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July, 31st 2001

Still Alive

The web site of Alive, the Atari scene diskmag, wasn't updated since the last year. Now, there are PHP pages and a pleasant design. Of course, you can also download all the available issues.

Visit Alive's site


No CT60 before September

According to Rodolphe Czuba, the prototype for his future 68060-based accelerator card for Falcon won't be released before September. He is currently working on another project called RioRed.

More information on Rodolphe Czuba's site


Joe updated

A new version of Joe, the famous HTML page editor easily usable with CAB, is available on his author's site in six different languages.

More information on Rajah Lone's site


A Wolfenstein 3D clone for ST

Ray, one of the coders of the demomaker crew tSCc, has just finished the alpha-version of this Wolfenstein 3D clone for ST. For the moment, it's only a demonstration of the 3D engine. This version runs at 15 frames per second and can display 32 colours on the screen.

Get this alpha-version on the DHS site


Unconventional Party 2001

If you intend to go to Germany in September, or if you live near Zwickau or Leipzig, don't miss the Unconventional Party 2001. This crazy Atarist meeting will propose code, music, graphics and video games competitions. A karting competition is also in the pipeline if the organizers can find enough karts.

More information on the site of this Party


July, 30th 2001

Ah ! My goddess

The Déesse card, designed by Rodolphe Czuba, has finally found a purchaser in order to distribute it: Frontier Systems. Its 56301 DSP running at 100 MHz is far more powerful than the Falcon's 56001. It will be sold for 168 euros alone or 204 euros with a software bundle.

More information on Frontier Systems' site
About the Déesse card, see Rodolphe Czuba's site


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