By The Beast

I don't know what reserves us 1999, but it is necessary to confess well that 1998 were a good year for the Falcon demos. Thanks to the site of Dead Hackers Society (http://dhs.atari.org), I could have recovered quite a lot of recent demos. I would want to signal that the HTML version of this test doesn't include less than 11 captures of screen, what represents 140 Ko of JPEG thereabouts. I could finally have put the hand on the mythical demo MOTION, of the less on sources because she/it is incomplete. If someone himself knows there well in collector 68030, or even DSP, is necessary to not to hesitate, ALL sources are on the site of DHS (to see higher for the address) ! Here is a beautiful skewer of demos for the first tests of the year 1999:

  1. Chippin' for Air #6 by Dead Hackers Society
  2. Generation Gap by Cobra
  3. Illness at Night and Shackled Sheep by Escape
  4. Motion (unfinished version) by Aggression
  5. Nun Demo by Nun
  6. Snowstorm by Reservoir Gods
  7. Teardrop by Mystic Bytes
  8. The Final Journey by CPU Love

Chippin' for Air #6   by Dead Hackers Society - all Falcon

DHS proposes us for this 6th music disk a small very nice intro, although a few scatos on sides. All begins by noises a little strange (plouf!) and a photo representing a door of WC. The door opens up and one can contemplate another photo where this poor Evil (the programmer) is sat on the pan, the all on a hilarious music. The stage disappears and one sees the words " Shittin for air " to the screen. A few easy, the game of word, but why not, that change of the serious side of DHS.

In short, this compilation proposes us 10 chiptracks, that is soundtracks looking strongly like soundchips. Musics address themselves to amateurs of chiptracks, but the proposed pieces are rather very composed. One finds there of music adaptations widely-known soundchips as Delta or Big Japan in. The choice makes himself with the help of arrows, it is necessary to push on Return to listen to the thus selected music and on Space to leave. To ornament the all, one finds some very friendly logos in bottom of the screen (a Toodeloo logo, a logo for the Atari.Org site, another for the CP Error In Line 1999, etc.) as well as two DHSS logos in points that move over it.

A good compilation for amateurs of chiptracks, achieved very well (e.g. at the level of the design), but not unforgettable. Special mention for the intro, very funny.

Generation Gap   by Cobra - all Falcon RGBS

The famous group Polish Cobra presented this demo to the LAST PARTY'98 of Opalenica. The demo starts with credits, that disappear quickly in a " fading out " that recalls some effects of fire. Music is style techno, no doubt thereon. Four objects in 3D mapped and lightsourced make their apparition then: a circle endowed of four tips, an enormous tore that distorts himself (it is slow, but that is what it is beautiful), a sphere of where emerges 8 radiuses and another sphere, full of prickles this time. A pity that that is not very fast!

After a very friendly caricature of Marylin Monroe, we have right to tunnel mapped, very valued at the moment. This one has a texture that looks like the stone, it is succeeded very and a few original for once. Another tunnel appears then, but it is a little disappointing in the measure where it is slow enough. Besides, the four objects in 3D of the beginning move each their tower in the tunnel, what is not to arrange things. Paf, it is already finished, return to the desktop!

A demo certainly pleasant to watch (and to listen if you are fan of techno), but it misses a little designs: there are not a lot of transitions between parts and the end is a little brutal.

Illness at Night and Shackled Sheep   by Escape - all Falcon RGB

No/Escape surprised more of one of them with this small jewel of programming. All begins yet quietly: a pretty Escape logo in True Colour appears with a degraded of rose and bruise. Soundtrack techno is rhythmized very, besides it is synchronized with effects. On a stationary bottom, small objects in rotation appear very quickly as well as of the text that doesn't mean big thing (to the manner of the intro of the Synergy Megademo on ST). A little originality having never killed that that it is, we have somewhat right to a plasma strange. This is not very obvious to describe it, readers of the HTML version that have the capture of screen under eyes will probably agree with me.

