In the dark rooms

By The Beast

The Matrix

By Larry and Andy Wachowski

With Keanu Reeves (Thomas Anderson/Neo)
Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus)
Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity)
Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith)
Gloria Foster (Oracle)
Joe Pantoliano (Cypher)
Marcus Chong (Tank)

Our real world doesn't exist. It is the fruit of the Matrix, a gigantic computer very powerfull that controls each among us. Indeed, the reality as we discern it by our senses is created entirely by the Matrix.

A young hacker nicknamed Neo tempts to discover the truth that hides the Matrix. According to rumors, a certain Morpheus would be the hacker most dangerous of the Earth. Neo thinks that this last possesses answers to his questions and gets to his research. Finally, it is Morpheus that is going to contact it by the slant of the mysterious Trinity. Persuaded that Neo is the elected, Morpheus is going to make come back him in the real world while disconnecting it of the Matrix. Morpheus and his team live in a vessel endowed of a very effective computer equipment.

Neo makes the knowledge with the real world. In the year 2199, the world is dominated by machines that cultivate the human beings (to see the picture in top of the page) to serve themselves as combustible. Back in the Matrix, Neo is going to show the extent of his capacities. He/it goes, besides, to face three agents whose only mission is to protect the Matrix...

Opinion :

I find that this movie looks a lot like " Virus ", the novel written by QueST and appeared in the Toxic Mag 16 : a powerful machine controls the life of all humans and only some insiders are informed. Those that dare to rebel against the system are immediately disconnected and return in the real life where the death rate is raised very. In " Virus ", the main character meets hackers in the real world who are going to finalize a virus to neutralize the computer.

Matrix, without being indeed exceptional, is a very good movie. Its script and its special effects will make you spend very good moments. Special mention for scenes of fight, bewildering !

To note that the two Wachowski brothers want to create a trilogy around " The Matrix ". Let's hope that the two foreseen following will be good quality...

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