Slices of the live
Part V
Get up, deaths!

By Lord Morgul

The Lord of the Nazguls comes back, and it is not happy. Greuh! Whorehouse of shit, the Toxic failed to stop, it is what I learned three months ago.

It saddened me, but I learn that the torch stands up. Ah these deserters! Me, that am to faraway years lights the actuality of the scene, let's be straightforward, that that him in remainder, I discover squabblings, the low strokes and mockeries of bitch languages without speaking of weepy declarations worthy of Titanic or Independence Day!

But where is therefore the mind community? To the time, the Migas, Pc, one liked them well nevertheless, even though one sneered. Then if it is necessary that is born again, or more réalistements than perdure the mind Atari, that deaths stand up! All, yes all, that had an Atari, or even that have always one of it in a quit cupboard, hear the call to weapons! The final battle (you see of what I speak) has need of you all, that import that you are far an atarist, an old crust of the Pc, me lines of codes give me of the hives! And when I opened my ordises, it was to reweld them, or to close again them with laths (honestly of knees)! Then category hardware even me I will be able to participate there!

Raise yourselves, and participate: a tasty anecdote, a tip or an utility friendly but dark, this is not really nothing and what pleasure to offer him to the community. Hopeless need to be a feather, and if you like the Toxic, consider it like a Spanish inn: one eats that there that one brings there. And, my faith, I am not naive, are there harms and frictions probably in atarists, but he/it would not be time to turn the page?

There are the old warriors of the Atari, briscars of the bidouille still present in the categories hard, them others raise yourselves! Hopeless need no more to paginate in his/her/its dull garage on a STF autenthique, or to be on Purified to the top of the White Mount to believe itself/themselves atarist!

My ST(F,E) rot for a long time, and me the Atari it is PaCifiST or Tosbox under W98, well yes! I tap these some baffouilleses while listening to Winamp behind plane of Everest, from time to time, I put back a small Dungeon Master or Chaos. Yes I am again an atarist! Him alternative must not turn to snobbery, me Linux and co, I am afflicted, I don't see for me any interest, remember: one lit, one put a disk, point... I don't have a license of data processing, me, the lamer... Without shame, I play a little, and I tap under emulators. You spent a good moment to the time, you like still the mind...

Then, write, participate, and wake up you, deaths.

All to be has to owe to accomplish his/her/its as slim stain either her, as big could be his/her/its consequence.

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