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Software translated for your Atari

Transaction is the work of Joe Connor (, Peter West (, Mark Wherry (, Colin Watson (, Didier Briel (, Sylvain Perchaud (, and Mick Lock ( /). It is about a regrouping of atarists whose function is to translate of them software of a language toward an another one. The three main languages are: him English, him German and the French. Among novelties, Agnus (an environment of C/C++ development) and Schon me v2.2 (an economizer of screen 100% GEM) are henceforth available in French.

On the site, he/it is possible to have the list of them translated software. This list can be sorted out by name and by author. Them software are too numerous to be listed here, but note the widely-known program presence and appreciated as AppLine 2.1st, CAB 1.5, CD Player 1.4a, Equal 4.0i, Everest 3.6b5, Freedom 2.05, Idealist 3.9th, Led Panel 3.1, Look'n'See 95, PacShell 3.01st, Start Me Up! 7.xth, ST-guide 1.5th, Thing 1.27th or again of Two-in-One 1.51st.

A very good site, therefore, for all those that don't support to see of him English or, worse, of him German on their screen.

Of the prehistory to the modern time

One finds all indeed on Internet. The last fashionable site titles " himself Small Illustrated History of video games and the Microcomputing ", nothing that that. His/her/its author interests himself/itself therefore to the history of him data processing since 1972. The site contains different parts: the chronology, of 1972 to our days, the list of machines that marked history, of archives (of which a few MP3), a test of knowledge, games that marked these last 25 years and, in short, a museum that shows a part of the author's personal collection.

The part the more interesting, and most complete, is the chronology. You notice of it that the all first video game has not been invented by Nolan Bushnell, and that this last made only merchandise the all first game of arcade: Pong. Then, pages of the site tell us chronologically, the big epic of him data processing and of video games: the first consoles of game (the Odyssey and the VCS 2600), the first microphones (of which the Altaïr), the birth of microsoft (hey yes, already) and of Apple, follow-up by the one of Tandon and Commodore, the Japanese business arrival, the birth of the Intellivision of Mattel, them all first ZX81, the famous C-64, the invasion of the market by a multitude of machines 8 bits, the first Macintosh, the NE consoles and Master System, the famous computers of Amstrad, the roller-compressor Atari ST, follow-up by his/her/its enemy of still, the Amiga 500, the emergence of them PC since 1989, the apparition of computers and the portable consoles, the Megadrive followed by the Terrific Nintendo, the commercial explosion of the CD-ROM and them Mac, the birth of the couple infernal intel/microsoft, as well as of windozz95, the breakthrough of Internet, the massive arrival of the 3D and, in short, the rebirth of Apple with his/her/its G3 and his/her/its iMac.

The chronology is very complete, unfortunately it only concerns the western countries. Not a word on machines Japanese 16/32 bits as the X68000 (Amiga Japanese ") or the FM-Towns. As for them other machines, they passed more or less under silence: quid of the MSX, of the NeXT stations? Worse again, no word on successors of the Atari ST and the Amiga 500, and again less on clones. A pity also of still to speak of microsoft and to forget all the remains: OS/2, Linux, Unix, etc. If the chronology is in the beginning very complete, the last 6 or 7 years leave a little in lollipop. A pity...

To part the chronology, you will find other interesting pages. You will learn good of things concerning certain computers, such the Amstrads CPC 6128/6128+, the Apple I, II and Lisa, them Atari 800XL and VCS 2600, the Commodore 64, the Sinclair ZX81, etc. Again another regret: there are not any ties toward of other sites even having the restrained, this is not yet what misses. In short, a good site for those that are not too demanding because some pages lack precisions all the same.

A friendly site on Linux, does that exist?

Discover the most powerful free operating system, but also least convivial, on this very well achieved site that explains you quite a lot of things. Outrage the classic presentation of Linux, you will find a lot of information on them different distribution and their installation, the compression of files, the KDE desktop, LILO, commands in fashion text, the programming and so forth.

These pages are perfectly conceived to be comprehensible by the accustomed beginners to the world of windows. If you search for THE site to start well, this one is made for you. Although he/it is not enormous, since the whole of pages doesn't pass the 270 KB, it proposes many ties that will be able to prove to be useful.

Hasta the vista, baby!

This site to the limit of legality will make the happiness of all possessors of PC. Astalavista is a parody of the widely-known Altavista search engine. Her alone (but enormous) difference concerns the type of sites listed: solely of sites of " serialz " and other " key generatorz "! He/it is sufficient to hit the name of the sought-after program and... but I have already spoken too much! ; -)

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