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June 2003: new versions

Adamas 1.8 Draconis
Aniplayer 2.21c Didier Mequignon
Diamond Edge 2.52 Anodyne Software
Highwire 0.1.3 Highwire
Picdesk 2.03d Didier Mequignon
Porthos 3.24
XaAES 0.970a XaAES


June 8th, 2003

Manga Puzzle

This game was realized for ST and Falcon by Cooper/Paradize. Its aim is to put pictures in the right way. There is a GEM version programmed by Pierre Thontat (NVDI is needed).

Manga Puzzle without GEM
Manga Puzzle GEM version


News from the CT60

It seems this project is becoming a reality. According to Rodolphe Czuba, problems with SDMA are solved. Moreover, the 68060 frequency will be set to 66 MHz. The 22 first cards dedicated to developpers will be send within the next few days.



Frontier Elite 2 becomes shareware

Frontier Elite 2 is back as a shareware. This shareware version is limited to 30 days and only costs 5 pounds.

Frontier Elite 2


June 18th, 2003

A new Falcon game, at least!

DuSau is a reflexion game for Falcon. There are cool true colour graphics and nice soundtracks. It is realized by the crew Foundation Two.

Foundation Two


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