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Also, as interviews always begin, can you introduce yourself to the Toxic Mag readers ? real name is olaf höhmann and i'm 27 atm. I live in the north of germany not very well known this town its kiel. i'm working in a company that developes software for the manufacturing of newspapers. My mainwork is there to code quarkxpress extensions which have to run on mac and pc and i also code on unix. The company is called ppi media gmbh.

How and when did you start computing ? On which computer ? How and when did you begin coding, why ?

I started computing in the age of hmm i guess it was 10. at the beginning of all i didn't have a own computer for a longer time because i did have so much money to buy one. so i visited nearly every day after school the computer departments of big stores. my very first computer was a zx81 because it was not very expensive but i never liked it really. my real first coding step where done in the big store on a vc 20 in basic but i never liked basic and i started to code in asm with data-lines in the big store...i think that was 3 months after i started with computing. i started with coding because i wanted to do the same stuff like others did on it. i was never a game player that was not interesting for me.

Which machines did you have, and which do you still have ? Which is your fave one ? Why ?

hmm let me think...i guess its better to do it in a listform zx81, vc20, c64, amiga, archimedes, ste, mac, pc, next workstation, rs6000. hmm i still have nearly all computers but some didn't run atm. i don't have the archimedes and ste anymore... i gave the ste to tao because i didn't expect that i code anything for atari again...i guess i was wrong.;-) anyway i use my pacifist to code and i'm happy ...

hmm my fave computer at home is the mac because its easy to use. i did on it the most coding stuff.

How did you enter in Cream ? (and when) What is(are) your job(s) in Cream ?

I did enter cream at the beginning of cream like all other cream members. hmm my job in cream is to do the efx...ok did nearly 10 years nothing on atari and this is why cream never released anything with demo efx before do things. sure tao or abyss could do this also but their have another job in cream.

You're also a member of ACF too, I'm right ? Why did you create Cream also ?

nope i never was a member of acf. and i never was interested in. because when tao and abyss entered acf i had my lame time and i did nearly nothing with computer. hmm don't know if i also create cream. but i know tao and abyss over 10 years and it was clear that we do anything together anyday....

What do you think about the demo scene ?

I like the demo scene very much... i'm one of the mad guy who read the entire scrolltext of the big demo. After this i felt like drunken. anyway yep i love to watch demo and sometimes i think the demo scene it is a big family... ok i never had so much contact to the st scene but since i'm doing irc i get to know so many people... and this rocks... its nice to talk to others about new c2p possibilities or to talk about god and earth.

What are your faves demos, games, softwares ?

hmm i don't have a fave demo but i guess stuff from dhs and tscc is always nice. as said before i don't play games. hmm software... hmm i like the rebirth 338 very much.

What do you think about Linux ? Is Linux in a good way to break M$-Windoz's dominance ? Do you use Linux and M$-windoz ?

hmm linux is nice stuff... i guess the only real os on pc. but i don't think that linux can rule out windows. because linux is a os for freaks ok there is stuff like kde and some other desktopstuff but i guess if i install linux on my fathers pc he never will get it to run..;-) hmm depends how good my father is in computing. anyway i had linux on my harddisc but i kicked it because i only want to code and i don't want to administrate 10 years to get something to run.

You currently use a PC and a Mac, but do you still have your ST ? if not, do you think you will buy another one one day ?

hmm nope i didn't have a st hmm and i guess i never will buy one... because pacifist is doing a very good job there is no reason to buy an st. hmm the only atari i would buy is a falcon nothing else...

What do you think about Atari computers and clones ? Have you heard something about the forthcoming Phenix ?

nope can't say anything about clones because i don't now any one which has experiences with it. and i don't read atari magazines. "ix" is a interesting magazine but i guess no one will know it ;-). its a unix based magazine...

Except for computers, what are your hobbies ?

my biggest hobby is to be lazy...hmm beside this i'm doing music and i love to do party...

What kind of music to you listen to ? Are you a Tao fan ? Do you love soundchippies ?

i have a strange music taste... hmm i like electro,big beats, goa, drum 'n base, trip hop. sure i'm a fan of tao musics... i like to talk about with him how to do music... hmm he is a great musican.

Thank you for answering my silly questions. Anything to say like add Greetings ?

do things...;-)

Candyman of Cream   March '99

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