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Hello with all !! As usual - unfortunately - it will have been necessary for us more than 3 months to come out the 17th volume of this toXic Mag. In addition to this heavy delay, this edition suffers from a thinness compared to the preceding toXic... And yet, the ST was never also alive during these years of underground !!! Look at the tests to see, there are more than on Falcon !!! And which quality : the productions of Checkpoint astonish us unceasingly, Cream enchants us by the perfection of "... Do Things " and the so awaited Nostalgic'O finally came out !

And yet - once again... - It is with the heavy heart which I type this edito, my last edito. Whereas Stratos disappeared soon followed by ST Mag, I thought that Atarists would feel the importance to support the some mags remaining. Ah, it is sure one received " a certain " feedback, very positive even !, but that is not enough ! Why don't you want to help us instead of you to satisfy to observe us ? The article intended to gain your participation is there - each time - sad call without echo... The team " fixes " is reduced and the volunteers release us... Do you want to know what look my life of editor like ? I spend hours and hours to contact you, sometimes without the least response - even not by courtesy ! - to convince you that you HAVE surely something to say, some say " ok " but I NEVER receive their article and then... half of the articles which I have between the hands is not with the good format and YES ! I am still enough IDIOT to correct all that by adding spaces " manually ". All this job does not amuse me any more, I have the right to pass my weekends outside, with my friends and my girlfriend instead of correcting YOUR errors ! I do not even speak about the feedback, which is here, it is certain, but simply I note that a thin number of people makes the job for all the others... That's the Atari scene today : some sacrifice their private life to divert the others which are passive.

No, I will not abandon the ST, it is not a simple plastic box, it is a great family of which I could appreciate great solidarity during these 8 last years. I knew a number of very interesting people by the means of the ST and I make a point of thanking Franck, aka Thyrex, to have accepted me within NLC there is more than 5 years. I am proud of our demo, Franck and I am proud to have worked with a guy like you, you are a good guy !

Good let us come to the fact, that lasted only too much : I thus announce officially that I leave the team of the toXic mag. I return his place in The Beast (good luck Stéphane !) by hoping that he will be able to keep the toXic still living many years. As for me I continue to draw, moreover three ST demonstrations comprising my gfx should come out at the beginning of April and then I continue to write for the ONLY the mag of the Scene : the UNDERCOVER. if only one diskmag must survive, it is that one because by its language, the English, it offers a chance to the international scene to be expressed and only a collaboration on this scale will save us - can be - from lapse of memory. I also have projects of plays and I count on motivated people and it is not perhaps any more in France that it is necessary to seek now...

I am really sad to leave the toXic maG, but for some time I forced myself, I had forgotten that it was of a passion and not about an obligation... You will not make me change opinion, but at least that my departure serf not with nothing, WRITE for ToXic, speak about all and nothing, make our small world survive or you will be responsible for its death...

Let us pass by again in a less personal register : this edition somewhat " light " contains the essential, namely the tests of demons, the infos, the life Atari and some delirious parts as well. The event of this beginning of year it is, for me, the exit of "... Do Things ", an exceptional demonstration ! This is why, according to the idea of Frost, we interviewed the members of this talented quatuor (unfortunately, I did not succeed in recovering the interview of Agent -t- ! One will say what one wants but Caramail is a waiter ROTTED then I return on Hotmail. It belongs to Microcrotte but at least it turns well - normal they didn't developed it themselves 8-).

Lastly, I thank those which knew - sometimes after having somewhat to insist 8-( - to leave this indifference which surrounds us to fill the vacuums of this issue :

For information, all the ST productions are obviously available at home, send me disks (DD preferably !!) and stamps for the return. Send all that to :

St SurvivOr aka Sébastien LARNAC
24 rue de la Liberté
90400 MOVAL

email : larnac@hotmail.com

Good reading and goodbye.

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