Interview of 5 0 5 / CheckPoint

Live from the Interjam98

Interview done by St Survivor/LOud!

Hi 505 ! First as men always come before machines tell us about the guy behind the pseudo : your name, age and real life. Do not hesitate to include any comment on any part of yourself   8-)

At first I have to admit, that I am pretty tired.. so don't expect to much intellectuel humour now... and not too little spelling mistakes. My real name is Nils Feske. I am 18 years old and try to pass my final exams at school.

What I will do afterwards is unknown. The country I was born in is Germany. Well, I like music and the whole demostuff, although I overestimated all a bit in the beginning... For instance, I considered famous scene people as "heros", which is quite lame, as I think now.

And what about your first steps in this woooooonderful world of demomakers ? Were you tired of life to decide to spend so much time with freaks   8-)

Not at aaaaaaall   :) , I just started watching demos, because it was funny. The first demos, I just looked at, were on the XE, then on ST and Falcon. I really entered the scene in 1996 (!), when I first visited a "bigger" coding party, the Intercon.

I started to do moduless much earlier, but first not aiming at demostuff. Short before this party, I joined Checkpoint, and so everything started.

What is your current situation in Checkpoint ? Do you have any projects on St and/or Falcon ?

Hmm.. I am a musician. Tons of mods and soundchippies are done frequently, but mostly they die on my harddisk slowly. We will try to release at least some of them in further Modulations. Defjam (Coder) will maybe do a ST-Modulation anywhen. Some little stuffis already prepared, what does not mean, that it will be ever released.

But surely NO/Escape will code a new (but this time much more primitive) shell for another Musicdisk.

Beside the soundchip-stuff for the Checkpoint-releases, I am also working for some other bands demos. Finally, I am heavily cooperating with Toodeloo of DHS, what is probably the best part of my music activity now. We will release an audio CD in autumn, just for fun.

Do you think ATARI can still be here in a near future ? Is there any chance - to you - that the newborn clones can replace the Falcon and give the scene a second chance ?

ATARI will never come back the way it was once that's sure, but there will surely always stay some freaks on these machines. It will take quite a while, till the ATARIs are totally exhausted. The larger the difference between the performances of the ATARIs (low) and the PC (high), the cooler and more interesting the whole thing is. Just watch to the C64 or XE. The advantage we have in contrary to the C64 and XE freaks is, that we can make use of all programs (except rendering maybe) we need, because there is enough power in the ATARIs to do all the important application stuff.

In general, I am happy, that there are some ATARI-clones, but I don't excpect a lot of success. Since I got my Falcon just new, I am surely not going to buy a clone soon.

As for the scene, what is your opinion about it ? What do you suggest to make it a better one ?

My opinion is just that the scene is a small but great scene. Sometimes everything is a bit depressing, but as long as we have some enthusiastic producers everything is fine.

A better one cannot be made. Everything is as it is, I would only like to see not that many lazy guys around. One big party event every year, not as this year probably would help to make the whole thing more stabil. But all in all I am quite content.

Are you enjoying the party right now ? Come on man !

Yeah! Why not? There are pretty many ATARIANs around and the mood is nice as well. I am answering an interview, so I am not bored...

Some things suck: My lungs are almost dead, my stomach aches a bit and I have no good module for the musiccompo. Furthermore it is shit, that Checkpoint didn't manage it to release something again.

Last words : anything you'd like to say ? There won't be any censorship so... seize the opportunity ! Btw do you like my stupid questions ?

Fuck you!   :)) No, an interview mostly includes questions like yours, so it's no problem.

I just want to greet all the ATARIANs at the Interjam 98 and all the guys that wanted, but couldn't come. (Hi DHS!   :)

Let's just hope that the interview will be seen in a new issue of the Toxic Mag one day.

Thanks to you for giving us a little of your time !
We wish you good luck in your projects and hope we can
keep listenning to your great tunes...

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