How to participate to the next Toxic Mag ?

By The Beast

I leave in crusade, as my friend ST Survivor, to make participate the new readers (and the elders): you have something surely to say, don't hesitate to send us your articles then, even though they don't speak of the Atari or data processing. Some readers already rushed (example: Lord Morgul), then why not YOU???

An article? Yes, but about what?

Do you want to tap a tiny text? The topic is FREE, but avoid all shape of racism or incitement of course to the racial hate under pain to be censored. By the way we cut censorship nothing at all in your articles, you are RESPONSIBLE of what you write, as of them big. And of course, we prefer the original creations...

How an article to write, what are rules?

If you want that the we release each issue of Toxic Mag MORE OFTEN, you will be nice to respect these orders. People who take care of the Toxic Mag are the VOLUNTARY, we are not absolutely paid to put back in page and to correct your texts. Most between are us of the very occupied students in their studies. To respect these rules is going to facilitate us the task and especially to permit us to take out the Toxic Mag to a faster cadence.

  1. The format of the text must be in ASCII Atari. It means that you can use the accentuated characters (and it is even greatly counseled). For those that himself knows there, stay up to not to use characters whose ASCII code is lower to 32. Avoid THE TABULATIONS, therefore.

  2. If you know yourselves there in HTML language, you can send a HTML version of your articles, it will be us very useful for the HTML version of the Toxic. But for mercy's sake, one wants texts to the ASCII format for the version Atari of the mag!!

  3. Articles must be formatted in 66 characters by line. If there are less of them, too bad, that will make crappy. If there is some more, too bad also: the text will be converted quickly in 66 characters. For worries of legibility, he/it is counseled to start every paragraph to the 5èmth character and to justify your text (leaves to add spaces between words).

  4. Tops attention to spelling! In general, most our collaborators don't make any mistakes practically, fortunately for us! Them grammatical proofreaders exist on Atari (or same on PC), don't hesitate to serve of it to you. A well spelled article is very more pleasing to read that a crap written like a pork! 8-)

  5. Of course, English-speaking participants can send us English texts.

  6. Last but not least, it is VERY IMPORTANT: you will be kind to limit the size of your articles to 60 KB, understood pictures. If you want to write a thick article, cut it several parts of it. The maximal size for a picture is 528x180 (that makes all the same about 26 KB, hold therefore counts some), what corresponds to a page as can display him the interfacing of the Toxic (it is necessary to take in account borders of the interfacing). The too thick pictures will be resized or cut. Of course, these pictures will leave in 4 colors, as don't send us whatever because some becomes crappy in this resolution. To make logos, it is perfected. That would be friendly to provide your pictures to the format PC2 or PI2 (otherwise one will convert them). If you have the possibility to provide us the same pictures to the GIF format or JPEG, don't hesitate, us inclueronses in the HTML version of the Toxic, but avoid us in refourguer 500 KB by article!

Voilà, it is a little coercive, but from now it is your TURN to occupy you of your articles. That will permit us to take out several Toxic per year, without that that encroaches too much on our free time.

There is not that articles that interest us !

You can also send us your productions (games, utils, demos, etc) that will be tested and distributed (in the limit of the available room on the disk) thanks to the mag. You can as to code us a joulie intro, so possible for all types of Atari, or to draw us of logos. For intros, signal it in advance us, history not to have 36 intros on arms for only one number (that would astonish me, but good...).

We hope to receive your involvements very soon!!

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