By The Beast

Organized by the team of orange Juice and the crews Bomb, Nomad, Pulse and rIBBON, the LTP 3 took place to Crosne (in the Essonne), to the south of Paris, the last weekend of August. This CP was a little particular since it was oriented oldschool and that it didn't have any sponsors. Rooms have been limited voluntarily to 300, to avoid to have to manage a thick CP of the style 'Volcanic' (some see what I mean by saying this).

Having had the favorable echoes of the two previous editions, I decided to make a tour there in company of the Popsy Team, that one doesn't present anymore because one sees them everywhere. On IRC, Boub announces me that his/her/its group organizes a round-trip in minibus. I decide to jump on the opportunity. I arrive the vigil at Boub, and we look at a video of the JEMS 98 (I confess have died to laugh in viewing the sequence where Senser and a boy of Melon Design make hardly wake up itself/themselves one hour after having gone to bed!). After a short night, we are ready to leave. We are 9 and the minibus includes 9 rooms, but as there were quite a lot of hardwares, therefore we were somewhat tight (sorry boys, I know, my Falcon is very cumbersome). No matter, we left early in the morning, let's move to Paris!

Chuck, Ninja and Kanewood Dma Sc and Senser
On the left : Chuck/Dune, Ninja/Scoopex and Kanewood/Arkham
On the right : Dma Sc/Sector One and Senser/Typhoon^Supremacy

Toward 11h30, we arrive on places. The CP was not even open, of the stroke there was a monstrous tail before the entrance! One hour and later, of barrows we are in the room. I am a small room in front of Senser and Dma Sc (you know, the boy from Le Mée sur Seine :). I got in tip of table because I had brought a PC and a Falcon, but only one monitor. And represent yourselves that towers had to be to even soil and no on the table, to free room. The ambiance was to the appointment and, in the afternoon, Chuck and Mics of Dune arrive and get settled next to me. Chuck told me that he spent the last four days beginning a demo for competition oldschool. I didn't present anything, but I was advancing my screen for the Japemo of Hylst. As this was not hurried, I spun a stroke of hand to Chuck for his/her/its demo. Ah, I forgot to specify you a thing: in the night of Friday to Saturday, there was a cut of current. Alas, she/it took just place just as Chuck protected his/her/its source on a disk, his/her/its last back-up dating of some days! He/it was like a nutcase!!! It's a good thing I had brought my Falcon and that I always have them utility under the hand. With Zorg, I tried of recovered the deficient file, but he/it can only save by slices of 512 octets. To the small happiness luck, we launched Diskus (that I didn't know at all) and I saw an option protecting tracks in a file: hooray! After having saved 720 KB of data in a file, the purification began. One hour later, the source of the demo has can be saved. Ouf, what relief!!! 8-)

Chuck/Dune is coding like a mad

Alas, Chuck and Mic should have brought in Saturday evening. As for me, I hit myself in a row a second sleepness night because I discovered a thing that was me unknown: the internal network! In all present CPS, them PC is joined between them via their card network. While not arranging, Kanewood/Arkham proposed me gently to use his/her/its PC. Thanks to Dma Sc, I joined the Falcon to the PC by a parallel cable a little special and, with Parallel Copy, I could have recovered on the network what I wanted, to the speed of 75 Ko/s all the same. And when I filled hard drives of the Falcon, I plugged the parallel cable on my PC (that didn't have a card network - since, I bought myself an of it). Now I understand why boys on PC come in the CPS with their productions all make, like that they are calm to download what they want! 8-)

A small word by the way of demos oldschools. This competition regrouped them as well Amiga 500 that the STF/STES. Alas, the video-spotlight didn't have RGB entrance or Péritel, and it was necessary to shoot the demos ST to the video camera ! Contrary to the JEMS 98, promoters of the LTP 3 were antagonized very. Dr Yes cursed because the video-spotlight that they rented costed 300.000 FF, while the one of the last year, less dear, accepted the fashions video of the ST! Competition oldschool united the demos Amiga and ST on one hand, there was 4 demos ST, of him other 3 demos Amiga. Hey well the first demo is the one of Scoopex on Amiga (you cannot fight against Scoopex; -), then the demo of Dune arrived 2èmth, follow-up of very near by another demo Amiga. A pity for them others, yet the GFA demo of Cyg was a very good level. There was also a DCK megademo, but with Senser one looked at himself and one said himself that the guy had taken the well stocked examples with the DCK!!! And finally there was a small intro of Oxythan where sprites changed according to the volume of the soundchip on the 3 ways. To part the demo in DCK, the presented productions were a good level.

The last day, promoters, that are besides very friendly, was to the wadding to give results. A few more of one hour of waiting! I benefitted some to give a phone call to Telsud and Thyrex: -). Finally, the discount of prices took place. And as to nearly all CPS, it is Made/Bomb that took back the contest of graphics and Rez/Tpolm^Eclipse that took back the contest of music. In spite of these two heavy weights, the presented productions were very numerous.

