Dark Dreams

Voici donc un recueil de textes, en anglais, qui ressemblent à des chansons (il y a même des rimes!). Je les ai écrits comme cela, au fil du clavier, pour m'entrainer en anglais, aidé seulement par mon fidèle Harrap's...
Ces textes n'ont aucun autre objectif que de distraire (c'est dans un style assez Heroïc Fantasy!)...

Enfin, c'est vous qui voyez...

Bonne lecture...


Veiled under a creepy light
he waits for the night.
He has gloomy thoughts:
he remembers the time
when men fought
his cursed race.
There's a grimace
on his wan face:
he's lost in the mists of time...

He's the child of the night
He lives in the moonlight

Suddenly, he hears the cry
of a bird of prey.
It's a good time to pray,
it's a good time to die...

He's the child of the night
He lurks in the moonlight

Now, he's prowling about cities,
searching for his next casualties.
He's spying on our actions,
and our satisfaction...

He's the child of the night
He hunts in the moonlight

His lips are bloody,
he's laughing heartily,
he's searching for the last casualty...

He's smiling at me...
He's coming towards me...
I have a taste of eternity...

He's the child of the night
He kills in the moonlight

The Alchemist

In a bottomless chasm,
He conjures a charm.
His fate is sealed,
His eyes are closed.

His words echoes,
He invokes some foes...
He's addicted to Chaos...

He has a sort of feeling
it will come...
His soul is burning...
That's opening
a real can of worms...

The old alchemist
is lost in the mist...
He clenches his fists...
He's an old alchemist...

He knows his future:
He will nurture
the creatures of Mother Nature...

He sees a lightning,
His eyes are burning,
Somebody is laughing,
The beast is lurking!

The old alchemist
is lost in the mist...
He clenches his fists...
He's an old alchemist...

He's lost in the mists of Time,
He looks the passing sand of his Time.

He sees its jaws,
It doesn't know any laws...
The old alchemist is crying,
The old alchemist is dying...
The air rings with his cries...

He's the prophet of Doom,
The beast lurks and looms...
It's time to pray
Because it's the Reckoning Day!

Forest of Fate

It was a dark and creepy night,
The bloody moon launched a wan light.
He is on the edge of the thick forest,
Which seems to be never-ending.
He heard a beast which crying,

At dead of night,
He glimpsed a light.
He got involved in the forest,
Because he wanted to fathom its secret...

This forest was a maze,
He goes to blazes,
He ran like blazes...

He knew best
He was lost in this forest...
Now, he knew this murk,
This forest are like his own lifev At dusk...
It was his quest for life...

In his head, he heard a voice;
He knew he has no choice...
"Become who you are!"
Beyond Good and Evil
"Become who you are!"
Beyond Good and Evil

The die is cast...
Beware of the devil...
The die is cast...

There was only one solution
to avoid is destruction:
He must going out...
He must escape from this maze
If he doesn't want to die in a blaze...

He wanted to conquer his liberty
Amor Fati, Amor Fati...
"Become who you are!"
This was his Kairos,
He was addicted to Chaos!

Beyond Good and Evil,
He was the Devil...


In your brain, in your eyes,
In your pain, in your lies,
In your head, in your face,
In your bed, in your trace...
Behind you!
The beast is laughing...
Inside you!
It is the beast within...

Shadow of the beast!
Shadow of the beast!

In your darkest dreams,
In your worse fears,
It laughs at your tears,
It haunts your daydreams.
You cannot escape, you must pray...
You are its prey...
There is a struggle within...

Shadow of the beast!
Shadow of the beast!

Your Hell is its Heaven,
Your life darkens.
You are afraid of the dark...
Look! You wear its mark!

It is the Devil who lies within you...


I'd been watching TV
In my dark lounge,
When a lighting dropped on me,
In my dark lounge.

When I opened my eyes
I were in a strange world,
Telling no word
with a strange pain,
In a strong falling rain.
What are these lies?

After a hard ride in the darkness,
With a feeling of madness,
To find the answer to the mystery
I saw a huge and dark sea

I cross this sea,
Because I wanted to know,
And all I saw
It were the horizon, endlessly,
... I saw the eternity

Dragon's fire
Dragon's fire
Tell no word
And fend off the sword
Cuz' there's no mercy
In the quest for glory!

After long hours, travelling again
In the mud and rain,
I wanted to be prepared for anything
But I saw nothing

Suddenly, coming from the darkness arround of me,
I heard an unknown call... and it seemed to me
It was for me.

At once, in the fog, I saw a large tower
Which launched a creepy dark power
And I heard a mysterious laughter
Coming from this tower
I thought, needlessly,
This call was for me!

In this dark tower, I saw a red dragon
It said to me "I'm your bad feelings, your exaggeration,
Your distress, your misery, your desperation,
... I'm in you!
Your sadness, your antipathy, your depression,
... I'm you!
Your loneliness, your melancholy, your starvation
... I'm your epitaph, your own destruction!"

For whom the bell tolls,
Each day a new toll.
It was a dirty hellfire preacher,
And it would die in the struggle for the power.
And when I heard its creepy voice,
I knew I had no choice.

In spite of my fear, I were apt to go on,
And with an old sword I hit it with all my rage
Telling it "you won't die in a blaze of glory,
You'd better pray to your God for mercy!"
And it flopped onto the soil like a garbage.
I was his destruction!