Then, we recover the small objects 2D as well as the text. The next effect is a few crappy, it is about a way of rotozoom that lets traces to the screen. Did you already try to place a mirror owing another mirror and to see this that that gives? Hey imagine the same thing well but with a good thick rotozoom over... The following effect is he as unaccustomed since it is about an oily plasma way (as when one puts a fine layer of oil on a puddle). There also, I put you of screen captures for more clarity.

Suddenly, music changes... The concentric circle apparition that distorts a plane surface can make the phenomenon of wave propagation think, a few as if one threw a stone in water. The programmer seems to have smoked something of not very Catholic since one sees some luminous and symmetrical, yellow and purple flashes then. The musician (505/Checkpoint) has also him to undergo it the same fate since he/it included the famous " click " of the keyboard in his/her/its soundtrack... At this moment, music changes all over again. One is in front of a picture in distortion that represents a really obese woman. A shout has himself heard, colors begin to leave in lollipop and the picture analyzes himself. The shout distorts itself and change... it is Sepultura! Thick zik bourrin, therefore, he/it remains more the picture than some red points that come out of the visible zone of the screen. It is already finished and a text in interlocking present the demo and his/her/its inventors.

It is there about one of the best demos of the end 1998. Very rhythmic, original and of a good technical level, this demo has some character. Don't miss it under any pretext!

Motion (version inachevée)   by Aggression - Falcon RGB 14 MoMo

Incredible... The mythical demo of Aggression, Motion, has not been achieved officially, but his/her/its sources in collector are free available on the site of Dead Hackers Society (http://dhs.atari.org). The demo is not finished again: most screens don't work with 4 Mos of RAM, music was not implemented, etc. On the site of DHS, you will find an enormous archive of 3,5 Mos, what represents 9 Mos thereabouts once the all unpacked. Fortunately, the executable are provided with sources. I am going to describe you one by one screens, in the alphabetic order of files :

ANIM : a cube on which is engraved the letters M, O, T, I and N moves to the screen and print these characters on the screen to form the title of the demo. This animation is achieved very well, one would say a FLI/FLC animation (for connoisseurs).

BEZIER : one of the most beautiful screens of the demo! Imagine a bee in solely organized full screen of points. Besides, she/it beats wings, move on the screen and, thick cherry on the cake, there is even an effect of self-timing, the all on a dark blue bottom. While pushing on F9, the bee turns into tore (way of " donut "), and vice versa with F10. A screen that demonstrates that the Falcon stays an excellent machine when he is exploited in his/her/its last limits.

EXPLOT : numerous luminous spheres in True Colour intermix, giving birth to new colors. One will note the remarkable effect of fuzzy.

GTMAP : it is in my opinion the screen most disappointing of this demo. It is about a mapping of a joker head on a triangular surface. Aesthetic interest: bof...

INVBETA : the " beta-version " of the invitation to the Aggressive Party 2 (wow... that dates a little). One already spoke some in a (old) Toxic Mag, it seems to me.

PALDSP : and one rotozoom, one! The programmer took an eye as texture. Apparently, routines for the rotozoom are those that served to make the INVBETA " screen "e;.

ROMEO : it is about Julia's whole (note the subtle game of word between Romeo and Julia), it is fractals very rapids.

ROTTA : a splendid rotozoom with effect of self-timing, very well achieved. A pity that the programmer didn't get out fingers of the ass to finish his/her/its demo...

SUSIE : those that had the preview of the Motion saw this screen surely. It is etc. about a way of Wolfenstein 3D, with walls mapped, of fog, a pretty cloudy sky, The shifting in alleys are fast. A very good screen.

TORUS : a screen that looks strongly like " BEZIER ". Here, it is the letter " has " in points that are displayed on the screen, or a tore while pushing on F9. Points are indeed very numerous and it is impressive. All that takes 90% of the time thereabouts plots. Quick curves of Bezier!

WRITER3 : as his/her/its name indicates him, this screen displays characters as if it drew them to the brush. The used colors are very pretty. The Aggression " word " writes himself to the screen before vanishing point very quickly by point. A bee is even drawn according to the technical, as well as another " Aggression ".

WRITER4 : > same principle, but here with a man's drawing that carries wings in the back and the yellow streaks on legs. The text " Keep in... Motion " is displayed slowly before not disappearing by point.

