The little chronic of cinema


By Ouiski


of Joel Schumacher

with Nicolas Cage, Joaquin Phoenix, James Gandolfini...

Script : Andrew Kevin Walker

Production : G.Polone, J.Hofflund, J.Schumacher

Distribution : Columbia TriStar Films

Lasted : 2h03 (exit on March 10th)

Tom Wells (Nicolas Cage) is a deprives whose daily is far to be as palpitating as the one of detectives in detective novels. To Harrisburg, in Pennsylvania, he leads a banal life with his wife Amy (Catherine Keener) and his small girl, Cindy. Tom dreams the exceptional business that will make of him a big among the big however. While waiting, him himself occuppe of small histories of unpaid debts and adulteries. The big thrill seems very far.

When a widow asks him to investigate on the movie in 8 mms that she discovered in the case of her defunct husband, Tom topples in an universe of which he didn't suspect the existence. The rape and the murder of the young unknown, engraved on film, are going to hurl down it in an as strange track game that risky. Of the flashy sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard to the squalid shallows of New York, Welles rushes in search of indications, trying to reconstitute the puzzle of this abomination, helped in his task by a seller of books for adults, Max (Joaquin Phoenix).

Opinion :

A dull thriller that falls in voyeurism that he/it is supposed to denounce. In short, one can spend to the following.

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