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November 2002: new versions

Cresus beta 3 Rajah Lone
Eiffel Firmware 1.0.4 Eiffel
Eureka 2.10 Francois Le Coat
Gnuboy 1.0.3 Patrice Mandin
HYP_View 0.17 Philipp Donze
Povray 3.50b Patrice Mandin
SDL 1.2.5 Patrice Mandin
UPX 1.23 UPX


November 23rd, 2002

New Alive and UCM issues

The last issues of these two disk magazines are now released. Their articles mainly deal with the demo scene and you will know everything about the last realizations. Note that UCM also exists in HTML format.

Alive 5
Undercover Magascene 23 - light version
Undercover Magascene 23 - full version
Undercover Magascene 23 - HTML version


Diamond Edge strikes back

Diamond Edge is a hard disk utility. It was well-known some years ago. It can analyze, optimize and repair some errors on partitions. Alas, it neither support high capacity partitions nor long names. However, Anodyne Software bought this application back and plans to update it.

Anodyne Software


Orphanage news

Henk Robbers (author of XaAES and TT-Digger) has adopted the alternative desktop Teradesk. It is available under GPL licence.

Matthias Jaap is going to add BubbleGEM's features into Start Me Up.

The Orphaned Projects Page


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