To the final, one finds again with an excellent demo that is unfortunately incomplete. One can congratulate the coder all the same to have wanted to distribute his/her/its sources. Now, to you to play to finish the Motion!

Nun Demo   by Nun - all Falcon RGBS

An intro a few strange that change a little all these too serious demos. A NUN logo in 3D wire moves on the screen with an efet of self-timing. In bottom, we have a picture that scrolle in all directions. It is about a photo of a young woman that covers himself a gode in one of openings of his/her/its personality (no, one won't tell you where). The programmer has, besides, added an arrow that points toward the gode with a text that says " hidden feature " (and that one can translate besides by " hidden " characteristic). To the whole, we have an intro that doesn't break bricks technically, but she/it remains friendly enough to watch.

Snowstorm   by Reservoir Gods - all Falcon

Demos of Reservoir Gods recognize themselves to the first squint: a particular design but very tidy, not of effects technical bourrinses and a zizik techno tendency jungle. This intro, exit for Christmas 1998, don't depart to the rule. After a pretty logo Reservoir Gods, we can see a composed starfield 3D of small grayish spheres. A text scrolle in bottom of the screen, horizontally. Is the starry field interrupted from time to time, by beautiful pictures (scanned?) on the Christmas theme and snow. The soundtrack also takes this theme, one doubts itself a few of them. Here, we have right to a resumption very modern of " Quick wind " (Jingle Bells, if you prefer). A very nice intro to watch, a pity that the routine for the soundtrack is so unsteady (I have to throw back it 3 times the intro to see it in whole)...

Teardrop   by Mystic Bytes - all Falcon RGB

Still so productive (to see Toxic Mag 16), Mystic Bytes comes back in strength with this demo named " Teardrop ". After about thirty waiting seconds, history to decode some graphics and to make some precalculations, small drawings appear in zoomant, follow-up by a very pretty logo Mystic Bytes. Some small Teardrop logos are displayed on a half-tunnel very colorful mapped. The following screen shows two lights that himself courrent behind on a surface mapped in distortion. To note that the motive of the texture changes all seconds about and, well that that is not fast hyper, the result is superb.

Suddenly, the whole screen starts taking in whereas the next one takes his/her/its room in zoomant. We have right to a tunnel mapped, fast enough to the departure, but the speed decreases when two luminous spheres make their apparition. A pity that the texture of the tunnel is a few crades. The tunnel disappears to let room to three tunnels mapped in distortion. While knocking itself/themselves, tunnels change shape. This is not very fast, of as much more that one recovers the two lights of the previous part. Then, we see the bumpmapping on a Mystic logo stationary Bytes. When music produces grinding (of the bed style grinding), the logo swells. It is a very good thing that to have synchronized the soundtrack and the technical effects. A picture makes his/her/its apparition, it is a girl's portrait.

The drawing is a good level. Another tunnel occurs, with a much better texture this time.

The logo Mystic Bytes of the beginning reappears in " rotozoomant " in the tunnel. The last part is brutal enough since us not less than 10 cubes mapped appear to the screen, with rotation, zoom and change of the view angle. And it is the end, brutal, with a return to the Desktop.

Technically, it is about a good demo. Unfortunately, she/it fishes a little the side of the design. Two regrets: the white flashes on the color of bottom by moment as well as the two luminous spheres that make slow down the scrolling of the tunnel. To part that, we are in front of a middle demo. To procure itself/themselves because of the weak number of demos that leaves for our machines.

The Final Journey   by CPU Love - all Falcon RGB (ST: to confirm)

I put this intro here because I didn't test it on ST The well stocked text with didn't give too many indications but he/it would seem well that it was about a ST intro.

In the first place, a logo of the title appears, follow-up by a logo of the group. After awful sinusoids (or then I missed an episode), we have right to the composed faces of points as well as lines accompanied by self-timing effects. All these effects are interrupted by drawings in 16 rotten enough colors. Just before the logo " The End " that marks the end of festivities, one can see heads of the two members, Opuses and Fuzzkids.

To conclude, I hope that it is not about an intro specifically conceived for Falcon, seen his/her/its level. And again, on ST one saw better, greatly better. To avoid, therefore.

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