Error in Line 2001


By Strider


Hmmm... by Escape

About this production

Configuration: standard Falcon RGB/VGA
Size: 996 KB
Date: April 20th, 2001
Code: No/Escape
Music: 505/Checkpoint


Escape brings us an excellent demo. Technically better than Avena's "Sonolumineszenz" or DHS' "Dream Dimension"? Well, why not? Effects are both numerous and amazing: translucent shapes, hardscroll shakes, great torus, motion blurr on 3D objects, lightsourced mapped 3D... Maybe the demo of the year?

At the beginning, there is an ordinary moving cube. Suddenly, blue and gray nails grew! The whole demo is synchronized with the music.
This is a 3D mapped "Error in Line" logo. Its motion is both fast and smooth.
It sounds like a dot volcano... That's a very cool effect.

This kind of "translucent spinning top" is really beautiful. It's very rare to see so complex objects in Falcon demos nowadays.

3D vectors everywhere!

This demo should be called "vector's paradise" ;-)

3D stairs with bouncing balls. A good idea, a smooth animation and a high technical level are the keys to the success.
The same stairs, with a translucence effect (the balls aren't hidden by the stairs anymore). Maybe the best part of the demo.


"Hmmm..." is an excellent demo, maybe one of the best Falcon demos ever. It just lacks some bitmap pictures and there is no credit part. The tune, composed by 505, is a good one, provided that you like this kind of music. Its synchronization with the effects is simply amazing. Don't miss this demo!


Overall ratings

Strong points

  • A very high technical level
  • The effects are very well synchronized with the music

Weak points

  • Not enough bitmap pictures


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