared deep at the face of the Gorgon And made her turn to stone

I made love to Prosperine To taste its bitter venom I shot an arrow into the eye of the Cyclops The earth shook as he fell

I called the mighty Kraken And watched him rise to do my bidding I soared on the wings of the great dragon To feel the infernal wind

I hunted the enchanted unicorn To obtain its horn of power I entered the labyrinth of Daedalus And slayed the ferocious Minotaur

I came as the great star To ignite the blaze of the Phoenix I'll come to you in the shape of Incubus And plant my deadly seed



The Pagan One

Eurus, we call upon the east wind
Notus, we call upon the south wind
Zephyrus, we call upon the west wind
Boreas, we call the north wind
Spirit mother hear thy pagan son

On winter solstice night Waxing mon reveals a new dawn (The) dark king transforms to infant light The cycle of ancient times has begun IO'EVOHE we are reborn

Candlemass brings the (growing) child sun The triple goddess comes shining down As witches sing with inspiration Spiral dancing round and round

The spring equinox rises high (The) dark maiden returns to us The woods abound with faery goblins Pan performs his songs of lust

Rejoice in the beltane sabbat When lilac performes this magickal night Naked we leap the sacred fire And feast upon fruits and violet wine

On the day of summer solstice The sun king will embrace the litha queen And perish in the wake of Lughnasad So may a splendid harvest be reaped

On Mabon we follow the lord of shadows The empty season is upon us Lady autumn blows leaves of sadness Chanting as our offerings turn to dust

Ancestor wraiths ride on Samhain night To proclaim the mystery of passing Wearing a death cloak smiles the waning king Let us see what the future will bring

Death is rebirth The end brings new beginning Ever turning The wheel of the Pagan cycle

Anadia... Klephera... Nuit... Mercury... Hestia... Horus... Brigit... Vulcan... Aphrodite... Ea... Isis... Akasha... IO EVOHE!

Homage to Pan

Goat horned god
Wandering free in the woodlands and mystical forests
To thee I owe my manhood
For thine sexuality is untamed ans pure
Satyr-king for centuries worshipped
A legacy born in the bosom of man
Lust beyond love, love beyond lust
Ruler of nymphs I praise thee

The wilderness is yours O great son of Herme and lovely Dryope When arcadians gather and sing The sweet sound of your pipe Will resound through the night Beyond wide valleys and streams

Thou make all wood-nymphs run with fright With thine phallus awe-inspiring Like Dionysus and Cernunnos The muses sing in thine glory

I am one of thousand in thy flock Be my shepherd, guide my cock Oh universal Pan Reveal thyself to me, make me mad

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