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September 2003: new versions

Adamas 1.8 Pre-Release 25 Draconis
Doom 0.30pre1 Patrice Mandin
GCC 3.3 Patrice Mandin
G++ 3.3 Patrice Mandin
Meg 1.1 Rajah Lone
NetHack 3.4.2 NetHack
Physfs Patrice Mandin
Scummvm 0.5.3 Patrice Mandin
SDL 1.2.6 Patrice Mandin


September 10th, 2003

Meg: a new spam fighter

Meg means "Mail except gossip". This software was designed by Pierre Tonthat alias Rajah Lone. It is a mailbox verifier with an anti-spam filter.

Rajah Lone


Debugger patched for CT60

A patch for MonTT v3.1 has been released. Now it should work with the CT60! You can download the patch on DHS' web site.

[ download here ]


New MJJ Prod demos

Two funny demos were released just after the MJJ Party 3 took place. "Acid" is a kind of music demo whereas "Love Machine" is a story with real actors. They are available on DHS' site.

[ Acid demo | Love Machine (PRG) | Love Machine (MSA) ]


September 28th, 2003

This is not an illusion anymore!

It was expected for so many years, but the Dune demo is available now! Started in 1993, it should be the ultimate ST demo from this crew. Due to a lack of motivation, it was abandonned but, some years later, it strikes back thanks to the hard work of Dune and Sector One guys.
Illusion needs at least a STFM with 1 MB of RAM.

[ download Illusion ]


Remote control

GemRemote allows a Linux PC to take the control of an Atari. It uses a TCP/IP connection. This software is provided with its sources.



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