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July 2003: new versions

Adamas 1.9 RC 4 Draconis
AtarICQ 0.158 Gokmase


July 4th, 2003

When dreams become reality

Some years ago, Rodolphe Czuba had the crazy idea to create an accelerator board for Falcon, using the Motorola 68060 processor. Now, the CT60 is a reality and Rodolphe has already sent some board to developpers.


The Dead Hackers Society members have created a support site for the CT60.

CT60 support site


New slide show available

The MJJ Slide Show 2 is a new slide show for ST and Falcon (it needs at least 1 MB to run). This is a compilation of almost never seen before pictures drawn by C-Rem, Niko and Wilfried. Note there are tons of hidden pictures and a hidden part.

MJJ Prod


ST demo compilation

The German crew TSCC strikes back with a new demo compilation on CD-Rom, called No Fragments. You can leech the ISO image of the CD from this ftp:

tSCc ftp


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