- Body Count - Born Dead -
- Parental Advisory - Explicit Lyrics -
- Body Count - Born Dead -

***    Ice.T = Lead Vocals.                                   ***
***    Ernie.C = Lead & Acoustic Guitars.                     ***
***    Mooseman = Bass.                                       ***
***    D.Roc = Rhythm Guitars.                                ***
***    Beatmaster "V" = Drums.                                ***
***    Sean E. Sean = Sniper.                                 ***
***    Sean E. Mack = Kidnapper.                              ***

1) Body M/F Count - 2.14

   Bodycount !
   Bodymuthafuckin' count !


2) Masters Of Revenge - 5.35

   1994 BC Rise

   Masters of revenge,
   Masters of payback
   Inciters of chaos
   Messengers of rage.

   All we wanna do to you
   is what you did to us.
   All we wanna take from you
   is what you stole from us.


   Bodycount (4x's)

   You can't kill us
   we're already dead.
   You can't kill the truth
   you're already dead.


   Bodycount (4x's)


   You took my past
   I want your future.
   You took my parents
   we want your children.


   Bodycount (4x's)

   There can never be justice
   on stolen land.
   There's nowhere to run
   you can't escape fate.


   Bodycount (4x's)
   (Maniacal laugh)

   Payback muthafuckas !

3) KiLLiNG FLOOR - 2.30

   No ! Help !

   It's the killin' floor, killin' floor !
   Yeah !
   Ah !
   Killin' floor !
   No !
   Killin' floor !
   Ah !
   Killin' floor !

   Bodycount Muthafucka's !

4) NECESSARY EViL - 3.59

   Necessary evil !

   Look outside my window,
   I still see a fucked up world.
   Waking up to helicopter and car alarms,
   does this happen where you live ?
   Gunshots sound in my mind
   I don't flinch anymore.
   When I see niggas in my hood,
   they're holdin' their dicks tight.

   Yo, fuck my landlord
   I'm a step away from clearing this shotgun
   To erase the problem
   does this happen where you live ?
   Just had steak and lobster last night
   now I gotta rob a liquor store.
   But it seems so normal
   because it's necessary evil !

   Car hit my dog, babies die, raped in a
   stairwell, cop killed a little girl,
   armed robbery, shooter of a drive-by,
   smokin' cain, sellin' joints in JR.High.
   Head from a minor, sex with animal,
   butthole surfers, a fucked up rehearsal,
   lost pawn ticket, wrecked my father's car.
   Can't pay my school loan, major jack
   move, holy underwear.
   Stuck in the pen, forced in a gang, plain
   wrapped food,
   fucked up Presidents, sleepin' though
   trash day.
   Hit a police car, gettin' laid off, gotta pay
   taxes, gridlock traffic,
   jealous muthafuckas, bitch tried to do me,
   hit and run,
   I got a fat bitch pregnant !


   Necessary evil !


   Little white kid with a kool-aid smile
   training wheels on his bike through he
   called me nigga.
   Pushed that little bastard in traffic so
   he was holdin' his bike tight.
   He was a victim of fucked up explaining
   an American example of fucked up training.
   When the fuckin' bus connected, he flew
   like Knievel.
   I was just necessary evil !


   Necessary evil !

5) DRiVE BY - 1.26

   You killed my fuckin' brotha ! (4x's)
   Payback muthafucka
   1 8 7 nigga
   Watch me pull this fuckin' trigga

   Revenge !

   (Repeat Twice)

   Drive By !

6) LAST BREATH - 5.18

   OOOOOOHHH am I dreamin' ?
   OOOOOOHHH am I dreamin' ?
   Am I alone ?
   OOOOOOHHH am I dreamin' ?
   Am I alone ?
   Yeah !

   I like to wait 'til late nite, 'til you
   muthafuckas sleep.
   I crawl in through your windows and I
   muthafuckin' creep.
   I catch you little punk ass kids asleep in
   your beds,
   and I take out my knife and I cut your
   muthafuckin' heads.
   I want your last breath !
   I want your last breath.

   You're not dreamin'
   You're not alone. (2x's)
   (Maniacal Laugh)
   OOOOOhhh I want your last breath, your
   last breath, your last breath.
   I want your last breath !

   So you go downstairs to see if everything
   is alright.
   You're afraid you're alone and it's late on a
   rainy night.
   Are you asleep or awake you don't know
   as you turn around.
   and my rusty blade cuts you open and you
   hit the ground.
   I want your last breath.
   I want your last breath !


   You're not dreamin' !

