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October 2002: new versions

Cresus beta 3 Rajah Lone
Eiffel Firmware 1.0.4 Eiffel
Eureka 2.10 Francois Le Coat
Gnuboy 1.0.3 Patrice Mandin
HYP_View 0.17 Philipp Donze
Povray 3.50b Patrice Mandin
SDL 1.2.5 Patrice Mandin
UPX 1.23 UPX


October 9th, 2002

New ports by Patrice Mandin

Patrice Mandin has ported two programs on Atari:

Patrice Mandin


Ultimate Music Demo 8730

It is the name of the biggest soundchip music compilation ever, containing 4646 tunes. The intro of this compilation explains the history of soundchip-composing, from the beginning of the ST to nowadays.



Error in Line 3 - Intro

This intro works on ST, TT and Falcon. It deals with an invitation for the Error In Line coding party. It will take place from April 18th to 21st, 2003, in Dresden (Germany).

Dead Hackers Society


New Jaguar emulator

Project Tempest is the name of a new Jaguar emulator for Windows. It's a beta version and it allows to run some commercial games (e.g. Cannon Fodder runs perfectly). However, it has no sound yet and the emulation speed is acceptable from 1 GHz.

Project Tempest


October 3rd, 2002

MJJ Player

MJJ Prod has released a music disk containing about fifteen soundtracks and original graphics. This demo runs on STe and Falcon, as well as Steem.




9 years after its realization by Hemoroids, the multipart called Phototro is available now. It only runs on ST and STe.

Download on DHS' site



It is a new shoot'em up game for ST and STe, realized with the software SEUCK.

ASM Software


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