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September 2002: new versions

EZ_EDIT Easygem
EZ_GEM Easygem
HYP_View 0.14 Philipp Donze
Keytab 0.8 ACS Pro
MyMail 1.58 Erik Hall


September 26th, 2002

New platform for ACP

Last month, Fredi Aschwanden stopped working on the Coldfire motherboard. Rodolphe Czuba and an enterprise called "Wilhelm Electronics" have proposed solutions. Finally, Wilhelm Electronics' project has been choosen by ACP members because it will be realized more quickly. Actually, concerning the hardware, a platform providing 316 MIPS already exists. It will need some modifications in order to be TOS compatible. ACP members will take a decision during October.

Wilhelm Microelectronics


New NE2000 drivers

Odd Skancke wrote some drivers for NE2000 Ethernec cards. These drivers are compatible with EtherNEC cards.



A JIT in Aranym

The ultimate version of the emulator Aranym contains a JIT compilation (JIT means Just In Time). It means the JIT compiler will traduce the most frequent instructions into native x86 code. Thus, the emulation speed should drastically be increased.



September 15th, 2002

Two new orphans

PopGEM and FreeGEM have joined the orphan software list. Their sources are available.



D-Bug Menu #171

This well-known cracking crew during the 90's is back on the scene. After 8 years of absence, D-Bug has released a new compilation.



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