- The word of the new editor-in-chief -

Contrary to certain rumors, you can note that the Toxic Mag is beautiful and very living! The number 17 was somewhat poor in articles, but I am well happy to see that the mag takes of the hair of it beast (without stupid word game)! Since ST Survivor doesn't want to take care more of the mag, I take the service. Hold, a funny thing since one approaches the end of the year soon: to ridicule you of possessors of PC and their flipping bug of the year 2000, I invite you all to light your Atari January 1st, 2000 in order to prove that all computers won't be disrupted at the time of the fateful date, even though it is about an old orderly STF to the bottom of a cupboard!

You are all more informed: the mag failed to stop. To avoid that it reproduces, there are not 36 solutions: it is necessary to participate! If you don't have anything to tell us, distribute the most possible mag around you, you will certainly find someone that has an anecdote to either tell a software to test... Tops a tour in the general menu, you will see an article dedicated to those that would want to write us one or two articles. Besides, if you are also an accro of the Amiga, the CPC or all other machine to the exception of the PeCe, come to announce your experiences therefore on your machine! Even though the Toxic is a mag of atarists, this is not a reason not to open up to them others... Then, as says it so well Lord Morgul, " STANDING DEATHS "!.

I made efforts to correct mistakes of spelling and typing errors as well as to put back in page articles. I hope, or rather we hope that this number will please you as much as they others. To remain in the same state of mind that them all first numbers are not obvious, but for me the Toxic is as well there to inform you that to entertain you. I would want to benefit some to thank boys of Sector One who participate in the mag indeed, because it is the alone to provide me articles correctly formatted in 66 characters by line! And now, him only remained me to wish you, to the name of all her Toxic TeaM, an excellent reading of this 18th number!

Some information in a jumble...

And they participated in this issue:

I hope not to have forgotten anybody. Thank you to CosmosH, FroST, Splash and Zed of Sector One to have answered as gently to interviews. Thank you also to all those that sustain us, that it is on Internet, on minitel or by mail. Even though the rate of involvement is not unusually high, that makes the good to know that we are read and appreciated. Go, I stop happening of the ointment and I let the word to QueST that celebrates his/her/its big return among us!

Some words from QueST :

Seen that only five people participated in proceedings in them Toxic 15/16 (I thank to the passage these people: White Ninja, DMA Sc, ST Survivor, Magister98 & The BeaST), I hesitate to relapse... One goes nevertheless to try once besides - a way of quit or double, what!

If there is as much (or less) of involvement that for the Toxic 15, proceedings will halt definitely: they are not there so that alone the editorial staff participates, on the contrary they permit you to express you on the various topics. It is, in my opinion, an interesting alternative for those that want to participate in the mag' without to write some complete articles.

From then on, this time, there will be more proceedings (while hoping that it will motivate readers and will increase the involvement to the mag').

Then, if you want that proceedings continue in the mag', participate massively! You have something surely to say for each of them...


[NdTB: debates will be included in the Toxic Mag 20, you have the time enough for participating.]

  1. "Hervé Villard or Dave" ?
    1. who is the worse of the two?
    2. C. Jérome is he a potential outsider?
    3. Pascal Sevran can he raise the challenge?

  2. " For or against the right of word to the National Front "?
    1. is it a democratic party?
    2. is necessary him to forbid him in the constitution?
    3. is necessary him to consider it like an alternative to the opposition between right / left or been one like a party born during the crisis and who will disappear with it?

  3. " For or antiabortion of transexual octopuses of the ocean Indian "? (Debate proposed by Popol; -)
    1. is it necessary to make the same mistake that tadpoles of the central Amazonia?
    2. is this the solution to the overcrowding of octopuses?
    3. are there of other solutions more ecological and less mean?

  4. " For or against the clonage "?
    1. must one to legalize the clonage?
    2. does the clonage represent it a potential danger for the population?
    3. don't risk us to go circa a standardized society?
    4. doesn't the clonage open it of the new ways for the science and therefore of new hopes for the patients?

  5. " The data processing of yesterday, of today and of tomorrow "
    1. the data processing of yesterday was she/it better that the one of today?
    2. the democratization of data processing is she/it a good or a bad thing?
    3. if there had not been Microsoft (and Intel in a least measure), the data processing would have it the same face nowadays?
    4. Internet is he/it the future of the data processing? Will he/it permit to redistribute cards "?
    5. how see yourselves the future of data processing? (ND Quest: Set free you! even the oddest ideas have their room here! : -)

  6. " Internet & the society ":
    1. Internet is he/it an advanced important for us?
    2. Internet is he/it really a means to guarantee the liberty of word and information?
    3. Doesn't Internet risk him to be ominous long-term, while giving back people more distant, less sociable since remaining before their screen to converse?

On this last debate, The BeaST (Doctor of sociology ;-) should illuminate us I think.

If you as you want to propose us of proceedings ideas (serious or raving): don't hesitate! More one is madmen, more one laughs!

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