- Interview of DOCNO by Judge DREDD -

NAME             : DOCNO

GROUP            : FUZION

AGE              : 18

SEX              : Ask my girlfriend for informations about it !!

HEIGHT           : 180 Cm

WEIGHT           : 66 Kg

STATUS IN FUZION : Swapping ( at the BP ), sell Fuzion Pin's ....

NORMAL STATE     : Tired

HAIR STYLE       : Line in the middle (blond hair, esp. in summer !)

LOOKS            : Normal ( I hope !! )

HABITS           : Kicking Iki at school, but he won't be there next year....
                   argh! Why did you leave me ??

FAVE SAYING      : I'm always right ( except when I'm wrong !!! )

FAVE JOKE        : On the beach, put a pocket money, linked to you by a fil
                   under the sand, and pull the fil when someone want to take
                   the pocket money !! hahaha, it's very funny to see their
                   face at this moment !!

CLOTHES          : Jean ( Levis'501, the best ! ), and a t-shirt in summer,
                   or a shirt with a pullover in winter. Always Sebago
                   Dockside on foot !

FAVE COLOUR      : See the colour of the TSB compils I have made ... Violet
                   of course !

MUSIC TASTES     : Synthetiseur, computer, Mecano, Jimmy summerville, Phill
                   Collins, Black, Dire straits .... and the music you can
                   hear on the radio Skyrock ...

FAVE SONGS       : On ST: the music of Lotus in the Awesome CD 3 (in TSB 8).
                   On Amiga: the music from the PHA demo, and the one from
                   Cryptoburners (in the 3d montain demo).

HOBBIES          : Computer (of course !), Golf (when i've got time, friend
                   and money...), phone to my girlfriend, reading Akira ...

WORK             : Studient (Treminale B... and I'm not good in economy !!)

FAVE FOOD        : Bisque de homard ( esp. at 'Chez Serge', in La Rochelle ), Pizzas
                   from Pizza Hut (I've seen one in Paris,and I hope there'll be one
                   soon in Lille. I hope it'll be the same pizzas as in the States!)

WORST FOOD       : at my school (already 7 years I bear it !!! But this year will
                   be the last one (I hope!!) )

FAVE DRINK       : Water (!), Coca Cola, Malibu ...

FAVE GIRL        : in my heart: Delphine from Trelaze ...
                   in my dreams: Alyssa Milano, Emmanuelle Beart ...

FAVE POSITION    : On Delphine (!)

FAVE BOOKS       : Medecine Naturelle from Rika Zaraille (!)

FAVE COMICS      : AKIRA (of course !), all Fluide Glacial (esp. Binet !)

FAVE MAG         : Toxic Mag ( don't you ? )

FAVE COMPUTER    : ATARI STe (I bought one yesterday ...)

FAVE TV PROGS    : Madame est servie (Who's the boss), Culture Pub, La
                   planete miracle (the miracle world ?), Nulle part
                   ailleurs, The Simpsons ...

WORST TV PROGS   : Club Dorothee, La roue de la fortune, Intervilles ...

BEST FILMS       : Ghost, AKIRA, Nikita, Delicatessen ...

WORST FILM       : Teenage Mutant Turtles ( Beeuuuurrk !!)


BEST CP          : Trans-Beauce 2 and (hopefully!) the Mega Fun.

FAVE GAMES       : Lemmings, Populous, 3DSoccer, The Power, Soko Ban, Match
                    it, Indy adv ...

WORST GAMES      : Coin up adaptations (in general, coz they're not good)

FAVE DEMO CREW   : Overlanders

FAVE DEMO        : Sonic Projects

BEST DEMO        : European Demos (esp. the Mega Tridi ...)

FAVE CD CREWS    : Fuzion, Ripped Off, Awesome, Pompey pirates and FOF.

WORST THOUGHT    : No one read this !

                                             Judge Dredd and Docno 02.08.91

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