Let's start with the different pseudos of the world famous

His first name is Freddy as you might have seen before..
But , "Freddy" is also one of his numerous pseudo and I really
think that "Freddy" is the most used one .
Now let's talk of the other ones (I think that some guys
will kick the ass of this lamer when they will understand that
they are in touch with him !).
"Little Swapp" or "Little Swap" is also a very used pseudo I
think that it is under this pseudo that he contacted NPG,ACF
and other german crews and also a lame swedish crew called
the Syndispad......
I think you'll be agree with me when I will say that this
pseudo is really lame but we will never know why he used ,
(and also why he is always using !) such a pseudo.
"Lsw" is also well know , especially by the guys that were
using Maxi's hacks during the period of Christmas 1990 .
At this moment , "Freddy" made the ply between PARIS and
LILLE (In the north side of the france) to give to Maxi
all the new originals that were in the Capital because in Lille
there was really only old stuff in the shops...
And to credit "Freddy" for the originals , Maxi refused
to credit "little Swap" Because it was a really very large
and lame name.... And then... "Lsw" was there...
Now let's talk of the last pseudo of "Freddy" used by
most of people here in France... Yeah ! it's the last
one it's the "Caribou" pseudo , with sometimes a little
derivation giving "Caribow" ( Used by Cameo/Replicants and
Fulcrum/Fuzion )..
The first question you'll ask me is , "Where does it comes
from ? ". Always at the Christmas 90 epoch , "Freddy" was
always wearing a really awful pull-over (knitted with hands)
with an enormous Elk on it (Caribou is the french name of
Elk) . Then after one month of 24 hours per day wearing ,
Maxi's brother started calling him "Caribou" and that was
done..... Everybody is now calling him "Caribou".
For the legend this pull-over was coming from a very well
know french shop called TATI...

It's now the moment to talk of all the legends that gravitate
around "Freddy"......
the world famous "FUCK TO FREDDY PARIS-LILLE" was introduced
by Spy3/Mad'Vision always during the Christmas 90.The Replicants
used this also a lot , Especially Maxi and Cameo . Look on all
your disks I'm sure you will find a boot with written what
you've seen before.
Now let's introduce you with the "CARIBOU CHALLENGE" . The first
one was created during the Salon de la micro 1990 and in this
challenge Freddy (thinking he was the fastest and best spreader
worldwide) was concouring with Blue Max (hi!) . They must copy
one disk , and the first one that will have made a 100 per cent
working copy was elected as best spreader.... All right Blue Max
was the fastest...... The second Caribou challenge took place in
Paris (a bit later) and Freddy should give his card to an
old woman who was phoning in a phone box at 11:00 PM .
He has done it ! And the third Caribou Challenge was performed
during the First T.S.B Convention in Mouvaux. Freddy should
take a cabbage in the middle of a field but he refused.
Other legends.... One day he tryed to repair a monitor by making
some weldings with a lighter. He killed the monitor.. Another day
he tryed to sell pirated software when he was working for one month
in a computer shop (for frenchies in a 'BOULANGER') all right
he was kicked out !
Some weeks ago , during the AWG party , Maxi has offered him a
Replicants pin's . Immediatly , Freddy pushed in is elk pull-over
the Replicants pin's and he said "Aie ! ça fait mal ça !" in english :
"Argh ! It makes bad that !" . Allright instead of plugging the pin's
with precaution in is elk pull-over he pushed it in his skin !!!
Let's continue with another amazing story :
During the first Fuzion convention in Dragon's place , Freddy
entered the house and he said : "Quelle grosse cp de lame !
moi je suis littleswap des Replicants et vous etes tous des gros
lames !! " in english : "What a shit party ! Me , I am Littleswap
of Replicants and you are all lamers ! " . In fact Freddy was the
lamiest at this party !
We can also talk of Freddy , eating yogurt and looking at a porn film
at the same time , during a party in the south of france..
Now we will finish this report with the last legend about him .
At this epoch , Freddy was owning an Amiga and an St . But he
was in need of money , and suddenly he bought a french computer
mag called MICRONEWS with a contest on it . the first guy that
will write to them with the names of all the coprocessors of the
amiga would win an AMIGA 2000 . Immediatelly Freddy opened (!!) his
amiga and tryed to look at processor's pain.....
Actually the amiga is always in one of his drawer coz he killed
it when he was trying to retrace it....

Freddy JACQUEMET is actually always living in HELEMMES ( For his
Address look in an Illegal Hack... ) His phonenumber is :
(+33) 20 561 148 you can call him when you want.
His normal statement is the following :
Wearing his Elk pull-over , with a blue jean's and an old
(even very old !) doeskin tottaly worm .
He is always trying to smoke but I think he doesn't arrive.
His hairs are making up and another thing is very representative :
         HIS BAD SMELL !!!! (The same as an elk !)
Actually he his leaving with a 40 years old woman (A BITCH ?) he meet in
a pub .... (he is 20 years old and totally mad !)

                  AND IT WAS WRITTEN BY THE F.T.T.S

Fuck To The Syndispad !
The guys in the Syndispad are thinking they are the best coders ,
menu makers but in fact they are just a bunch of lamers !
What about Freddy as a member of the syndispad ?

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