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October 24th, 2001

Atari Icon Library updated

12 new archives are waiting for you on Atari Icon Library's pages. Now there are 106 archives, not so bad if you need to feed your Atari with icons!

More information on Gokmase's site


MyMail 1.52

A new version of the e-mailing software written by Erik Häll is available. There is the software history and some screen shots on the author's site.

More information on Erik Häll's site


CT60 news

Among the 153 atarists who are interested into the CT60 card, Rodolphe Czuba would like to know how many users will send him some money in order to realize the card. Indeed, the making costs are too high for Rodolphe and he can't pay them alone. So, he has asked to the interested users to send him 100 euros or 200 euros if they want to buy the card (this one is the final price for the card, without the 68060). Note the CT60 should be available for Christmas.

More information on Czuba Tech's site


GemGT2 0.41

GemGT2 is a soundtrack player for musics created with Graoumf Tracker. It has a user-friendly GEM interface.

More information on Dead Hackers Society's site


Awaken, a new Atari ST demo

Cobra crew has just released a preview of their next demo called Awaken. Inside: 3D objects, landscape flight and 4096-colour modes. However, the release date for the final version is still unknown.

More information on Dead Hackers Society's site
(Direct download: archive 1 - archive 2)


BoxKite 2.31 in German

Little update for BoxKite, the alternative file selector, with this version 2.31. For the moment, no English version is planned...

More information on Harald Becker's site


Find It! 2.03

If you love looking for files on your hard disk drives, then Find It! is designed for you. It can search files or folders, or even a text into several files. It recognizes the long names and uses NVDI 5 for printing as well as AV protocol to open the files.

More information on Eric Reboux's site


PDF on Atari? It's possible now!

Porthos is a new PDF file reader (PDF means Printable Document Format). To use it at its full potential, you will need WDIALOG (except if you use MagiC or MiNT) and NVDI 5.

More information on Calamus' site


Fading Twilight - excerpt three

After the two first issues, which had a big success, the tSCc crew (The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation) has just released the third issue of this Atari music compilation. The CD-Rom is filled with soundtracks and MP3 files. The fourth issue is already in the pipeline.

You can download the ISO image of this CD-Rom on tSCc's FTP site


October 15th, 2001

Alive! issue 3

The third issue of the only international underground diskmag for Atari ST is ready. At least 70 articles (in English) are waiting for you, with nice musics and a cool Falcon intro.

More information on Alive!'s site


Summer 2001 online competitions: the results and the final demo

The online competition organized by Dead Hackers Society has had a great success and a demo has just been released with all the participations (even the bad ones ^_^).

Here are the results:

Graphics competition:
1st: "Judgement" by Edo / Sector One (49 points)
2nd: "System failure" by ST Survivor / Loud (46 points)
3rd: "beSTiau" by Exocet / Pyjama (40 points)

Demo effect competition:
1st: "Checkpnt" by Defjam / Checkpoint (65 points)
2nd: "Dither" by No / Escape (62 points)
3rd: "Goldie" by Evil / DHS (34 points)

YM soundchip competition:
1st : "Bumpsong" by Tao / Cream (54 points)
2nd : "Asbest" by Frequent / Ephidrena (35 points)
3rd : "Lajbkalg" by 505 / Checkpoint (25 points)

More information on Dead Hackers Society's site


AtarIRC 1.20

Some optimizations and bug corrections for this very new AtarIRC version, an IRC client for STing and STiK.

More information on AtarIRC's site


Draconis is now shareware

The last Draconis version is shareware. This Internet package is distributed by ag Computertechnik. Draconis is an pack of programs for Internet, it contains for example Adamas 1.74 (Web browser) and Marathon 2.0 (e-mailing).

More information on Draconis' site

October 12th, 2001

Chrysalis 0.9a

Chrysalis is a strange and unusual database. You choose a day and a month, and the program tells you what happened in the world during the last years at this date: celebrities's birthdays, historical events, etc. Only one bad point: the whole software is in German...

More information on Pink Panther Produktion's site (in German)


MJJ Prod back to the roots

MJJ Prod is one of the most famous Atari ST demo crews. Two Web sites has been created by a MJJ Prod member: a site dedicated to the ST section ( and another one dedicated to the PC section, because the crew would like to create PC demos ( On the ST section's site, you will find all the productions of the crew, snapshots, photographs, etc.

More information on the ST site and on the PC site


A free interpreted Pascal

"ALICE - The Personal Pascal" is free now. It is an interpreted Pascal, such as GFA Basic, with a friendly GEM interface. Note there is a PC version too.

More information on Brad Templeton's site


ArcView v0.81

ArcView is a shell for ZIP, LZH, ARC, ARJ, ZOO and TAR archivers. This new version allows a better MiNT compatibility and has a better routine to load LZH archives.

More information on Philipp Donzé's site

October 10th, 2001

ST Computer

The issue of October of the Dutch magazine ST Computer has just been released.

More information on ST Computer's site


Drawing contest at MagiC Online

For Halloween, MagiC Online organizes a drawing contest. If you want to participate, you have to draw a "scary" picture with an Atari theme. You can paint using pencils or a computer. Your work should be sent before October 15th.

More information sur le site de MagiC Online


Luna TextCompiler version 2

The text editor Luna has been updated. The version 2.00.4 beta is availabe on RGV Software's site.

More information on RGF Software's site (in German)


BoxKite 2.30 in German

The famous file selector comes back with its version 2.30, but it isn't available in English yet.

More information on Harald Becker's site


Jagulator is Open Source

The author of Jagulator, a Jaguar emulator for Windows, has decided to put its work in open source. He lacks time to continue its development and he would like other programmers adapt his emulator for other platforms.

More information on Jagulator's site


fVDI Configurator

Pierre Tonthat has developped a GEM tool to configurate fVDI. It allows to use a graphic card (ATI Rage) plugged on an Eclipse card at its full potential.

More information on Pierre Tonthat's site


GEMGraph 2.20

The new version of the excellent chart software GEMGraph brings some new features: it can export the images to the PNG format as well as the vectorial format, the "drag and drop" has been improved, and so on.

More information on GEMGraph's site


October 5th, 2001

Falcon Powder: nothing new for the moment

According to one of the authors, the first version of Falcon Powder won't be released before the next year. Let's hope this future Falcon emulator for PC will see the light someday...

More information on SourceForge's site


Chu Chu Rocket is coming soon

Chu Chu Rocket is the adaptation for Atari computers of a Dreamcast game. It will run on STE and above, and will use its hardware: stereo sounds, extended game ports (up to 4 players simultaneously), intensive use of the blitter... All the levels of the original game will be present. The game will be designed by shTHREE and Neo, and MSG will compose the musics (in the Sid Sound Designer format). These three guys are members of Reservoir Gods.

This game should be available during October.

More information on Reservoir Gods' site


ST Scene genealogy

A new Web site has been created. It deals with ST scene crews. You will know everything (or almost) about demos and cracking crews since 1987: their members, the alliances, etc. Do not hesitate to contact the authors, Matt'US Alem and Tsunoo Rhilty, if you have information that aren't on the site.

More information on ST Scene's site


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