By QueST and The Beast

ACC #2 (44 pages, miraculous release, 25 FF)

The monthly so-called magazine of the Prométhée association has difficulty joining the two tips, one would say. This number dates of June and still not of news of the number 3 (I hit this article in October). The stake in page is not very pretty, but there was a problem with the old maquettiste. Articles are not very numerous but they are varied. News are cool, of the less for the month of June. Articles on the programming are numerous, but reserved to a public restricts (the GEM in GFA, timers, the programming of them Milan and Hadès). This month two software are tested: PHPLAYER, a reader of MIDI musics, and HD DRIVER, the famous pilot of peripheral. I am not going to spread on the content, but I was sidéré while reading the rectificatif of Patrick Ramskindt: slanders, accusations, anonymous telephonic calls... her total. Interesting thing to note, since the disappearance of ST Mag, ACC is the only magazine to affirm that the Hadès 60 is rhythmic to 120 MHzes. I believed that the problem was yet definitely controlled. To finish, I mention Guillaume Tello in the editorial: " Her new team has interest to good to be held: ACC must to leave regularly. His/her/its role of information, of tie between us all cannot endure a second so long period anymore without appearing ". I agree well. Then while waiting for the third number, don't hesitate to procure you ANews or Testosterone.

Address : Association Prométhée
1 bis, rue du Stade
30820 Caveirac

ANEWS #1 (64 pages, monthly, 39 FF with a CD)

ANews is a new magazine dedicated to him alternative so-called data processing. Called AmigaNews formerly, the magazine had stopped appearing in fall 1998. Since, water flowed under bridges and ANewses, for Alternative News, wants himself a magazine dedicated to him alternative data processing, being given that Login (formerly Dream), is turned essentially toward Linux. To come with this change, ANews decided to not only speak of the Amiga but also of the Atari (one would have suspected some, except that would come to make a mag for Amiga in this article) and of BeOS. Although the majority of articles is turned toward the Amiga, the part dedicated to the Atari is very well stocked than the one proposed by Login/Dream.

Articles of the part Atari are written by people whom one knows well: Exyl/Sector One takes care of a set on the programming in assembler who announces himself promising, Zed of Sector One initiates us to MiNT, while Fabounio spreads on a domain that he knows well, the MIDI music. The all being supervised by Speedy, old co-promoter of the Gigafuns and the JEMS, that has him as written some very interesting articles.

The stake in page is temperate but efficient. Pages are not all in color, certainly for the economic reasons, but it is about a discriminating choice because some articles don't need illustrations in color. The well stocked CD contains 200 MB of software pretty much for Atari, most recent dating of this summer. For the new readers of the Toxic, this CD proposes the most recent numbers in HTML version. You will find as him integral of Stimulus, what is a very substantial point. The content of the CD will recall good memories to the old readers of STraTOS. We are in presence of a magazine that demand only to bloom and to improve of number in number. Although the part Amiga is somewhat dark for those that are unaware of this platform (BVision, MCC... kesako?), she/it is not certainly a handicap for a readers atarist. To procure you most urgently!!!

UNDERCOVER #16 (diskmag for Atari STF/STE/Falcon/emulators)

Although Moondog left while letting his place to our friend ST Survivor, the content of the magazine remains pretty much identical. Turned essentially toward the scene Atari, Undercover will especially rejoice fans of demos. The interfacing is in bass resolution, with a special melting to remain in 80 columns. What permits to include some very colorful graphics. The mag is provided with the musics Sid Sound of very good invoice. The big majority of articles being written in English, this diskmag addresses himself therefore to the aware atarists. Don't you again have him??? :)

To note the apparition of Magascene AfterCover: 505 and Defjams of Checkpoint can have sent their articles in time, they decided to conceive and to program themselves this small addendum. To the menu: of the varied articles, of which quite a lot of tests.

Address : Sébastien Larnac
24, rue de la Liberté
90400 Moval

TESTOSTERONE #4 (32 pages, quarterly, 25 FF)

Testosterone is a nice fanzine to the format A4 that is about ALL the actuality Atari: computers, consoles, boundary-marks of arcade... The stake in page is exemplary, nothing to see with the second number of ACC Mag. Testosterone greatly improved with time, articles are numerous but short, news are indeed cool and the objective enough shareware tests. Place to the practice with lessons on the handling of two very good present software: Digital Lab and Mountain. To note the presence of an article on the Milan 060, named as Milan 500, as well as an article that sums up the histories of demos, of the ST to the Falcon. Sign of good zing: advertisers passed of some for the first numbers to 10 for this one. A very good number, while waiting for the neighbor who already has some weeks of delay.

Address : Pascal Cornot
9, rue des Ribottées
21000 Dijon

STIMULUS #8 (HTML magazine, quarterly)

Times are hard. All as for the Toxic, Stimulus doesn't find any more collaborators. The eighth opus of this HTML mag is therefore a little skinny, in spite of articles of quality (132 KB of articles and 670 KB of bonus). Among bonuses delivered in gift with the mag, let's mention: a reader of CD audio, CAB 2.7, Whip!, ST Zip, etc.

The stake in page is pleasant and more lucid that the one of the Toxic in HTML version. Articles are varied enough, but not very numerous: one finds an article pell-mell on soundtracks, an article on the GFA dedicated to the " drag'n'drop ", an article on the gone codings, another complete enough article interests itself to the gravage of CD on Atari, etc. I could spread for hours on the content of articles, but is worth better to procure you the mag by yourselves, of as much more that it is free.

Address : Grégory Fodor
10, allée des Noisetiers
76300 Sotteville les Rouen


For this 3rd opus, Grimoire made new skin. Indeed, finished interfacings under Win95 with access to Word for reading: now, it is the HTML, of the truth! (of the less for the E-Zine version of the mag', since to the origin it is a fanzine)

The interfacing is therefore convenient, ties are clear, one goes for a walk without problem through the 35 articles that compose Grimoire third of the name. Hold, let's speak in exactly of articles: they are more numerous than for the previous and visibly longer number as.

One recovers some computer articles there always (but dedicated to the PC world) and of articles concerning the fantastic: news, tests of books (SF, anticipation, horror), a thick category on Stephen King (centered on adaptations of his/her/its novels and news on kid and big screen).

One notes the apparition of a category " humor " to two francs, but distinctly lower to the one of the Toxic nevertheless (one has a reputation to hold ;-). Of general way, Grimoire takes to a few more to the humor to the thread of texts (to start with the editorial): it is therefore a good dawns in relation to the previous number that was relatively serious.

To finish, Grimoire looks for collaborators (as us for the Toxic! ;-), a more important feedback (as us for the Toxic! ;-) and makes a poll (as us in the Toxic 15 ;-). As what, the big minds meet! :-)

Therefore, to summarize, the number 3 is very superior to the number 2, as good for the quantity that the quality of articles. It is necessary to encourage authors of this promising E-Zine therefore: you will have understood him, it is my " pet " ;-) He/it seems that the number 3 either relatively late; but good all mag's gratoses know this kind of problem bound to the incentive of their scribes, therefore there is not of what to moan no more ;-) It is life.

The article on the " hierarchy of hells " (with names and ranks) is to absolutely read. It should interest quite a lot of surely between you, I think.

You can recover the mag' in a CD of Joystick (I don't remember the number anymore, on the other hand), or to the following address against a disk and stamps: classic, what! ;-)

Address : François Lamêche
30, rue Charrue
84000 Avignon
Tel: 04 90 86 20 41

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