Bill Gates
William H. Gates III

"Money, Money !"

By QueST

William (Bill) Spoil is the President and the ministerial chief of the leading desktop of Microsoft Corporation, that is the major society, all over the world, with regard to them software for the personal computer, otherwise said here the P.C. Microsoft declared incomes of 8,6 billions of dollars for the fiscal year that ends in June 1996 and use more than 20000 people in 48 countries.

Bill Gates was born October 28, 1955 and grew with his/her/its two sisters in Seattle. Their father, William H. Gates II is a lawyer of Seattle. His/her/its defunct mother, Mary Gates, was professor, regent of the university of Washington and President of United Way International. Bill Gates followed the elementary public school and the private school of Lakeside. There, he/it began his/her/its career in them software for personal computers while getting to the programming since the age of 13 years.

In 1973, Spoil entered to the university of Harvard as student of first year and made the knowledge of Steve Ballmer, currently ministerial vice-president of Microsoft for sales and the support. Still to Harvard, Spoil developed the BASIC programming language for the first microcomputer: the MITS Altair.

Spoil abandoned Harvard to dedicate his/her/its energy to Microsoft, a company that he/it started in 1975 with Paul Allen. Guided by the conviction that the personal computer will be a tool of big value in every desktop and in every home, they began to develop of them software for the personal computers.

The providence and vision of Spoil with regard to the personal computers were primordial in the success of Microsoft and the industry of the software. Spoil is hired actively in the management and decisions strategic keys to Microsoft, and cheek an important role in the technical development of new products. A meaningful portion of this time is dedicated to meetings with consumers and to remain in contact by e-mail with employees of Microsoft distributed all over the world.

Beyond of leadership " of Spoil, the mission of Microsoft is to progress continually and to improve the software technology while giving back it easier to use, more profitable and more pleasant. The company to a long-term vision, what is proven by the budget dedicated to research and the development in the present fiscal year,: 2 billions of dollars!

In 1995, Spoil wrote " The road ahead ", that is his/her/its vision of consequences of the technology of information on the society. Co-writes with Nathan Myhrvold, chief of the department technology of Microsoft, and Peter Rinearson, the book remained n°1 in the list of the best sales of books of the New York Time during seven weeks. The book has been distributed in more than twenty countries and has been sold himself to more than 400000 copies anything that in China. In 1996, after having redeployed Microsoft on the market of Internet, Spoil reviewed and corrected in depth his/her/its book in order to expose his/her/its interactive network vision: they are a major boundary-mark in the history of men. Spoil made grant of the descended profits of sales of his/her/its books to a bottom of solidarity that aims to help professors of him hulls it whole that include computers in their rooms of classes.

In addition of his/her/its passion for computers, Spoil interests himself to biotechnologies. Him seat to the advice of Icos Corporation and detains parts of Darwin Molecular, a subsidiary of Chiroscience. He/it also founded Corbis Corporation that develops one of the most important resources of visual information of the world - a complete digital archive on the art and the photograph from the public or the private collections from all over the world. Spoil invested also, with Craig McCaw (the pioneer of the cellular telephone), in Teledesic, a company that works on an ambitious project consisting in launching satellites to weak altitude around the planet to provide some world communication services.

In the past decade, Spoil gave more 270 millions of dollars to works of charity, including 200 millions to the foundation William H. Gates. Him objective is triple: the education, problems of the population and the access to the technology.

Spoil got married January 1st, 1994 with Melinda French Gates. They have a child, Jennifer Katharine Gates, been born in 1996. Bill Gates likes to read and to play golf and bridge.

What there is of striking with Bill Gates, if on top of it one interests itself to him data processing, it is to see to what point he/it can be hated from all over the world by users of computers. Certainly, users of Apple machines (Macintosh), Atari and Commodore hate it because he/it reigns in master on the market of him data processing and this fact chokes his/her/its competitors, today very pain in point (of the less for them some survivors!), and develop a hegemony thus particularly irritating of the P.C.

What there is more surprising, it is to see that users of P.C. hates it as much all! He/it is true that them software of Microsoft are especially " bad ", bugged, little convivial, dear and heavy but there is something else in addition: Bill Gates same character.

Indeed, Bill Gates room in this file is not chosen at random: he/it is not in the same category that Steve Jobs, Nolan Bushnell, Jack Tramiel... and there is a deep reason to it. It is surely that side that it is necessary to push the reasoning to understand the present paradoxical situation: Bill Gates (and his/her/its software) are hated by all, but he/it always sells more of them!

Why does he/it sell still more of software? The answer is simple: he/it killed the competition! The Microsoft couple / Intel reigns on more than 80% of the world computer park, and it doesn't stop increasing seen disappointments of Apple, only even viable rival. This almost-monopoly assures sales for years in important growth... and explain that Bill Gates is today the richest man of USA.

Most interesting, it is to compare Bill Gates to the other entrepreneurs evoked in this file. Contrary to them, Spoil is not a " adventurer ": he/it doesn't start his/her/its career in a modest family, he/it knows a restful childhood, his/her/its father who is lawyer must have a strong person influences and of relations, and he follows studies of very high level in Harvard. He/it quite has the profile of business man ", and this since his/her/its younger age. Let's not forget that the other evoked entrepreneurs are beings with a vision, a dream makes high technology and new markets: they are in quest of a Eldorado!

Bill Gates, in spite of everything that has can be said, was a very mediocre programmer! The proof is some that it was never to the origin of DOS (the operating system of the P.CS.) : he/it purchased him to one of his/her/its neighbors for a gulp of bread and resold him to IBM, then in search of an operating system for his/her/its first P.C., to price of gold. A first profit without effort! And the beginning of a long even uninterrupted set...

