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                        "10 years already"

  10 years already the ST is there since 10 joy and disappointment
years. That remembers that first demos & this knock of thunderbolt
irreversible  some what  concerns me it was  the CUDDLY of TCB but
this was not the first demos  on ST and  by far. Contrarily to the
Amiga  whose scene has begun well after the ST, it has  structured
what has  allowed it to have  the party of marks such the assembly
and the famous TEA PARTY. But in all that they have forgotten most
important  FRIENDCHIP because  I do not know  if you  have already
assisted has  a party on  amiga but t known you or  your groups it
ignores you completely but good one is here to speak the amiga but
of  our bicycle  it l'atari.  THE  first atari  was  out price and
especially  reserved to  professionals, it  earned very rapidly an
image of mark grace to MIDDAY & that gigantic public area bank.

  IN FACT, the scene on ST will have lasted 5  years 1988 to 1992,
nostalgia  nostalgia des  demos exited all  weeks that swarmed new
one has even had our small war between Replicants and V8 (EMPIRE).
FIRST soundtracks, thank  you ST CONNECTION, our big demos or they
need   a  day  to   all  see   as  that  NEXT,  OVERLANDERS, DELTA
FORCES, ACF, ETC........... OUR MuSiCOs MAD  MAX, LAP, ETC...  now
that I think there the alone thing that  would lack truly on ST it
were the graphistes !!!!! In fact when I take tone passed it it is
to  face the reality the ST has  no longer  nothing has  proven in
more the  progress want  that  this machine is  dead because it is
more had the height  and more it is these that think a lot of boys
since  they  buy  FALCONS !!??!!  When I  look my  ST I  am proud
because the C64 that  the same age in  large yours always the road
and proves it and  there is  a thing whose I am  on it is that one
has again used to the  level the demo  all possibilities of the ST
the  proof it scene  has begun has  died groups have  to begin had
made the compils modules and gifs that prove a lack of imagination
on the one  hand and on the  other hand it  was unthinkable to see

         VEILED the  notice of a  fanatic of the ST that has to
         put has the obviousness on the fact that it makes part
         the last soldiers.  ...  Never forgotten it.  ....

                         That of me ? non
                         of the ST well
                         on !!!!!!?
                         STAY Cool.


      GreZZZZt to my Contact over the world and FRIENDs on ST

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