Error in Line 2001


By Strider


Don't Break the Oath by Dead Hackers Society

About this production

Configuration: accelerated Falcon RGB/VGA
(Centurbo, Nemesis or another high speed card)
with FPU and at least 12 MB of RAM
Size: 5.364 KB
Date: April 16th, 2001

Code: Evil, Gizmo
Design: Evil
Graphics: Evil, Exocet, Lance
Music: Candyman


Nice picture, isn't it? The inspiration maybe comes from
the Japanese cartoon "Mysterious Cities of Gold"?

The Dead Hackers are back on the scene with a strange idea: "what about coding a demo just for accelerated Falcons?". If you have a hardware booster, such as Nemesis, Centurbo 1 (or 2) or Afterburner, then you will be able to comfortably watch the demo.

But if you're a poor Atarist with a 16 MHz Falcon, just like I, you're going to watch the slowest demo ever. You've been warned, you need a speeded Falcon with a FPU and a lot of RAM. On a standard Falcon, most of the parts will be shown in a video mode which only displays 1 line every 2 lines.

Why does this demo use so much machine time? Is it coded using ST Basic, Modula, or another crappy language? No, boys, you're wrong. First of all, this demo contains advanced technical effects: motion blurr, voxel... And secondly, there is an MP2 music: it means there is a big consumption of DSP.


The demo starts with a zoom on a mapped texture made of... pornographic pictures! This weird idea surely means that DHS demo makers are sex maniac? ;-)
3D objects with flare effects. One of these objects represents a nice Atari logo.
Now the flares are 3D flares. With the transparency effect, the whole screen seems to be anti-aliased.

- Hey, what's this new PlayStation game? You are blasting any asteroids, aren't you?

- No, man, it's the new DHS demo!

Screen distorsions, with a nice transparency effect.
Bumpmapping on a 3D shape. On a standard Falcon it's slow and pixelized, like the other parts. Oh dear, when does the CT60 will be ready?
This rotating voxel world looks like a foggy landscape. Its speed is about 5 frames per second on a standard Falcon...


Obviously with DHS, the design of the demo is always great: pleasant pictures, original effects, nice transitions... they have done a good work. The MP2 music sticks to the demo's style. It seems the music contains a kind of SID-Voice effect.

To conclude, here is a good demo if you have a fast Falcon. Otherwise, you should try to see this demo in a coding party or on a friend's speeded Falcon.


Overall ratings

(for a standard Falcon)

Strong points

  • A demo especially designed for enhanced Falcons
  • MP2 is good for you!

Weak points

  • It's very slow on a standard Falcon
  • The demo size... is really big!

Nota: I would like to thank Evil/DHS for the snap shots.

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