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December 11th, 2001

HomePage Penguin 3.05

This Web page editor strikes back with new features and less bugs. It is available in English and German. You can download the demonstration version on the author's site.

More information on HomePage Penguin's site


Chu Chu Rocket 1.17

This version brings the MiNT compatibility and removes some bugs (now it is possible to play on a Mega STe without problems).

More information on Reservoir Gods' site


Galactic Collision 1.1

Galactic Collision is the GEM adaptation of an old astronomy software. Its goal is the simulation of a collision between two galaxies.

More information on Matthias Jaap's site


Falcon Demo Mania

The crew Supremacy has released a DivX4 Falcon demo compilation. It uses two 80-minute CDs and contains a short HTML documentation.

More informations on Supremacy's site
Download it on


AVR Rulez ! 1.0.B

This GEM application's goal it to program some microcontrollers of the ATMEL AVR series (AT90S1200, AT90S2313, AT90S4414 and AT90S8515).

More informations on Jérôme Ginestet's site


CAB.OVL 1.4401

A little update for the file CAB.OVL which must be used with the Web browser CAB.

More informations on Anthill Industries' site


Eiffel: a PS/2 interface for Atari

With Eiffel, you can plug PS/2 hardware such as a mouse or a keyboard, directly to the Atari keyboard port. Two versions should be available: an internal one (38 euros) and an external one (44 euros).

More informations on Laurent Favard's site


ParaCon 3: the results

This tiny coding party took place during the last week end of november and about 30 atarists were presents. Here are the results:

Demos competition:
1. Paranoia
2. tSCc
3. Kephy

Music competition:
1. 505/Checkpoint
2. MC Laser/tSCc
3. D-Force/FUN

More information on Paranoia's site
(the productions are available online)


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