*                 THE NEW CREW:  THE STORMBRINGERS                            *
*                            CALL TOO:                                        *

               *********    *********    *******      *******
               *                *        *     *      *     *
               *                *        *     *      *     *
               *********        *        *******      *******
                       *        *        *      *     *      *
                       *        *        *      *     *      *
               *********        *        ********     *      *

Morve   - "AH AH AH AH !!! It's shit !"
Elric   - "Fuck Off !! I like it !!! This logo is the best I've never seen!
Yyrkoon - "Ah Yeah ! It is the best shit I've never seen !!"
Squal   - "I love shit ! I eat this food three times a day"
Elric   - "Ok let's talk less serious"
Morve   - "Yeah....Hey the Voice Off !!! let's go !"

The Voice Off in the Darkness of the Night in the cemetery :

 "Bzzz Snirf Snurf Aaahhhhh !!!!(zombi cries)
 Welcome to....ehhhh.....ehhhh....ahhhhhhh.......aaaaahhhhh yyyyeeaahhhh...
 ......Fuck me !! ......"

Morve   - "Whaaassskkk ! what are you doing,the voice off ????"

The Voice Off in its bed :
 " Oh sorry my baby but I must talk about STBR now... we call us tomorrow  hey ?
 THE(the) NEW(new) CREW(crew) THE(the) STORMBRINGERS(stormbringers)"

Morve -" Please stop your echo !!!!"

 The Voice Off washing its teeth :
 "fllchflfllchrflfchrlrrchllflchllr....pchiiiii......pleach waicht...."
 "Now...I'm ready....So,The new crew The Stormbringers is a new crew
 (Squal:"Not Possible...!!!")
  This is called too :

               *********    *********    *******      *******
               *                *        *     *      *     *
               *                *        *     *      *     *
               *********        *        *******      *******
                       *        *        *      *     *      *
                       *        *        *      *     *      *
               *********        *        ********     *      *

And now....(remember The Monty Python's Flying Circus)...The Larch is a Tree..
Hum..This new crew is composed of four guys who are all crazy
 Their names are : -Adolf Itlerrrr     (Hi Herr General !! ich liebe dich!)
                   -Sa Damu Scene (The Famous Warrior in his bunker)
                   -Yanik Noa (Saga sex in your backside !)
                   -ED 209 because he wants to destruct ROBOCOP !!!

No these guys are not the Stormbringers,they are the Shitbringers !!!
 In Fact,I love Robocop and we married us in three days....
 But let's return to the real subject....
     What is the Reality ???
     Is it a Dream ???? a Sweetdream...(I like Eurythmics)
 I Like Operation Wolf too!!!!
 but I prefer the not famous Stormbringers.....
 First,there was a menace,now psygnosis present a dma design game :

   Elric from Melnibone (pronounce:melnibonay)
 He's an albino melnibonean with red eyes like fire....

Elric -" Yeah !!! It's me!!!! I have a nice voice and I sing Rap with
    my good friend Morve ! If you want this RAP,please write to:
    The Stormbringers,...Oh no ! this RAP is shit,because Morve
    doesn't sing very very well.....
    I am the ultimate very very best coder in my little village of Guesnain
    and I am the best but the lone coder of the crew....
    I am the best but the lone man who make the crew
    If you remember their first demo,the Bouz Demo (Bouz = Shit in french !)
    there was a music in this demo,and this music was composed by ME!(applause)
    I like ATARI ST,the NULS,Mike Oldfield,Tangerine Dream,Pink Floyd,
    The Cure,and,of course,Michael Moorcock.(Hey Poltergeist,you must
    contact us !!!! en Francais bien sur c'est mieux !!!)
    Now,let's go for another description...."

Voice Off: Now this is Dyvim Slorm alias Morve.(He prefers Morve)

 Morve: -" Yeah !!! It's me!!!! I have a nice voice and I sing Rap with
    my good friend Elric ! If you want this RAP,please write to:
    The Stormbringers,...Oh no ! this RAP is shit,because Elric
    doesn't sing very very well.....
    I am a graphist and I make graphixx for us,The Stormbringers !!!
    I've done the Graphixx of the Bouz-Demo (Applause) and I like it !!!
    Soon I will draw some graphixx for the Bouz-Demo II (Yeah!)
    I like Cartoons(Marvels,Japan animations,Marshall law....HI to Herengel
    ,Segur and Judge Dredd !!!) I draw some graphixx on paper too !!!
    I like Mike Oldfield and Michael Moorcock too.
    And I love very very much : Frank SINATRA !!!!
    But I don't like Elric's jokes !!
    Ahhh...Yearrr :I've got a very good method to distruct our
    water zone (Ah...ah,ahah...Applause a french joke by Yyrkoon)-for english
    men,please read:"Ozone"...So:don't shit for 3 months...hey  difficult no???
    After that you can make the ultimous action but not the easiest:
    go to the nearliest cheese dairy and buy vegetal oil and fuel too.
    And now,you go on a church roof,drink the mixture,wait a few minutes
    and make forcing,compressing and broying with your rektum(Frenchglish!)
    It'll be very hot !!!But especially ...TOXIC...(don't forget your mascagaz)
    Conctact me:509568 Gorbatchev street in the USA (USSR if you prefer)
    Now,let's go for another guy......      "

