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August 2003: new versions

Adamas 1.8 RC6 Draconis
Attribute Setter 1.12 Philipp Donzé
Cresus beta 5 Rajah Lone
GEMlib 0.42.99 GEMlib
Hyp_View 0.27 Philipp Donzé
Icon Extract 1.4 beta Icon Extract
RSC-View 1.14 Philipp Donzé
Tempus-Word 5.02 Tempus-Word
XPCI 0.2a Renaissance


August 3rd, 2003

ATI screen saver

RageCalm is a screen saver for video cards from the ATI Rage64 family. Its sources (GFA Basic) are free.

Rajah Lone


Results of ACE Tracker competition

The results and the musics are available on New Beat's site. You can download the musics in both ACE Tracker or MP3 formats.

New Beat


Alive #7

The 7th issue of Alive has been released in the beginning of July. As always, you will find lots of tests, reports and the demo scene news. The intro was made by ST Knights and MJJ Prod. Note all the issues are available as HTML pages on Alive's Web site.



UCM 24

The main editor of Undercover has worked a lot on this 24th issue. An HTML version can be downloaded on the Web site.



New software from Renaissance

The French crew Renaissance has developped some tools for PCI card owners: XPCI allows you to call the PCI functions via new XBIOS functions and PCI information indicates the configuration of the PCI bus of your Atari.

Others applications are in the pipeline:



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