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What happened to the disk magazine "Toxic Mag"?

On May 6th of 2001, it's the Toxic Mag's rebirth. After a very long absence, the disk magazine born in 1991 changes its shape and its name: "A Real Toxic Mag Live!" succeeds to the "Toxic Mag" and a webzine succeeds to a diskmag.

Toxic Mag issue 19 loafted around during a long time. It should have been finished for spring 2000 but, for different reasons, it disappeared. At the beginning of year 2000, I've decided to stop the Toxic Mag. Until now, I've continued because I was motivated and being engaged in making the Toxic Mag was a pleasure for me. I've stopped everything for several reasons (the same reasons which incited ST Survivor to stop writting for the Toxic Mag a long time ago):

1/ I had practically no feedback, except some encouragement messages on IRC and some friendly e-mails from PC Team's readers (a shame for a magazine dedicated to the Atari world). In fact, I wondered why should I keep on making the Toxic Mag if we are read only by a handful of persons.

2/ We must admit we lack articles. Articles don't grow on trees. As ST Survivor said in a Undercover article, the Toxic Mag proposes a lot of articles, but only the half of them concerns the Atari world.

3/ You have to know that preparing each issue needs a personal investment. Collecting, correcting, writing and making up articles takes a lot of time. Not to mention the HTML version and a translation of some articles in English. Honestly, I've other things to do than staying during hours in front of my screen.

For all these reasons, we (QueST and I) have decided to restart (almost) from the beginning by creating a 100% HTML webzine: "A Real Toxic Mag Live!" (this name is another idea from QueST, still fond of Iron Maiden). You will note it has been divided in two parts: an English part about Atari scene and demos, and a French part with the rest.

Unlike the Toxic Mag, there will be no issues anymore. Articles heap up in each part and you can participate to the webzine by sending us your own articles. The restraint of room doesn't exist anymore because this webzine isn't located on a double density diskette.

A little word about the contents: you will only find here a handful of articles. The others, which came also from Toxic Mag 19, will be uploaded bit by bit. "A Real Toxic Mag Live!" is still Atari-oriented, even if lots of articles don't deal with this universe.

Happy reading and see you soon for a new update!