Very few present atarists, alas, but that is the ambiance that counts, no? There was:

Participants came from afar, there is even a that came from Canada of it... Others came from Russia or Spain. The negative point was nevertheless cuts of current, but greet nevertheless the electrician who bent in four to satisfy desires of promoters.

And I forgot most important: NO GAMERZ! Hey yes, the CP was forbidden gamerzes, it is maybe for it that the presented productions were as numerous, in all domains. In short, for me, it is about THE best CP since the Volcanic Party 3. With Dma Sc one got okay: strongly the next year!!!

The Web site of the LTP:

Les Résultats Officiels

PC DEMOS (12 prods)

1. Nightfall (Windows D3D - Orion) 233 pts
2. Synaps (Windows - Cocoon) 138 pts
3. Nothing New (Windows - Popsy Team) 108 pts
4. Little simple demo (Windows - Knights) 90 pts
5. Sexual agression (Windows - T-rex) 82 pts
6. Eat my short (Windows - Condense) 26 pts
7. LTP Invasion (Windows - Kiki productions) 22 pts
8. Celtic Particles (Linux - not seen - Particle System) 19 pts
9. TicTac (Windows - Skytech) 17 pts
10. Day one (Windows - Polygon) 14 pts
11. Serious? (Linux - SED) 7 pts
12. ??? (Linux - Not seen - ???) 2 pts


1. Eclipse (A500 - Ninja / Scoopex) 258 pts
2. Memorial (ST - Dune) 131 pts
3. Oldies but Goodies (A500 - Melting Pot) 129 pts
4. Oldiez (ST - Blabla) 127 pts
5. The Lost Screen (ST - Oxythan) 73 pts
6. Oldies but Goodies (ST - Melting Pot) 47 pts

64K INTROS (4 prods)

1. Discloned / Haujobb 415 pts
2. 1992 / Eclipse 180 pts
3. Hiatus / Calodox 164 pts
4. Technology 2 / TPOLM 157 pts

4K INTROS (6 prods)

1. What's art ? (Arthur & Sylex) 192 pts
2. Chemical rainbow (Elseware) 174 pts
3. Matrix Textro (Popsy Team) 115 pts
4. Titou4k (Linux - Titou) 115 pts
5. 4k Boudin (Injection) 89 pts
6. Frapading (Linux - Sed) 49 pts

2D GRAPHICS (37 prods)

1. Leo's world (Made) 245 pts
2. Adam & Eve (Alias) 130 pts
3. Omen666 (Tenshu) 108 pts
4. Angevil (Xman) 90 pts
5. Rêve (Underking) 73 pts
6. Rêves inachevés (Sicca) 72 pts
7. Ten2 (Nytrik) 69 pts
8. Bloodbath (Acryl) 50 pts
9. Girlie (Eks) 32 pts
10. Rez à la plage (Sacrilege) 28 pts
11. Acrylic Devotion (Hardfire) 24 pts
12. Sale gosse (Alexkidd) 20 pts
13. Lillarum (Exocet) 18 pts
14. Ltp3 (Taw) 18 pts
15. Dragn (Snakegrunger) 15 pts
16. Ltp3 (Chojin) 15 pts
17. Bjork (Isobel) 12 pts
18. Full straight jacket (Moxica) 12 pts
19. Ds_pingo2 (Mved) 12 pts
20. Evil guyz (RR) 12 pts
21. La croisière s'amuse (Moxica) 11 pts
22. Super guerrier 10 pts
23. Nuclear summer (Zone) 9 pts
24. Pinguinpabo (Odea) 7 pts
25. Tgoe (Virago) 7 pts
26. Tyler (Axee) 6 pts
27. Destructurate (K-simir) 6 pts
28. Lost in wonderland (Uma) 6 pts
29. Butthead1 (Madman) 6 pts
30. Bugs (Torone) 5 pts
31. Pregnancy (MrT & Sacrilege) 5 pts
32. Boyd girl (Boyd) 5 pts
33. Why Dlyr (Dlyr) 4 pts
34. Mitsukake (Angi) 4 pts
35. Birdie (Loonie) 3 pts
36. Möwe (Cp) 3 pts
37. Leuteupeuh (Miko) 2 pts

3D GRAPHICS (13 prods)

1. Cave (Alias) 271 pts
2. Aaaaarrrrgghhh (The Fakir) 157 pts
3. The Future Is In The Ball (Been) 127 pts
4. Crusader (Kanewood) 111 pts
5. Wispring (Xman) 99 pts
6. Xunk (Krafton) 94 pts
7. Marsu (Malon) 43 pts
8. Hyperion42 (Muedhiver) 42 pts
9. Welcome to my reality (Ehron) 30 pts
10. Space Frontier (Garfield) 23 pts
11. Evasion (Nelios) 22 pts
12. Aurorehp2 (Lenudist) 15 pts
13. Myth (Programmed) 11 pts