Dragon's fire
Dragon's fire
Tell no word
And Ward off the sword
Cuz' there's no mercy
In the quest for glory

I watched it during its long agony
With its red blood on my hands,
With the old sword in my hands.
I watched the bloodbath,
Remembering me its aftermath.
Inside of me, I did the math,
And I caught a fleeting glimpse of my new path.
Suddlenly, when it died, I felt a weird strenght
Inside of me,
A strange strenght
For the eternity...

I waked up in front of my lighted TV...
Probably, it was a weird dream,
But I had a strange feeling inside of me
And I knew it was a true dream,
A true reality,
When I saw the sword and my bloody hands! (bis)


"Long ways, long lies",
I think "as the crow flies"
you "have a long arm"
and "an itchy palm".

But, I think you made a fault,
and "strike while the iron is hot".
Don't "look down in the mouth"
and avoid "licking my boots".

Don't "pull the wool over my eyes",
you "put your head into the lion's mouth"
and "a closed mouth catches no flies".
Your problem is "you took the bread out my mouth"
In this case "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth".

You must understand you can "be full of beans"
and "keep your nose clean".
But "who lives by the sword shall die by the sword"
and "it takes all sorts to make a world".
Don't panic! "Travel broadens the mind"
and "love is blind".

Unfortunately, "violence breeds violence"
and "dead men tell no tales"
Ok... Ok... "Faith will move mountains"
now, in my opinion, "speech is silver, but silence is golden".

Rebellion "spreads like wildfire",
but it "will jump out the frying pan into the fire".
You could "be a roaring success"
but "there is a remedy for anything but death".

"A word to the wise is enough",
it was "gospel truth"!


Henceforth, in several places,
we can see strange men.
We can read on their faces
an expression of bird of ill omen.

They harangue the masses
with a weird frenzy.
And, before the puzzled passers-by's gazes,
they say we are guilty.

Sometimes, they give someone a black look,
waving a little dark book.
They foretell a new toll,
For whom the bell tolls.

They're going to break bad news to the world,
they only want to find the worst words.
They want to show us their true way,
before the Reckoning Day.

They explain our situation goes from bad to worse,
and they saw a pill of corpses and bones.

They want to save us from the underworld,
because they had a vision of hell.
They want to save our world,
because they heard the bells.

They're dirty hellfire preachers
They're addicted to chaos
They're dirty hellfire preachers
They're addicted to Thanatos

They speak about the fear,
they prophesy a lot of tears.
They do the math
and give out the aftermath.
They proclaim they can help us...

They speak about this backlash
which is going to come from the past.
They speak about some cash
which they want to pay their casts.
They proclaim they're near of Jesus...

They pride themselves on being deathless
and affirm our future is hopeless.
According to them, our fate is full of darkness,
it's the beginning of the sadness.

But they forget we're apt to survive,
because we want to live.
We have got the power
to outlive forever.

Our destiny is in our hands,
we're far of the End.
There is no fate,
no date,
only the faith in ourselves.

They're dirty hellfire preachers,
they're addicted to the Evil One.
They aren't teachers:
they're only bad preachers.
And I feel in my bones...

... they're addicted to chaos
... they're addicted to Thanatos


I were walking on a doleful track
carrying a bag on my back.
The atmosfear was gloomy
and the moon seemed bloody.

In this dark night,
I heard a strange and creepy cry,
coming from the near forest.
Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of a light,
within this weird forest.

I penetrated to this sly, strange glimmer.
As and when I went closer,
it seemed to me the forest became darker.
When I reached the glade,
I saw someone who brandished a blade.

A young girl was stretched out on an altar stone,
surrounded with a pile of bones.
The sacrificer was a witch...
... a dirty bitch

In spite of the weak moonlight,
I understood it was a Sabbath.

I took part of a coven,
which was a bad omen.
I could hear a maleficient lyric,
... and evil music.
She was to sacrifice this maiden...

I feel the witch's influence growing,
parallel to the followers' singing.
From time to time, I heard a knell,
there were priestesses under its spell.
I could hear the witch laughing...
when she brandished a ring.
Her Heaven was our Hell.

Unfortunately, when she began her necromancy,
she caught a glimpse of me.
It was too late...
... It was the fate...

I was prompted by pity,
nevertheless I was not plucky.

Immediately, I fleed across the dark forest,
prying to find my way again.
I runned in the mud and rain,
hearing the uproar of their fate,
and hoping it was not too late.

When I was tired, I stopped.
I was alone in the strong rain.
I looked for my pursuers... in vain...

In olden times, this forest was shrouded in mystery.
Thus, it seemed to me
my adventure in this creepy,
evil forest was a weird dream...
...but not only a dream...


Henceforth, true heroes are dead.
In the past, men were heroic
with their hands, with their heads.
Chieftains took risks,
walking at the head of their army
in the quest for glory.

But, now, all is completed
because from their ivory towers
they launch their dirty powers.
They manipulate their puppets
because they're our masters.

Bloody night, Holy fight
Bloody night, Holy fight

We are lost in the night and rain,
walking again and again.
We can hear our foes lurking,
we can feel them spying,
we can imagine our chieftains laughing,
and we can remember our friends dying.

As in a coven, our masters create their concoctions
which leads legions.
They make a lot of wars,
they take advantage of their liars.

Bloody night, Holy fight
Bloody night, Holy fight

Mankind is fiery
because it loves power and glory.
Our seers are bloody,
spooky hellfire preachers.
Unfortunately, they're our masters,
responsible for a mayhem, stacks of bones...
for the current Chaos.

Now, we can glance through their aftermath,
and do the math.
Under our foes' fire, we're dying
... it goes without saying...

Voilà, c'est fini! J'espère que vous avez aimé...


QueST / Cédric

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