Squal:"Hello men !!! I make Fonts for us and I'm the best ++++ "fontist"
    of the crew (In fact,I'm the only one"fontist")
    At this moment,I'm reading an Assembler-book,to be the second
    coder of Stbr...Not easy at the beginning !!!...
    I've done nothing for the Bouz-Demo...(Bouuuuhhh !!!)
    I like Sting,Simple Minds(The Best!),Perpignan,Le Boulou,Pollux and Mike
    Oldfield I like to say "+++",to use the"fontist"term(D'you like it ?)
    make "small scale model"(VROUDJOU!!!...)role playing game
    ,collecting old currency(nothing to branl...)and shake my sex on a
    Julia Roberts's photograph...of course
    But Now,it's.... ACID ROCK !!!....(.....Very ... Subtil!,isn't it?)
    Don't forget to be a good polluan-man:
    Another action less difficult than morve's idea for poulliue:Keep your
    old fridge open every sunday ...neophyt solution but andgirlbreak....
    ...(et fille casse...en french) for distruct the chiot'zone(...the nuls!)

Humm.. Let's go for another...member

 Voice Off:"Hey !!What are you baving Squal ?There isn't any other menber!.....PLEAAAAAAse......iarrrrstrutssssss...Iiiiiick!!!!."

 Morve"Oh..oh .!...What have you done yyrkoon !?!"

 Yyrkoon:"The same thing than my small ugly mutant of neighbour...iiark iiark!
    No comment everybody.I'm the prince Yyrkoon from melnibone and I'm totally
    mad...("Craneuuur...Y tap' des manieres"That's my favourite expression!!)
    My job,in the crew is to draw beautifull screens...AH,ahah:especially japan
    pictures(...Any problems IKI !?!?!...).In fact,I like all japan
    animations:HiPiPip for AKIRA,NAUSICAA,and all the others...
    I like too:Michael Moorcock,Kebaps,Bounces,go to my Grand Mother and
    the role playing with my dear friends...
    Of course,I like Mike Oldfield ,the best ...(In fact,we all like Him)
    My theories are:Derisoirism and fuckism...Subtlety is the essence of my
    thoughts...(....I haven't already found what it means!...)
    Ohhh...I'm the great president of the fan club of Alyssa Milano.(Send me
    photos of her famous sexy tronch')...But I'm the only one member of my
    small club("PRIZ' DE TET'!!!")...In fact I 've sent all the others
    competings in the cimetery... AHAHahahah...

    Now...Let's go for a goodbye !!!  "

Squal-"Ouah:the voice off's always alive...impossibeul!"

Voice Off-"I used my last destiny point ...So
           It's the end....Ta la la la ta la la ....
           I'm a poor,lonesone cow boy...."
           See you soon in the Awg's Megademo and in the Bouz Demo II !!!"

        Be your soul devoured by the Black Sword,Stormbringer !!!!

     If you want to contact us,please write to:

     Nicolas BACQUET     101 rue MARC LANVIN 59287 GUESNAIN  FRANCE
  ( Elric from Melnibone)
     Fabrice Gawinkowski 2 place JEAN JAURES 59187 DECHY     FRANCE
  ( Morve, to send me cartoons....I'm looking for young drawers on paper)
  ( and on ATARI ST,of course !!! )
     Marc BRIQUET        10 av.des Poilus    59187 DECHY     FRANCE
  ( Yyrkoon, to send me Alyssa Milano photographs
     And for business,contact Squal:
     tel : (16)20-09-45-42, call Fred...

                                 The Stormbringers.
  Written by Frank Sinatra(the Ultimous Elric from Melnibone)

P.S.:Big monstruantion toxic thanks,kisses,guili guili and guizy gouzou to TSB
     especially for JUDGE and IKI who are very,...very very good friends!!!!!!
     And ,of course for TOXIC and all its creators .... Enjoy it !!!

"Et Qu'es kon fait maintenant...Ben.....ON MARCH'PAS D'DANS !!!!ahahah.".BAYUS

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