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We cannot say that we are flooded at the moment by the actuality of public domain softwares, it would be even a little too quiet... This explains the small size of this article.


I think that he/it is useless to present this very famous multimedia reader, probably the better on Atari to this day. He/it only turns from the Falcon and the TT since he/it uses the 68030 and the DSP if he/it is present. Fortunately, he/it also functions on Hades and Milan. Aniplayer can read the QuickTimes videos (MOV/QT), Autodesk Animator (FLx), MPEG (MPG) and those of windozz (AVI). He/it is as possible to listen to the AVRS sounds, WAV, AIF and same Real Audio (but only in 14.4K and 28.8K). Finally, he/it can read the JPEG pictures.

Novelty recently of time: the possibility to protect his/her/its animations in AVI (to the RLE format 256 colors) or in MOV (RLE 8 or 16 bits), what makes us think about his/her/its M_Player competitor. The next versions will finally reread the famous format MP3 since it is STGhost and Splash of Sector One that are going to load itself/themselves of it. Aniplayer is a shareware that deserves all our attention therefore. It is currently without dispute one of them better software on Atari!

Contact the author:

Didier Mequignon
25, rue de l'Ascenseur


Mountain is the kind of software that risks to make speak of him during a long time and that is susceptible to become one of titles beacons of the upscale Atari. It is about no more no less that of a software of installation video such as Adobe Premiere on PeeCee. For the meantime, Mountain looks more like a beta-version that led to a software, but the author works hard to propose a software of quality.

Mountain cannot be used that with a Falcon or a TT to the minimum (68030 obligatory), at least in 640x480 in True Color. You can import the FLI/FLH/FLCS animations or QuickTimes, to insert some and very sensible to save your works, except in the version of demonstration. As you can note it in the capture of screen (HTML version only, seen the size of the picture), options are numerous and he/it is possible to make full of things on tracks: zooms to gogo, distortions, series, scrolls, etc. He/it is me impossible here to enumerate you everything that Mountain knows how to make, besides I don't master enough the topic. Only one regret: Mountain doesn't manage the sound again, let's hope that this hiatus will be adjusted enough quickly. You can record yourselves for the sum of 450 FF, what is nevertheless moderate in relation to what makes himself on PC or Mac.

Rémi Vanel remains opened to remarks by the way of Mountain, don't hesitate to contact it then:

Vanel Rémi
Route de la Chambotte


It is about a soundchip player a little particular being given that he/it can only replay his/her/its own format. This format, created by BDCannibal/Aura, has for goal to unify all formats of soundchips. And I can tell you, to have programmed myself a player of soundchips, that there is some of masses and that they don't ignore the same way.

As all player of soundchips, a plantage of the machine is possible, especially on Falcon with a multitask environment. It is necessary to pay attention therefore to protect his/her/its data well before playing a SID-voice music, for example.

Other detail, the interface is superbly well drawn, a model of the kind. The worse, it is that it works as well with a TOS 1.0 than with Magic 6!

Contact authors:

programmation : Odd Skancke
interface, doc : Anders Eriksson

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