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It is the photo that challenged me. I had the Science & Life of January only thumbed when I fell on this photo. It is because I had seen an ATARI there, a ST, that I halted... Then while watching besides near, I perceive that this is not one but TWO ATARI on this photo (one didn't see the second but her person held a keyboard ATARI, maybe the one of a FALCON gone up in tower, recognizable to his/her/its Fn keys and his/her/its directional pavement, placed in loud of the keyboard whereas he is in bottom on all keyboards of PC that I know). She/it was at home subtitled " Studio of musical creation " and illustrated an article on the MIDI music. That my makes pleasure to see well that some magazines recognize qualities of our machines again and I put myself therefore to read the article in question (as what all magazines should speak of ATARI to sell).

The author started then with an introduction on music computer general public geared on :

  1. The computer

    In this paragraph he/it described the necessary machine, evidently he/it started with a PC but, good dawns for him, he/it didn't say that a PII absolutely needed 300 Mhzes to make the MIDI : " a 486 DXS 66 make the business " amply, then he/it spent to the MAC and I rejoiced myself of advance to be able to read that a ST was sufficient but after the MAC, it is the Direct To Disk (requiring a more sinewy config) that it spoke. " Good... well he/it will probably speak farther some, it is true that the Atari it is more very rife " I told myself. I continue my reading therefore :

  2. The sound card

    He describes full of cards different sounds on PC and MAC spends to the following then.

  3. The software

    He/it evidently speaks of Cubase and I tell " myself Ah, at the end of the article he/it is going to speak of Atari " and well no, the article ends and not only one word. I must confess well that that has me a little irritated to read that this beautiful article on the MIDI music (that is nevertheless one of domains where our machines are especially effective) where he/it doesn't even speak of Atari. That could have passed again if there had not been a photo over with 2 ATARI and proudly soustitrée " Studio of musical creation at home " but there it was too much strong. Our machines are not anymore very present in the computer world but to bury them like that, it is nevertheless revolting. I sent an e-mail therefore to Science & Life, while doing of thick efforts to keep my calmness but I don't have (again I hope... but without believing there) received of answer.

I invite you therefore all to send of them e-mail et/ou of letters to Science & Life to express your discontent :

Science & Vie
1 rue du Colonel Pierre Avia
75503 PARIS cedex 15

E-mail :

If you don't want to buy this magazine that doesn't respect our machines I can send you the photo that I have scanned, ask it me by e-mail :

I hope that you will be numerous to show you to defend your favorite computer that, unfortunately, will disappear soon. In all cases, when we will only be a ridicule rock in an ocean unleashed of PC would I always be there, and you ?



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