How to take part
in next TOXIC MAG

By The Beast

I leave in crusade, like my friend ST Survivor, to make take part the new readers (and the old ones): you have surely something to say, then do not hesitate to send your articles to us, even if they do not speak about Atari or data processing. Some readers already launched out (example: Ritthy Nou or well FroST), then why not YOU ???

An article ? Yes, but on what ?

You want to tap a small text ? The subject is FREE, but of course avoid any form of racism or incentive to racial hatred under penalty of being censured. In connection with censure, we do not cut anything the whole in your articles, you are RESPONSIBLE for what you write, like the large ones. And of course, we prefer original creations instead of copies...

How to write an article, which are the rules ?

The " rules of the game " somewhat changed. If you want that Toxic Mag MORE OFTEN CAME OUT, you will be nice to agree to respect these instructions. The people who deal with Toxic Mag are BENEVOLES, we are absolutely not paid to give on page and to correct your texts. The majority among us are students very occupied in their studies. To comply with these rules will facilitate the task to us and especially to enable us to come out Toxic Mag at a faster rate (at least 4 times per annum ?).

Sorry to be also breakage-balls, but I have some to pass my week ends enough to rectify your texts, I have another thing to make. I do not say that to discourage you or disgust you to write articles, I just ask you to comply with these some rules:

  1. The format of the text must be in ASCII Atari. That means that you can use the accentuated characters (and it is even strongly advised). For those which know each other there, take care not to use the characters whose ASCII code is lower than 32. Avoid the TABULATIONS, therefore.

  2. If your text comprises odd accents (if it comes from Mac, Amiga or Windaube 95), if it are with format RTF, Word, WordPerfect, Works or I do not know what still, IT WILL NOT BE INCLUDED IN NEXT TOXIC MAG !! One wants only text with the Atari format, or well MS-Back since it is similar.

  3. If you know each other there in language HTML, you can send a version HTML of your articles, that will be very useful for us for version HTML of Toxic. But by pity, we want texts with the ASCII format for the Atari version of the mag !!

  4. Articles must be formatted in 66 characters per line. If there is less, so much worse, that will make crade. If there is more, so much worse also: the text will quickly be converted into 66 characters and the paragraphs will not be justified because good, one does not have only that to make too. 8-) For preoccupations with a legibility, it is advised to begin each paragraph with the 5th character and to justify your text (i.e. the length of each line must be of 66 characters, even if it means to add spaces between the words). If your articles are not justified, that will make crappy, so much worse. However, one wants to make well efforts for 2 or 3 articles, if it is not too long to thus make (not too shitting) and if there are time of them...

  5. Take care with the orthography ! In general, the majority of our collaborators practically do not make faults, fortunately for us ! The grammatical correctors exist on Atari (or even on PC), do not hesitate to use them. A well spelled article is much more pleasant at reading than a cloth writed by a pork ! 8-)

  6. Last but not least, this is VERY IMPORTANT: you will be nice to limit the size of your articles to 60 KB, images included/understood. If you want to write a large article, cut it in several parts. The maximum size for an image is of 528x180 (that made approximately 26 KB all the same, therefore hold account), which corresponds to a page such as can post it the interface of Toxic (it is necessary to take into account the edges of the interface). The too large images will be resized or crossed well. Of course, these images will come out 4 colors, therefore do not send anything to us for some become ugly in this resolution. To make logos, e.g., it is perfect. Ca would be sympathetic to provide your images to format PC2 or PI2 (if not it is not serious, one will convert them). If you have the possibility of providing us the same images to format GIF or JPEG, do not hesitate, we will incluerons them in version HTML of Toxic... in condition of NOT EXCEEDING the 50 KB of images per article !

Here, it is a little constraining, but from now on is with YOU to occupy you of your articles. Ca will enable us to come out several Toxic Mags per annum, without that encroaching too much over our spare time.

Not only the articles interest us !

You can also send your productions to us (plays, utils, demonstrations, etc) which will be tested and diffused (within the limit of the place available on the diskette) thanks to the mag. You can also code us a joulie intro, if possible for all types of Atari, or draw us logos. For the intros, announce it to us in advance, history not to have 36 intros on the arms for only one number (that would astonish me, but good...).

For the addresses, read the edito because I do not want to repeat myself... ;-)

We hope to receive your participations very soon !!!

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