for ToXic Mag 17

As interviews use to start this way, I'll ask you to introduce yourself to the Toxic Mag readers.

My real name is michael and i'm 31 years old, i was born on 17th July 1967 in hamburg (germany) and i live there, too.

How and when did you start computing ? On which computer ? How and when did you begin coding, why ?

My first computer contact was a ZX-Spectrum in 1982 i think. I have started coding 1989 on an atari st with GFA-BASIC and later with 68000 MC. Candyman told me first steps in coding, so i couldn't ignore this cool challenge.

Which machines did you have, and which do you still have ? Which is your fave one ? Why ?

Atari ST 520 (4x)
Atari STF 1040 (1x)
Atari Mega STE (1x)
*** Atari Falcon (1x)
Amiga 500
*** PC-Pentium II 400Mhz
*** PC-Celeron 300A overclocked to 450Mhz
*** PC-Pentium 233Mhz MMX
and other equip such as laser printer, dat, cd-writer etc.

(*** still using.)

My fave one is the Falcon because i can do real handmade stuff on it. PC-Code is lazy, 68k rocks ;-)

How did you enter in Cream ? (and when) What is(are) your job(s) in Cream ? You seem to be the "shadow" man of Cream, why is it so ?

I'm member of * cream * since the first hours of us. I'm a speciallist for hardware and hardware programming at cream, my jobs are making loaders, additional code and also putting demostuff parts together. I am the guy who is looking for compatiblity of our demos, so that they will run on all Atari machines. That is also the answer for my background work. No brainblasting effects, no musix, no gfx :-(

We know that both Tao and Agent -t- first created ACF and are still members of this band. Does it change anything to you ? Did you join other bands before creating Cream ?

It seems that there was a wrong info in the scene because i am member of ACF too. Have a look at the intro from Just Buggin to verify this point. My current status at ACF is not aviable for me, so ask jacky for more detailed info.
(I think he has kicked me for no special reason??!)
No other crews before ACF/Cream.

Do you happen to be a demomaker on another plateform ? Do you use other systems than Atari and why ?

May be in the future. I use PCs for my daily work and for internet surfing. It is much easier and looks better with this machine.

What do you think about the current demo scene ?

I think the demo scene on atari has got new power to things. Because of the releases of the last few weeks. So lets see.

What are your faves demos, games, softwares ?

My fave game for Falcon/STE was the pinball Obsession from Unique Development Sweden.
My fave demos came from TEX and Synergy (most important for me are the tunes from (Jo Max and Scavenger).
Best software for coding Turboass/Bugaboo and for Gfx-Work Neochrome, Dpaint, Photoshop.

What do you think about Linux ? Is Linux in a good way to break M$-Windoz's dominance ? Do you use Linux and M$-windoz ?

I have no contact with Linux until now. So i cannot get a statement to that. But i'm using windows. 8-)

What do you think about Atari computers and clones ? Have you heard something about the forthcoming Phenix ?

Atari computer are nice machines to code on, but atari could have done more for their computer family. Clones are not my favorites because coding on them in 68k is not possible for demo crews in fact of their different hardware.

Except for computers, what are your hobbies ?

Shooting, Fishing, Walking and listening to music.

Thank you for answering my silly questions. Anything to say like Greetings ?

I sent greets to all people who keep the atari scene alive. And say "fantasy is your power... use it."

Abyss of Cream   March '99

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