7) HEY JOE - 4.28
   (Written by Billy Roberts)


   You give me for honor (graves)
   Where your soldiers lay (graves)
   they're so far away (graves)
   the home of the brave. (graves)

   I won't die in your bullshit wars no more.
   I won't fight to my death for you.
   I won't watch my poor mama cry no more.
   Muthafuck your red, white and blue.


   Thousands of men go to war to fight for
   politics which they don't understand.
   Murder people who they never met.
   When they make it home they're
   considered a vet.
   Fire drops from the sky as the young boys
   far from home, all alone, it's a sin.
   All you get in return is a shit shallow grave,
   'cause in war there's no way you can win.

   M.I.A., yeah right, you think they give a
   you're just pawns in the game off the
   Brainwashed to the point where you kill at
   the drop of a dime
   but it's not called a crime.
   Vietnam, Persian Gulf, did we win ? Did we
   lose ?
   Thousands die, human beings you choose.
   Once in you're owned by the man,
   Uncle Sam is his name, you're his slave,
   shallow graves.


   You give me for honor !

9) SURViViNG THE GAME - 5.41

   Yeah ! Yeah !

   Murder, death !

   As I search to analyze reality, the true
   meaning of life,
   our simple existence means nothing.
   God has a gun, the truth, life is a slow
   He's invincible.
   Better watch his knife,
   there is no escape from the slow kill.
   When it's time to go God serves a death
   you have no choice, don't even try.
   The only choice is suicide !

   Surviving the game ! (7x's)

   No escape.

   No one's ever escaped !

   Die !

10) WHO ARE YOU ? - 3.48

    You say that I hang out all night, tht's
    'cause you drink all muthafuckin' day.
    You come home hit mom, smack mom,
    beat mom,
    raise another brew to your face with your
    swollen palm.
    Then you come in my room talkin' crazy
    sayin' I'm high, I'm on dope and I better
    Muthafucka, if I was high you would die,
    hit my mom once more and it's bye-bye.

    CHORUS :
    Who are you tryin' to judge me ?
    Get the fuck out my face !
    Who put you so above me ?
    Clear the fuck out my space ! (Repeat)

    You say that I want sex all the time
    that's all that seems to be on my
    muthafuckin' mind.
    Well that's right I want sex every minute,
    every hour of the day,
    of the week, all the muthafuckin' time.
    But hold up who are you tryin' to talk shit,
    you'll hit your knees suckin' dick
    with a quickness.
    In the park, dark, car, grass, lickin' nuts,
    suckin' butt,
    with your tongue up my fuckin' ass.


    Get the fuck out my face ! (4x's)

    Yeah !


    Guitar Solo


    You need to stay the fuck out my face !
    Stay the fuck out my got damned face !


    Drugs, liquor, drugs ! (4x's)

    I love to smoke crack
    I love to shoot smack
    I love to fuckin' drink
    I love my smoke when it stinks.
    I need it in my veins
    I need it in my brain.
    What has it done to me,
    street lobotomy !

    CHORUS :
    My brain - melted - down
    brain - melted - down - LOBOTOMY !

    Guitar Solo

    I need some more dope man. Yeah got
    any acid dude
    got any ludes.


    Drugs, liquor, drugs ? (3x's)

    I love to do blow
    that's the way to go.
    You got some PCP ?
    How 'bout some LSD ?
    I'm havin' lots of fun
    I might as well use a gun
    don't even ask me why
    maybe I wanna die !


12) BORN DEAD - 5.59

    1994 BC still in the house. They did
    everything they could do to take us out
    but like any good monster that just made
    us stronger.
    You see, they don't like us and they don't
    like you,
    the BC fan,
    'cause they know we stand for three things
    truth, justice and fuck the American way !
    That word justice got me fucked up
    Twenty cops in the street, two go to jail.
    Thousands of people died in wars
    overseas and it's justice ?
    You think thay give a fuck about us ?
    You're a fool !

    Born Yellow,
    born brown,
    born red,
    born black,
    born dead !! DEAD ! (4x's)
    Born dead (3x's)

    Born Asian,
    born Jewish,
    born Latino,
    born poor,
    born dead !! DEAD ! (4x's)
    Born dead (3x's)

    But you don't hear me though.


    Every day I gotta get out my muthafuckin'
    put on my muthafuckin' gun,
    down in my muthafuckin' pants, 'cause
    muthafucka's out here is trippin'.

    How the fuck you gonna get up every
    tryin' to worry about if gonna make it
    to the next evening.
    Do you understand ? Sometimes we take
    for granted
    the little things like food, like freedom.

    Born in Somalia,
    born in South America,
    born in South Africa,
    born in South Central,
    born dead !! DEAD ! (4x's)

    Born dead (3x's)

Typed by Senser / Typhoon                               01.09.1995

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