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August 2002: new versions

Draconis FTP 2.0 Draconis
ExtenDOS Gold 3.4B Anodyne Software
HighWire 0.08 HighWire Development Team
Papyrus 9.2 R.O.M. Logicware
Steem 2.4 Steem
Wolfenstein 3D 0.3 DHS


August 31st, 2002

Fading Twilight 5 and 6

The crew tSCc has just released the volumes 5 and 6 of their compilation called Fading Twilight. These CD-Roms contain musics composed by atarists (MP3, soundtracks and soundchips).



Thematic Slideshow

This is a new slide-show realized by the crew The Coolest Paradise. It only works on STe and features "near true colour" pictures.



The Fuzion Shrine

This new site is dedicated to the world famous cracking crew Fuzion. You will find information about their activities, interviews, and so on.

The Fuzion Shrine


August 6th, 2002

Papyrus 9 will be the ultimate version

R.O.M. Logicware has just released Papyrus version 9.2. They wish to give the priority to others platforms and they won't develop the version 10 for Atari. However, the version 9.2 should receive upgrades.

R.O.M. Logicware


New Spiceboys demo

With their new demo, the Spiceboys wanted to beat Leonard/Oxygene's record concerning 16x16 sprites. As usually with the Spiceboys, this is a fake demo. It needs 1 MB of RAM.


ZebuLand goes freeware

Created 7 years ago, Zebuland is a monochrom puzzle game. Now, it is freeware.

JAY Software


Wolfenstein 3D routines updated

Ray, one of the tSCc coders, has updated his routines for his own Wolfenstein 3D engine. There are new graphics coming from the Apple IIGS version, a new 3D engine, support for doors and improved controls.

Download it on DHS' site


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