On the look-out...

- Phaleon Demo                by NEXT & friends

        Another demo featuring many screens by... NeXT, ACF, Ænigmatica,
 Delta Force, DMA, DNT, FMCC, Future Minds, Fuzion, Foxx, Fraggle's, TFH,
 Gigabyte Crew, HMD, Knight Force, Legacy, Masters, Mystics, Omega, OVR,
 Replicants, and TCB, Sync, ULM, Newline, TCR, ST-Knights, Zuul and....
  TSB (by myself...) with a technical screen (vertical rasters, generated
 code for sprites, fast border routines). The demo is not released yet
 because the reset demo and the intro are not totally completed.
        It's hopefully coming REAL SOON !

- NTM Demo                by Zuul & enemies

        The NTM Demo has the ambition to propose you about FOURTY screens !
    You will have to play a Goldrunner-lookalike game (and win !) in order
    to reach the main menu. I played this game, it's quite nice !
        The screens included are by Zuul, ACF (cool dots screen), Cyberfox
 Cyberfox (a Starwars scroller), BMT, Legacy, TGE, Fingerbobs (ears-breaking
 screen !), Dynamic Duo (great fullscreen), TLL, M-Coder (a circle-scroll),
 FM, DMA, Genesis, Impact, Scavengers (nice full) and many many other guys.
        Some AMIGA-screens may also be included, i.e. two Amiga groups coded
 a ST-screen for the Phaleon Demo ! (normally....)
        Once again, a nice mega-demo that everybody is waiting for...
                        (except me, ahah !)

- Delirious Demo 4                by MCS & the french Alliance & friends

        This is a mysterious new mega-demo, produced by the french
  Alliance, and especially by MCS. Maybe you know that their products
  are always original and especially FULL OF GAGS. And the Delirious 4
  is going to be even more funny than the third one !!!
    This time, many screens will work on the STF machines.
        TSB are in the guest screens (eheh), with a plasma coded by me.
    It is looking like the Chrome in the "Life is a bitch", but the gfx
   are much nicer, and the colours are rather nice !!! (coded in 4 days)
        (NB : I HOPE it will be there !!! Coz the demo is to be released
        in one week and I still haven't sent my screen ! ARRRGHHHHH !)

- TransBeauce Demo 2 disk 1        by many guys

        This is another "soon-coming-but-in-1992" demo...
     The disk 2 was released some times ago, and the coder of the main
  menu for the first disk (Terence) is pissed off by its coding. So the
  disk is not released yet. I could see some screens of the demo, and
  believe me : they're... Great !! (DNT Crew, Undead, ...) Indeed the
  screens are the ones which won a prize at the party...

- Lightning Demo                by the Pendragons

        We don't know many things about this demo, except that its
   screens are, once again, great... I could see one screen, another
   remake of "Shadow of the Beast", grreeeat, Fullscreen, Hardscroll,
   Parallax Scrollers behind the hardscroll, etc !
   (NDLR: derniere minute : cette demo vient de sortir !! elle est ...
   hummmmm.... j'vous raconte pas !!! meme si je sais que vous auriez
   bien aimes que je vous raconte un peu ... mais pour cela vous devrez
   attendre la sortie du Toxic Mag 2 pour un test complet... pourvu le
   3 Novembre !! )

- Ventura Demo                by OVR & friends

        Another TRITON production. This demo should contain all the
    screens which couldn't be included into the European Demos. Moreover
    it contains some interesting screens : A megascroller by Zarathustra
    of the Masters, including an Othello-Game (!!), for example.

- Shadow of Spirit Demo        by NEW SYSTEM & friends

        ST-Reflection told me that this mega-demo would feature about
 30 screens by the following groups... NeXT, Fraggl's, Phalanx (wow ?),
 ST-Knights, FMC connexion (you know, the group with Killer D... Smack),
 Equinox, Deus, Impact, Misfits, Zombi Crew, Fallen Angels (aren't they
 dead ?), TSB (what ??? I wasn't asked to code a screen for NSM, ahah !),
 Fashion, Futur(e) Minds, Hysteria (these lazy guys ? jokin' ?), Anarchy,
 ST-Apocalypse, TBC, Artis Magia, Pendragons, MJJ Prod, Exo 7, Lightnings,
 Random Access and Zuul.
        It should be on three disks, and will feature 3 main menus for
the 1040 ST's, with multidirectional syncscrolls, and one for the 520 ST's.
    A screen-selector might be included, for the single-sided ST's.

     The main menus will hopefully be very original. The first one will
 gather the best screens, which will win NSM's eternal gratitude.

- other demos...

 * Golden age by HST : this group has a good level and its screens are
   quite interesting, but the demo had to be released 8 months ago...
   Not many screens are included in the demo (it seems that the group
   has some internal problems due to the famous lamer Smuggler, I know
   very well these problems because I am a former member of Hysteria).

 * Won'o'one by 1984 : still a long-awaited demo !!!

 * Fraggle's Demo by the Fraggle's : As the coders of this demo say,
   it will be quite excellent and original... But I was told nothing more !

 * Necronomicon by Poltergeist : the graphical level will be very high !

 * Just Bugging by ACF : by some very good coders... Wait and see !

 * Genetix by Inner Circle : on 2 disks formatted to 11,7 sectors.
   It will look like the European Demos (about 30 screens, 2 disks,
   many guests, ...) according to the Fingerbobs.

 * Maggie 8 (ahah) by TLB : oh, shit, that is not a demo.

 * Toxic Mag 2 by TSB : nnnnnoooooooo !!!!!!! NOT A DEMO !!!!!!!!!

 * Satanick Demo by TSB : NONONONO ! It's dead !

        That's all for the "soon-coming" demos !
                                Yours sincerely, IKI.

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