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September 28th, 2001

Falcon Powder: a new emulator project

This is a recent project because it started on September 5th. When Falcon Powder will be released, it will be the very first Falcon030 emulator in the world. It will only run on Windows platform, but it's impossible to know when it will be available. The fathers of this crazy project are three well-known coders:

It seems Falcon Powder will be an open source project. The coders of this future emulator have decided to put their work on SourceForge, in order to strenghten the contact with beta-testers and (maybe) future developpers who would like to join them.

More information on SourceForge's site


September 26th, 2001

HDDriver 8.1

The most famous driver comes back with version 8.1. It can activate or disactivate partitions, it recognizes access rights for files under MiNT and offers a better compatibility with Centurbo II and Afterburner cards. A demonstration version is available on the author's site.

More information on Uwe Seimet's site


Online competition

The productions for the Summer 2001 online competition are available on the DHS' site. 9 demo effects, 10 pictures and 8 musics are waiting for your judgment. After the vote, the best productions in each category will be put together in an Atari ST/STE demo.

More information on DHS' site
(Download the archive here)


Marathon updated

Marathon is an e-mail client for Draconis. The version 2.0 brings some new features because the archiving and the management of the messages has been improved. According to its author, "this give the program the same ease of use and capabilities that are well known by programs for the PC or MAC".

More information on Draconis' site

September 17th, 2001

STune - The Battle for Aratis

STune is a Dune 2 clone, a famous strategy game in realtime which had a big success on PC. STune is available as a pre-version, but it is playable. Moreover, it supports up to 6 different languages.

More information on STune's site


Painium Disaster, a new shoot'em up for Falcon

We were waiting for it since years and years. Painium Disaster is now available for Falcon. This game is a Wings of Death clone (one of the best ST games). Due to the numerous 3D animations, your hard disk will need 11 MB of free space. Beware, the game only works with a Jaguar joypad and an RGB monitor.

Download Painium Disaster here (5 MB)


Chu Chu Rocket ready for October

Reservoir Gods, the famous Falcon game designers, is working on their next game called Chu Chu Rocket. It will be available in some weeks and will run on STE and Falcon. It's a clone of an action/reflexion game for Dreamcast and Advanced Game Boy.

More information on Reservoir Gods' site


September 10th, 2001


MyAtari is a monthly webzine written in English. Except the usual articles about MIDI music, in this issue you will know everything about the Portfolio or how to get fit using an Atari (yeah!).

More information on MyAtari's site



ST-Computer is the only monthly Atarist magazine in colors, even if it's written in German. This issue contains fresh news. The articles are numerous: MagicMac, tests of Luna, 7up and STemBoy, tips and tricks for GFA, and so on.

More information on ST-Computer's site


Ez_Edit updated

Ez_Edit is a text editor with a syntaxical coloration, written for multitasking systems. It supports these languages: C, C++, HTML4, JavaScript, 68000 assembler and ST-Guide format. The last version allows the recognition and the colorization of numerical values.

More information on Roland Sévin's site


FunMedia updated

Video editing lovers should put their hands on this brand new version. It allow you to load Quake II models (*.MD2 files) with animations.

More informations on FunMedia's site


XaAES v0.93

Another update (who said that Atari is a dead platform?) for this new multitask GUI. This version corrects some bugs and bring some new features - there is a complete list on the author's site.

More information on XaAES' site


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