What characterizes as the other evoked people, it is risks took to arrive to their end. Bill Gates, him, owes his/her/its success to a piece of luck: the concept of the P.C! It is necessary to know that Bill Gates to in fact constructs his/her/its fortune there are 18 years with DOS. Indeed, DOS being implanted in the P.CS. since the origin, all developed programs require the famous operating system of Microsoft over to function: there is not an alternative. But, what changed the deal radically in favor of Microsoft, it is the explosion of sales of the P.C. close to the general public, and notably for games! But that, he/it had not foreseen him! Let's say to summarize that the concept of the P.C. took back suffrages of all, enterprises and particular, and the consequence was the phenomenal flight of DOS sales. Spoil there is for nothing at all!

Him data processing is a world of enthusiasts, mad inventors and " bidouilleurs " of genius, as the shows the example perfectly of Splits Sinclair or again Steve Jobs. At the level of the brilliant creations, strength is to note that Bill Gates never has anything invented: as soon as someone has an innovative idea, Spoil purchases it to him and develops it to win more money again... Suits of which are Microsoft victim are not the fruit of the luck or a relentlessness of the justice: it is the consequence of a politics to the limit of legality, notably in antitrust law term. The case of the suit with Netscape is the best example of it: Netscape, a young full American society of brilliant ideas, fate " Netscape Navigator " to sail on Internet and sells it to the price of 70 dollars. Microsoft immediately retorts while taking out his/her/its navigator " Iexplorer " that is distributed free! Bill Gates society has money sufficiently to distribute the software free; the goal hardly veiled this strategy is simple: to destroy Netscape, to get the monopoly of navigators on Internet and to exercise a prohibitive price... The suit is always in progress and cost to Microsoft a million of dollars per day... A trifle for the American society.

What makes in fact all the difference between Bill Gates and the other entrepreneurs, it is the fascination that the first cause at all those that give themselves the pain to interest itself/themselves to him data processing. It is all of self-made-mens ", and it is surely for it that them American venerate them, even after their disappointments and their almost retirement. The fact that Nolan Bushnell is fifth to the " hall famed " of of the Silicon Valley is not therefore surprising. That that the East more, it is Bill Gates total absence... The American people always liked self-made-mens " because they are the same reflection of philosophy that is to the heart of the American society: all hulls can succeed with work and the conviction!

Bill Gates makes therefore here face of parasite: he/it uses the brilliant ideas of these precursors to build an empire and to block evolutions of the market and to choke the technological revolutions: the monopoly always had a devastating effect on the dynamism of a market. It is necessary to notice besides that liberalism extolled by Adam Smith is against the monopoly; them American being die-hard-liberal, it is therefore logical that Spoil is seen badly!

Also, when one " surfs " on Internet, one is surprised to see the incalculable number of sites dedicated to Bill Gates... in the only drank to criticize it, to ridicule, to insult... Everybody hates it, same IBM that yet to the time confided him the operating system of the P.C. But, currently, the hour of the rebellion sounded: of the strategic alliances (Motorola / IBM / Apple) aims to counter the Intel couple / Microsoft; the Unix/Linux operating system, that is free and modifiable has will by the user, has for goal to counter Windows of Microsoft for the P.CS. thanks to a very attractive price, a revolutionary conception, a very superior strength to the one of Windows... And the same exemption from payment of sources is a solution to avoid that Microsoft doesn't appropriate this technology competitor.

But Bill Gates knows it well: his/her/its future is bound to the one of the P.C. If this last collapses, he/it loses all! It is for it that he/it is recentering his/her/its activity around Internet in order to create a new monopoly and that he/it interests himself/itself to a lot of other domains (genetic, sciences...) possibly carriers: but the fight is going to be rough because now, it doesn't have the effect of surprise more!

It is not necessary to condemn it as much too quickly: he/it is dangerously intelligent! Some, on Internet, even go until to say that he/it is the Devil in person, the Antichrist. The explanation of this affirmation that can make laugh is " simple ": while converting his/her/its name in ASCII code, one gets:

B (66) + I (73) + L (76) + L (76) + G (71) + TO (65) + T (84) + E (69) + S (83) +3 (for 3èmth of the name) = 666!

One gets the number of the Devil therefore: 666.

Revelations 13 :16 and 13 :18 bring back: " He/it will make that, small and big, rich and poor, free and enslave, will receive a mark in their right hand or on the forehead and that no one will be able to buy to either sell that to those struck of the mark or propertied the same name that her Beast or the same number ". Compatible Windows?

"Woe to you, Oh Earth and Sea, for the Devil sends the beast with wrath, because he knows the time is short... Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast for it is a human number, its number is Six hundred and sixty six." Revelations ch XIII v.18

It can appear anecdotal, but there is another disturbing coincidence: if one makes the same thing with MSDOS 6.21 and Windows 95, one also gets 666.

M S - D O S 6.21
77+83+45+68+79+83+32+54+46+50+49 = 666

W I N D O W S 95
87+73+78+68+79+87+83+57+53+1 = 666

In fact, what gene us with Bill Gates, it is that he/it wins a lot of money with ideas of them others and that he/it blocks the market with them software of bad quality. He/it doesn't have this magic aura therefore that himself clear some true geniuses, he/it doesn't know how to make dream us; he/it is not in fact that the following logical of the creation of a new market: it is an administrative and rational entrepreneur who takes the room of them entrepreneur-innovative dear to Schumpeter. He/it represents so the end of one era, the one of the infinite passion, and the beginning of an another one, the one of the infinite profit.


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