I am a Dreamer

By CyberVicking/Dizzidence

I confess that the fall of Stratos (some is reasons of it) then the one of ST-Mag marked the definitive death of the Atari maybe to eyes of general public. I had been mistaken since DREAM, alternative platform defender (although criticized more and more yet by amigaisteses the original readers...) accepted to take subscriptions of ST-Mag gracefully. Besides representatives of DREAM, present to the MIA in last December had promised us of Atari categories worthy of this name. Only months pass and look alike, still not more of articles on the Atari... and one even has the impression that the index Atari is less and less well stocked. But what was not my surprise to discover there are two months in cover of the magazine of the alternative, the distribution RedHat Linux for 68K, and therefore for Atari and Amiga, and what was my disappointment to note that this distribution was uninstallable on my Atari since not providing pictures necessary disks to the starting of an Atari. Well, our dear defenders of the widow and the orphan specified us in a relative article to the installation of the Red Hat on 68K that nothing was foreseen on the CD for the installation on Atari, but that this last would be nevertheless possible while battling. But I don't believe that users of Atari, accustomed to a convivial interfacing wish to play the Linux Hacker...

Pull in the finding that you want, but it costs them what to make a small download and to describe the installation on an Atari and not only on an Amiga?

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