OLDSCHOOL GFX (15 prods)

1. Leo's friend (Made) 246 pts
2. Eyeskool (Xman) 159 pts
3. Deux chats... (Danube) 74 pts
4. Foggy (Mic) 69 pts
5. Woody (Fred) 64 pts
6. Yeti loves 4bits gfx (Moxica) 53 pts
7. Icu (Acryl) 51 pts
8. Aigle (Zone) 49 pts
9. Serv (Alias) 47 pts
10. Herve (Snake Grunger) 39 pts
11. Ltp3 (Isobel) 22 pts
12. Stop (Sacrilege) 18 pts
13. Ltp15 (Dlyr) 17 pts
14. Lum (Angi) 10 pts
15. Oops (Exocet) 9 pts

CHIPTUNES (11 prods)

1. Little Swedish Girl (Rez / TPOLM) 309 pts
2. Miss Kebab (Traven / Syndrome) 180 pts
3. Sunstreak (Radix / TPOLM) 165 pts
4. Chip Or Not (Kenet / Ribbon) 117 pts
5. 4B33 (Brothom States / Orange) 58 pts
6. Passage (Kalachnikov / MDR) 49 pts
7. Holliday Getaway (Loonie / Digisonix) 41 pts
8. Biscuit Break (Hardfire / Spaceballs) 39 pts
9. Ragout De Patates (Silver / ITS) 39 pts
10. Feel dis Chipsong (Xenon / DGRT) 30 pts
11. Runaway Kid (Jiku / TPOLM) 22 pts


1. A face in the crowd (Will Be / Theralite) 192 pts
2. Groovin moomin (Radix / TPOLM) 164 pts
3. Pure old way (Red Ribbon) 151 pts
4. Grenadine Whirlpool (Hardfire / Spaceballs) 96 pts
5. High position (Tawny / Kikiprods) 83 pts
6. Schtroumpf (Benji / Just for fun) 74 pts
7. Funkeep (Kalachnikov / MDR) 68 pts


1. After birth (Rez / TPOLM) 104 pts
2. Batman love my god (Med/Trashcan) 83 pts
3. Dwalji (Benji/Jff) 80 pts
4. I realize (Radix / TPOLM) 73 pts
5. Truites powah' (Red ribbon) 69 pts
6. Wireless flows (Harfire Spaceballs) 66 pts
7. No sense (Kenet) 57 pts
8. Paramètre 333 (Xenon / DGRT) 52 pts
9. Exodia (Silver / Intense) 48 pts
10. From dust to dust (Frodon) 37 pts
11. Out of mind (Mr T / Move) 36 pts
12. O reason (Kalachnikov / MDR) 35 pts
13. It's raining on venus (Torone) 31 pts
14. Orbus Harmonica (Bedrael) 30 pts
15. Battery love (Loonie) 20 pts

MP3 MUSICS (16 prods)

1. Blood on my hands (Zodiak / Cascada) 114 pts
2. Move on' (Will be / Theralite) 102 pts
3. Yuki satelites (Radix / TPOLM) 63 pts
4. Contact (Torone) 54 pts
5. Paris 1999 (Kenet) 51 pts
6. Deep world (Kalachnikov/MDR) 49 pts
7. Dark legion (Koronis / Shoon) 42 pts
8. The fall (Mellow-d) 40 pts
9. Mystic (Skiller) 37 pts
10. Psycho (doomy) 34 pts
11. Bass tunes (Programmed) 32 pts
12. After a lot of tries (The rew / Nostalgia) 30 pts
13. Saturation (Loonie / Digisonix) 28 pts
14. Qui dirige le manège local ? (Sergeant slayer) 22 pts
15. Planete Lune (Alkama) 11 pts
16. Bajanbor (Uma) 7 pts

WEBSITES (3 prods)

1. Falken Zone (Falken / CocoOn ^ Nomad) 191 pts
2. Sicca Area (Sicca / CYmagine) 164 pts
3. CYmagine -official site (Bobjpg / CYmagine) 138 pts

WILDS (7 prods)

1. Lego Troopers (Mentasm) 435 pts
2. Scream (Moxica) 244 pts
3. The Dark Vision (KP Picture) 153 pts
4. 512 Cookies (Melting Pot) 68 pts
5. Bouffon With Live Action (Byro & ?) 39 pts
6. Free Da Duck (Aegis & X-Men) 27 pts
7. Teddy's Fears () 21 pts

GAMES (4 prods)

1. Stupid-kats (Dim4) 296 pts
2. Tiny-Oid (RV / Beyond) 229 pts
3. GTron (Goupil Brother, Benji & Exocet / JFF) 149 pts
4. Pingyk (Loyik) 142 pts

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