By Cyber Franck

DREAM number 59, mail of readers :

" Remain for us as for you a big unknown : what is the world Atari in the French-speaking countries ? Is there enough of demand so that we make a redactional offer again more consistantes ? Or on the contrary, our offer is she/it superior to the demand of an user handful who would be satisfied of a targeted better district fanzine ? The answer turns in a vicious circle : there will be of as much more reader than there will be many articles and of as much more articles than there will be multiple readers. Then, in order to make itself/themselves a precise idea of the importance of our lectorat potential Atari, we invite you, you Atarists, to send us a simple word, by mail or by e-mail, with this simple sentence : ' we want more Atari '. We will communicate you, on a period of two to three months the number of received answers ".

Yeah. I believe that one risks to say that I work away at Dream, but good... The world Atari, I don't know if he/it exists, but users of Atari : YES. Sometimes I don't understand people of Dream too well. Indeed, I put myself a question : what is some him of the Acorn world in the French-speaking countries ? I have nothing against users of Acorn, on the contrary, I love their machines, but I mean by there that dream doesn't hesitate to write articles having a certain holding on the Acorn, whereas I don't think that acornian readers are important. As for the redactional offer of Dream concerning the Atari, yeah bof bof... It is true that a fanzine would be adapted more, but there is even a difference between Toxic and Dream, it is that to the Toxic, to test soft or hardware, is necessary to buy it... Then unless people distributing the Atari in the French-speaking countries decide to subsidize a fanzine in lending him hard and soft so that he/it can test them, a fanzine will never have the weight of a magazine close to these so-called dispensers that find a bigger security commercial/marketing while paying for pages of advertisements in a magazine rather than lending hardware the time of a test...

And yes it is the capitalism and the unique thought, some master this fucking current of reflection well.

Then Mr. Dream if you read fanzines of district : YES I WANT MORE ATARI. But I fear that my shout won't be heard, a pity for me who dreamt of an union between all alternative platforms... It was only a DREAM.

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