Volcanic Party V

By EdO/Sector One

Welcome dear colleagues ! I will report you here the carryforward of the last coding party organized by the group PC Mentasm which took place with Cournon of Auvergne in the 63.

Let us note that this event proceeded at the same place that last year in the general-purpose room of Cournon close to a base of leisure.

Volcanic Party 5 took place of February 19 at February 21.

As I had liked the last CP well, I hurry myself to return my reservation of 90 francs (the price on the spot was 120 francs). Although this coding party is without interest for our Atariste community, it is normal that the readers of Toxic Mag can keep up to date with the last productions with the data-processing world, and this all confused machines for I point out it are not sectarian towards the other machines.

Left around 8 hours the morning Friday and a passage to Mée Sur Seine... (guys who often read my articles must know this village now)

It is a city lost at the fine bottom of the mysterious jungle of Fontainebleau where a zikos lives that everyone likes well that it resembles a weasel. In short, let us leave of with dimensions suspense and are honest. Why should I be malicious towards these small beasts which in addition absolutely anything did me ? And well does it of it is because of him : yes yes completely because of this zikos ! With its Breton origins it is not rare to cross it from time to time circling of liana in liana dressed of a loincloth in skin of zebra and singing with keep silent tete " I hear the wolves, the fox and the weasel... " etc... In short, rather strange as attitude but the question is not there : who is it ? We will never know it the truth is elsewhere as he likes to repeat it.) Good I begin again : after a passage to Mée to recover named DMA SC well, the best musician of the galaxy ;-) direction Auvergne !

After loads of adventures among closes and of fields, we arrived : miss chance... Contrary to last year where one had hardly waited 5 minutes to enter, here we have to wait for at least 1h15 ! And there was even a guy who waited more than 3 hours ! Us, with a pretty lie and thanks to the solidarity of Exyl de Sector One and Razaac de Supremacy, well one succeeded in passing through. In fact while our accomplices installed our material undermines anything by a catch door whose they only knew the existence, I succeeded in convincing the organizers that me and DMA SC had come without material thus that it was useless to make us wait like patients during hours ! Worst it is than the tail did not advance : the organizers had not envisaged such an multitude (more than 850 people compared to 500 last year) thus the arrived first had squatted tables too much thus I let to you imagine the brothel...

Bad point this year with regard to the organization...

If not on the level of Ataristes one could meet on the spot :

Good useless to veil the face : about atarist activity, it was nothing. But I say well : nothing the whole ! Same of my dimensioned, the motivation was not there : with St Survivor, well one said himself that the report was really bitter : if that continuous will be necessary to emigrate on the PC... heu not there I laugh, is not necessary to talk cock !

Ah if ! In fact it seems to to me that Ptif/Typhoon came out small a intro not too technical but funny (super the duck).

In short, one awaited all impatiently the official exit of Pie Bill Gates of Sector One but following the incompetence of Centek, Falcon de Exyl fell in roads (thank you the CT2) : Exyl was without Atari to code, it was hot. Moreover, of my dimensioned, I was hardly motivated to draw anything : excessive heat, tiredness (hey yes in CP one sleeps very little) and then let us say frankly : the motivation was not there vis-a-vis a scene Atari dying woman and with a scene PC (and same Amiga !) in full form it would be can be a little time to put some questions... In all the cases, I hope that next Error in Line (CP organized by our friends let us teutons) will contradira me a little since some productions are awaited and not the least.

But what to say moreover on this CP ? Compared to the last JEM 98 of last year, Volcanic 5 was really not badly commercial (but after all is an evil ? More advantageous rewards, larger means...) and really centered PC : PC demos are quite simply fabulous, sublimates design and all the remainder.

Notice with PII 450 (and same of the PIII now !), the coders do not have to break their head too much for programming effects. Same on the level of the graphic designers : with 16 software and color million like Photoshop, believe me, the drawing it is part of pleasure on these bikes ! But good, I am those which privilege the final visual aspect : one of fout a little knowing how a demo was made if returned is sublime : PC demos are to date the most beautiful productions all machines confused (and that it is not said to me that that is not worth the demos of the Flipo style or Union demo : they are too oldschools).

The only funny moment of the party was the diffusion of a film X saturdays evening around the 2 hours of the morning when the room comatait : guaranteed effect (except on the rare girls present ; -) If not, the productions presented were of a very good level : animations were terrible (techniques and sometimes quite funny), the graphs presented were very good (that went from the scan to the pure chief of work like that of Zaac on Amiga : made in three days the guy almost slept on his machine but the result is sublime. One feels small vis-a-vis guy like him of the times).

To finish, this CP was without interest for the Atari machines. It is clear that if you had a PC (it is also my case) or Amiga, your presence was justified fully, only for the demos or same to connect itself to the network to recover quite interesting tricks (isn't it Razaac ? -)

I wonder how the guy exclusively on Atari could occupy their time... To avoid for the next year !

Bye !

For all note : sector1@club-internet.fr

EdO/Sector One

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