[NdTB : "Toxic Mag HS" means it's a special issue, only available at HTML format]

Oh yeah! You read well: I am back within the Toxic-TeAm. However, I must you a small explanation to clarify things well by the way of my departure, then of my return. It is called besides in the televisual jargon the " Syndrome of Patrick Sébastien " ;-)

I had decided to drop by the way the mag' following a difference of point of view with some members of the team about articles that I had recovered on Internet and had given for the mag' without translating them in the language of Molière. Therefore, what was in reason, it was the English language, and the fact that they are not written by me.

For the English language, I think that this is not a major problem for readers - and in the worse of cases, articles in English are minor or come to only complete some articles in French, as it was the case for " Lord of the Flies " and " Zone 51 : Roswell " for example. It gives a small international touch to the mag', quartered to the franco-French world. Besides, even though I wanted it, I could not translate texts in French for lack of time.

With regard to the fact that they are not written by me, I am anxious to say that I prefer to give a text as rather than to plagiarize it. Besides, I always specify at the end of these articles that they are not I out of respect for her no one that wrote them. Most these articles have, in my opinion, very interesting, it is for it that I am anxious to give them in the normal " Toxic " and not to make a HS, whose public is very more restricted of it - of as much more that them Toxic HS only exist in HTML version. My free time being counted, I am not anxious yourself to " to reinvent the wheel ", says otherwise me yours not to make an article in French from an excellent text in English. But good, henceforth, to avoid all polemic, I will make some of the HS. And I will only provide them original - that is to say written recopied either by me - for them normal " Toxic ". It is said!

Finally, to come back in the act that the ripped " articles " were " too " numerous, I am anxious to say that I am one of them rare to write some original texts (Scenarii ADD & Cthulhu, news as " Virus ".), and particularly thick in addition. Therefore, this kind of arguments was not too valid I find. But good, let's stop here her polemic! I will only make some original texts for the Toxic, and I will possibly make myself my HS like a big.

In fact, I intended to stop writing in the mag' for lack of time well (and a few also for lack of incentive, is said while passing, because the involvement of readers is well weak, whereas I am sure that we are read by quite a lot of people, would not be that that through the intermediary of the Web site that concocted us the friend The BeaST and of the CD of magazines), but at the end of one week of stop, I was already in lack of writing. ;-) And I restarted to write some articles. Finally, I told myself that it was too much silly to now stop, whereas I had a little free times again to dedicate to the writing, therefore I continue! For the better and for the worse ;-) Until the day where I won't have the time anymore (nor the desire) to write: let's hope that it will be the latest possible! ;-)

Texts that you will find from the Toxic Mag 18 are therefore the new texts of which I speak you here (I had given texts indeed sufficiently to The BeaST to hold until the number 17): you will recover of it for example one " Pieces Mind " of of families (he/it is at least as thick as the one of the Toxic 14 :-) and some articles that would have to, I hope for him, to please you. Hold, to this subject, on time where I write this text, I don't know results of the poll concerning articles that please you in the Toxic 15: I hope that you participated in mass! ;-) [NdTB: humph, humph...]

Good, on this I am going to let pursue you the reading of the Toxic and I give you appointment in my articles!

(I'm Back from the dead !(*))

(*): just a blink to ST-Survivor, big fan of Death Metal (and therefore I suppose Obituary?)

P.S: the title of my article is a thick blink to Iron Maiden. All fans (of which FroST I suppose: hello to you big chief ;-) will have noticed it, I hope.


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